My spirit animal is a Lynx and Red fox... I left a job interview that I want very much. which will have me moving to the mountains and beautiful lakes of one of our National Parks. My Passions are photography and Nature but the place I love the most is so far away I don't often get there. Then I get this job opportunity which will make it my back yard! Upon leaving a Lynx ran across the road all I got to photograph were his paw prints... not 5 minutes later the red fox appeared and he stayed around for almost a 30 minute photo shoot while I had tears of joy running down my face. He came as close as 10 ft from me, his wasn't skittish in the slightest, he demeanor was calm and serene. He even hammed it up a bit and crawled back up the rocky snowy slope and slide down on his belly, then came and sat near me again. He repeatedly kept staring right into my eyes then looking back down the road toward the way I had came from the interview.

I am trying to figure out what these spirit guides are trying to tell me?

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it's been 3 days since I posted and no one has answered :( I received an email stating someone answered but when I log on there is none? How do I view answers?

(04 Apr '14, 14:35) PamW

It was someone attempting to spam the website and using your question to do so. The spam message was removed which is why you cannot see it.

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@PamW unfortunately not all questions get answered here. I have quite a few unanswered questions. I'd say you were blessed, and lucky you weren't attacked. It must have been a wonderful experience!

(04 Apr '14, 18:10) Wade Casaldi
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Lynx paw prints ... deep and playful contact with a red fox pointing to passageways behind you?

It's your subconscious speaking to you in it's usual symbolic language, links paw prints seems fairly straight forward, in others words follow the track ... and the red fox is behind you guiding you, symbol of your sharp instinct, of reflection and cunning.

10 foot is a symbol of magnitudes and measures, symbol of the tenth dimension, or in other words full circle back to the center of the beginning, though in the mean time the center has moved in a spiraling way so you have the impression of being at the point where you started, though you have in fact evolved.

So what does all this mean in everyday language? ... that you are progressing well in your "inward quest", your quest for enlightenment, just follow the colored tracks and have fun with it :)

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Jaz... I love your answer! It's very in sync with what I felt, but just starting to learn about our spirit guide messages I didn't want to miss-read it because my ego wants this job so badly. My quest for enlightenment has be getting out of the main stream corporate system and back to nature. I know that's where I genuinely connect and feel my vibration elevate.

Thank you for your insightful words!

(05 Apr '14, 12:22) PamW
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