Channeled beings tell us that we have free will...that we can choose our thoughts, our vibration, our destiny.

Some people believe in their teachings fully and actually live a joyful life. Others don't believe in them and it seems that no matter what...they will never believe in this kind of thing. You can argue, analyze, explain... it seems that there is no chance for them to believe in the LOA.

In the same way I will never believe in religious teachings. Because they don't make sense to me. Period.

So it seems to me that there is no free will. It seems that there is something that hinders internalizing some kind of beliefs in life for every person.

This leads me to following questions:

what if channeled beings are just predestined beings without free will themselves? What if they are predestined without free will who just believe themselves that they can teach humanity that humanity has free will?

What if people who listen and believe in them (including me) are just predestined to believe in them... and are predestined to have good results in life?

What if everything is predestined and channeled beings and their messages are also predestined and... what if they don't know this themselves? Because when you think you have free will, you cannot realize that you don't have free will.

And what if *our belief that we have free will * makes the whole concept of "there is no free will and everything is predestined" just perfect?

What if everything, including free will is just illusion? What if the universe is just expanding and what if all individuals are predestined parts that expand and do their predestined jobs to help the universe expand?

What if this question is predestined and what if your answer to this question is predestined... and you proudly think that you came up with it in a creative, wonderful, unique way?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Then it wouldn't matter. If you have no free will, it doesn't matter what you believe. It only matters if you do have it. Then you can choose to believe in free will or not believe in it. It would be pretty insane to have free will and believe you don't have it. So what point is there in even entertaining the idea? Just assume you have free will because there is no point in assuming the opposite.

(20 Feb '13, 19:39) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Thanks. Good point! This is what I think too. Actually these are rhetorical questions meant to give food for thought. So there is no real answer to them. But for me personally they make me realize that there is no point in forcing teaching something that helped me. Because if everything is predestined, even beliefs in real solutions to problems, it doesn't make sense to teach them at all cost. Because only those will listen who are ready (or predestined to listen).

(20 Feb '13, 19:55) releaser99

@releaser99 What if you are predestined to forcing teaching something that helped you? What if they are predestined to only listen after vigorous, relentless, brutally exhausting argumentation and repetition which you are predestined to engage in?

(21 Feb '13, 08:13) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer If they are predestined to only listen after vigorous, relentless, brutally exhausting argumentation and repetition they will find that teacher that is predestined to do that. I can only trust my own feeling and so I can say that I'm definitely not that one :). I believe that I'm predestined to feel amazing. And if it is not so, I will find it out anyway. If teaching doesn't make my own selfish ego feel good, I will not teach anything.

(21 Feb '13, 08:31) releaser99

@releaser99 And if neither you nor them are predestined to anything at all?

(21 Feb '13, 08:41) flowsurfer
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In other words is anything worth anything? - when posing such a question i like to get back to basics, "nothing has any value except the value that we give it" - i enjoy and therefore give value to the advice of for example Darryl Anka a human being just like us, who works under the name of bashar - his video "all that is ..." certainly seems to make sense to me

There are many other people that i admire, that is, i give value to, Nithyananda, Richard Branson, Pablo Picasso, Bernadette Goeury, Servranx bros to name just a few, and of course the entire natural universe ...

alt text

have fun :)


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ru bis

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@ru bis "nothing has any value except the value that we give it" Thanks. Actually this is my favorite quote of all times :)

(21 Feb '13, 08:36) releaser99

Idk how we can see we don't have free will. Find a really silly thing to do randomly and do it. Free will lol. As far as channeled entities go,I have worked with mine for while now gaining great insight and great expansion. During this time I have made many decisions in my life on weather or not to increase my work with them or just let channeling go all together. I increased it and saw great freedom of mind and heart. I don't know how to share the idea off free will because we do have stronger pathways then others and sometimes synchronicity plays so strongly ity feels as if we are being pulled shoo it's hard to really show you how that works. The holographic universe theory is one that shows you how your subconscious works in the creation of your universe. I know I didn't really answer the question, but I felt the need to share.


answered 10 Sep '15, 11:52

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TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE: My feelings are that - in the split triad of overall consciousness - it is the unconscious mind that is most neglected. Although spirit runs through us and we are always connected to spirit, it is via the unconscious mind that we, without the obstacles of the omnijective conscious mind and the emotions of the subconscious mind/soul/memory complex, connect to our spirit. The subconscious mind/soul is not where truth of oneself can be found. Only in the spirit will one find truth

(10 Sep '15, 20:14) TGunn

There is an Australian shaman, named Steve Richards, who practices what he calls Holographic Kinetcs, who talks about such. I do not resonate with everything he says, and have my own feelings on the subject, but a lot of what he says I do resonate with.

I should note I am not 'new' to the information Steve Richards relays.

