I notice whenever I practice appreciation and focus on something for a long time I purposefully close my eyes for at least 3 seconds. I can sense a huge block of energy being cleaned up from my heart chakra.

I've hear the term "close your eye's and clear your heart" many times but I'm wondering if this actually meant to rid yourself of negative energy and resistance.

Maybe this is just a way to embrace the negative feeling until it's gone. "What you resist persists."

I understand that focus can be away to escape from pain, but perhaps closing your eyes and squeezing the resistance so tightly that it dissolves is a way to sharpen your focus and clear your energy.

I can see my vision getting more vibrant and clearer as I blink or shut my eyes for a few seconds during my moments of meditation.

I don't know if I answered my own question or not.

This might be a simple way to deal with resistance or energy blocks as you meditate or focus on something in deep engagement.

I would still appreciate any thoughts or ideas..

asked 12 Mar '16, 23:35

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actually when you focus on something with your eyes it is to stay aware. to not fall a sleep or let your mind wonder around. what resistance or energy block is there to sit and observe? there is none. and if there is some they are inside. then clean the inside of the cup. there is many things that will come up and rise to the surface of the water for you to observe and work on. things that are in division, that bother you, that are not solve, or not understand. those are the real resistance and energy block. closing your eyes or blinking does not make those go away. can you run from your self? or how long can you ignore your self? I think it answer your question. as for meditation with close eyes being aware. you should see image like a dream while still being aware of every thing around you. if you loose awareness of things around you, you will end up in dream land.


answered 13 Mar '16, 08:18

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white tiger

Thank you for the good insights and clarity.

(14 Mar '16, 00:34) TheCreativeOne
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