a red tailed hawk is my spirit animal he would fly right up to me or follow me

I have a field next to my home and that is where he lived his body was found by my son in the field on 10-4 and my son gave me two of the hawks feathers

my life has been in turmoil the last couple of years with the death of my mother in law and the break up of my family

my two daughters and I are no longer in contact with each other also I have had health issues my son and I are very close and he shares my beliefs of the spirit animals

I would like to understand why the hawk in good health would die now also I just lost my beloved dog of fifteen years she died of old age and ill health but I miss her so is the hawk who followed me all over my property a sign or just it was his time

I have sixty acres of land and the hawk would always be close by when I was out on the property he would fly up to my car look in the window at me and when I reached the property line he would fly back to his field

I hope you can help me understand his death

thank you

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perhaps it is a soul
lesson, pointing you to
reconsider the truth
of your existence

old may needs to die before
new can emerge


answered 07 Oct '17, 05:22

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I like what Fred wrote, about reconsidering the truth of your existence!

Your hawk connected you with something that is already in you, even though it seems like the good feeling came from the hawk. It came from you. You just didn't have any resistance to the form of the hawk, so the good feeling was able to come through loud and clear.

If you feel betrayed, wounded, let down by human relationships, then it would certainly be easier (the path of least resistance) to feel connection and a sense of unconditional love to a non human. If you feel trapped in a body that doesn't feel good or work like you would like, the soaring of the hawk would bring out something you deeply desire...your own glorious freedom.

If I were to think of something that might help you in this time of sorrow, I would say to think of the hawk and let the joy and freedom and awe, whatever beautiful feelings you felt when you saw the hawk, let those feelings come and feel them. Realize that you can feel them even in the absence of the hawk, even co existing with other feelings like loss and grief. The consciousness that was in the hawk is also in you. So the hawk is in you. Right now. Your hawk is always available, every time you remember the glory you saw in the hawk.

I wish you much joy to come!


answered 07 Oct '17, 19:56

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It is a time of change.

In a time of change like this, it is good to recognize that nothing can ever really disappear. Change form to be sure, but not go.

Confidence is a twofold worldview- you trust that things will go as you imagine if they can, and that it is for the best if they don't.

Your dog may no longer be with you in his form- but love is. This particular dog's body is gone, but his dogness is still right there. Your miraculous bird may have chosen to pass on- but you will find many more miracles.

Confidence you can build in yourself as much as you need.

Perhaps you could start a dialog on your spirit animal's spirit family on the subject of confidence, and start by being confident the replies you are getting is them.


answered 11 Oct '17, 21:11

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