There are plenty of youtube videos featuring Steve Richards. Here is one of the more recent ones:

(10 Sep '15, 20:15) TGunn

This is another subject for another thread, but I do not subscribe to the indoctrinated belief of Terra firma planets. There are planes of existence, and within these planes of existence there are infinite other worlds. Such is all about density and vibration of the consciousness state, which, by the multi-layered laws of the computation Matrix Game, constitutes the limiting perceptions of dimensions within these densities, and the illusion of time-space and space-time.

(10 Sep '15, 21:13) TGunn

Inter-dimensional travel is not achieved via space or time via warp drives, etc., but rather through the manipulation of conscious vibration/density. Such all has to do with the mind.

(10 Sep '15, 21:24) TGunn

The idea of an alien invasion exists only in the mind, for such is where such takes place - as does our holographic 'reality'. It is via the mind - the consciousness - where this invasion takes place. And the irony is, via our Creator thoughts, we CREATED this invasion. We allowed and allow it. We give Source power El-ectricty for this manifestation to continue.

(10 Sep '15, 21:49) TGunn

But, once again, denying that we have given 'agreement' to such (even should such agreements be made under coercion and trickery), and rather, focusing on thoughts that do not address the cause of such, is nothing more than New Age religion delusion of covering up a bad smell with a more potent 'pleasant' one.

Go to the cause. Dissect and discern. One has the free will to do such via one's spirit because one IS one's spirit.

(10 Sep '15, 21:50) TGunn
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Apart what I said in my answer as "ru bis" a previous pseudonym, I'd like to add the following;

The infinite extra-terrestrial universe can be represented by this symbol

alt text

What is a channeler, it's a connection, a tuning into a particular part of the extra-terrestrial world, just a tiny circle on the immensity of the spectrum of the E.T. world, extra-terrestrial meaning that which lies beyond the usual senses of humans. They start by perceiving it then by controling that connection over time. The type of connection is based on the channelers inner nature, the character, soul and personality. It's a kind of expression of their inner self. Some channelers have slightly bigger or smaller circles, most of the circles are far apart though they can in some rare cases slightly overlap. Even the most talented of channelers only has access to a tiny fraction of this infathomable universe. Channelers can shed a little light onto humanity but most of humanity consider such people as fools, mad, ill, stupid, entertaining etc ... or may not even consider them at all.


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As we are all of us still stuck in the computation Matrix and addicted to the Game, we all of us have multi-layers of programming - programming from concurrent ('past') incarnations, programming downloaded in the astral/etheric realms between incarnations, and programming that we accumulate and is downloaded during incarnations. The light-encoded software that houses these programmes is called the soul, which is a memory complex/record, what could be likened to as a hard disc drive. DNA itself is a programme (like the soul - a quantum programme) and is likewise programmable.

What makes biotic beings different from abiotic beings or entities is the spirit or life force (Source) energy that runs through their corporeal forms. It is the spirit that gives such free will and sovereignty, despite the programmed and programmable overlays. It is via the spirit that such programmes can be broken out of and dissolved.

As Creator beings of spirit co-creating with other Creator beings of spirit (I am talking about human beings), we would have difficulty controlling our thoughts without extreme disciplinary tutelage, in addition to, isolation from 'outside' influences. Denying thoughts (and ideas) is suppression of the spirit and will only lead to more suppression of the spirit. Thoughts themselves are not deeds. Thoughts in action, in intention and extreme focus and deliberation, are the only thoughts that have the potential to manifest in one's 'reality'. But we must not be blinded by such and absolve responsibility for such, as such thoughts in action, in intention and extreme focus and deliberation, may produce a detrimental effect on other Creator 'realities', and in turn, one's own.

All of us have the free will to think and to focus on thoughts. All of us have the free will to choose how we wish to react to our thoughts, other's thoughts, and our and other's emotions. All of us have the free will to choose how we wish to react to challenging scenarios, situations, and environments presented to us. If one does not know and acknowledge this then one has given up one's sovereignty.

As for astral entities (channelled beings) they are no more tricksters and deluded beings of consciousness than we are: 'as above, so below'. And they do not come from 'above' or 'below', but rather, 'in between'. In fact, if it were not for our manifestational abilities of creation via focused thought and belief - they would not exist.

We are the Creators. And although there are programmes to give us amnesia, and make us forget who and what we are - acknowledge and know that these programmes were created by us. Acknowledge and know that the Game - the computation Matrix - was created by us - the Users - not the archons/aeons/djinn/E.T.s/etc. These entities play their roles extremely well (and so they should as we created them)); so well that we have forgotten who is who, and what is what.

We are our own jailers, and we have created our own jail: that of the mind.

But we always will - as beings of spirit - have free will to break out of our co-creational Maya 'reality' of the material plane.

This choice is free will. And this choice is ours.


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Hey hey hey brother. I'm glad to see you here. Just wanted to tell you I love you tons!!!!

(10 Sep '15, 11:53) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE: I love you, too, Rob! I have missed our discussions. The interim has been definitely long since we last had a chat on a casual level. I know we'll sync up soon. I always seem to call at the most inopportune time for you to talk. LOL!

(10 Sep '15, 19:47) TGunn
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