I came across this site, which is of two channelers that are channeling together two entities - Orin & Daben. From searching a bit about them I see a LOT of similarities to the Abraham teachings. I really enjoy exploring different angles to the art of allowing, and I'm going to check this out. Anyone here listened/read their matterial, and could share their experience?

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Yes, I followed the works of Orin and DaBen for years in the 1990s, before I came across Abraham, and I gained considerably from doing so.

Also, Opening To Channel is probably still one of the best, if not the best, books ever written on the subject of channeling, what it is really all about, and how to do it for yourself.

For me, Abraham was the natural next logical step after Orin & DaBen and I've just not felt the need to look back at what they've been up to since then.


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Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer's books were the first I read on channelling back in 1993--before I discovered Abraham. I still refer to their books from time to time. Very insightful.

(30 Apr '12, 03:24) figure8shape

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer have been on the scene for a long time.

I came upon their material somewhere in 87, so when they say that they have been doing this for over 25years they are not making it up.

They were among the "leading edge" of practitioners long before it was so "cool" and profitable.

I remember many bookstores that used to carry their material (along with others) closing down because they could not stay profitable.

Because of this, I can at least tell you that they were not motivated by profit, and their information is original to them, and not a product of "re-using" existing spiritual information.

Let us be real here.

If anyone of us really wants to make a profit from this information, I am sure we know enough, that we can easily publish some great material for the global masses.

This phenomenon has taken off in such an incredible way that it is very easy to just keep on accumulating more and more information because the collection of it has become an addiction in-itself.

This is what is feeding the Phenomenon right now. (Me thinks)

We can instead, choose to limit our desire of growth to a narrower window of understanding and application of fewer principles and then expand upon that which we understand.

Therefore, if your desire is channelling, you could build your library of understanding in those areas, spanning many authors, but completely disregard everything else from those authors.

I am interested in opening up inner guidance and simplification of my consciousness (to help with the inner guidance thing).

I also enjoy understanding the "consciousness" + "reality" relationship.

These two interests are so wide in their potential that anything else is just too distracting to take on (as an interest for the spirit).

I know about these authors, and they have been around for a while.

What should matter to you is not that someone is recommending them as a good source of information.

You have to ask yourself, "Is this what I am interested in, and if I am, then Why am I interested in it?"

In this age of information overload, there is definitely an overload of this type of information for any one of us to handle.

I say "Don't follow the author" follow your spirit, and find the sources that can "un-lock" your desire.

Jane Roberts is my favourite author and I do not trust everything that her source "Seth" suggests. I feel the same way about all channelled information.
Because this is about my soul, I tend to be privately skeptical.

I guess it is my way of making sure that I do not wake up one day as a member of a "Jim Jones", Kool-Aid drinking cult.


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The Traveller

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"You have to ask yourself, "Is this what I am interested in, and if I am, then Why am I interested in it?"Good advice.

(23 Apr '12, 12:44) ursixx

I'm a bit late to this discussion but wanted to answer. I've had Sanaya Roman's books (channeled by Orin & Daben) since the 80s. I've read them so many times they're falling apart. They were my introduction to spiritual material (I've also read some of the Seth books & the Abraham-Hicks books as well as Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization).

Of all the material I've read, I find the Orin & Daben material the best, hands down. While the Abraham material has gained wide popularity (and made Esther very wealthy), I find it very repetitive whereas Orin & Daben go more in depth as to WHY certain things may take longer to manifest... or WHY it's important to focus on the essence of what you want... etc... They also address the big picture and help with issues like "power games" between people. We live in a world where everybody wants to have power over you! Orin and Daben address SO many more relevant issues than Abraham for instance and the answer is not always "you have to reach for the better feeling thought" (which doesn't always work). Orin & Daben's suggestions and answers make more sense to me. They explain the why's behind your life, WHY you attract certain people or experiences into your life and what the deeper significance of that is.

Sanaya's books have been my go-to books whenever I need to raise my vibration. There's something in the way the message is written... it always puts me in a higher vibration and better-feeling place. I have recommended these books to dozens of people. I wish she would continue channeling more books.


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Hi Benjamin,

I personally haven't experienced their material. But I have heard Elma Mayer, the developer of Now Healing, that she was highly inspired and guided by Orin and Daben in doing the Energy work she is doing now.

Although I had made an attempt to enquire, but at that point in time I had my hands full with material to absorb and hence did not pursue it then. I definitely want to do that some time in the near future. Thanks for bringing it up :)

I would also like all to have a look at http://www.quantumentrainment.com/ This is really some amazing stuff. I have read his book "The Secret of Instant Healing" and boy it works like magic at least on the chronic physical problems. I havent tried it much on emotional and vibrational issues though. And what's best is that it is absolutely effortless, as this doesn't work with energy, but at sub energetic levels. Something very interesting. Definitely worth a look!

All the best!


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I am familiar with the books and work. I just wasn't ready to take advantage of the knowledge at the time. I have spent a lot of time getting to where I am now. Most of my stuff came free from the internet. I had a little problem with the fees for everything. I some how found my own way and progress has been great. But yes they are true pioneers and if drawn go for it.


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I read their book about channeling back in 1996. I tried to get in contact with my Guide as the book suggested. But I stopped trying because I felt my vibrations got higher giving me a sense of anxiety and stress.

The book warned that if you want to get in contact with higher Beings like Angelic Guide, you should raise the frequence of your vibrations through certain technics so as to catch their higher level. Raising my vibrations was uncomfort for me, I felt stressed up like I had a caffeine overdose. So I stopped the efforts...


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