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How do I find my power animal?

Hi all, i have trouble when it comes to finding my power animal.

My trouble seems to come from the fact that there are so many possible beings that could be my power animal. I can "talk" to the animals throughout the kingdom, and i know so many personally that either none of them or all of them stand out as equals, from dust mites to elephants. It's almost as if all animals respond as i'd expect my power animal to respond.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

in native american culture many people are shown this in vision quest after they achive manhood or womanhood, they are takin out in the wild and given payote (or watever the spicific tribes halucinagen was) and they wer tookin on a spiritual quest with a shammen , now as to do this now it will truly be a matter of insight, when you are in a deep meditation ( not necasarily drug inducued but to each there own) this will usaly give you the answer. The main issue is trusting yourself, when you do this in deep mediations, it is a great thing and you can learn much more. I also suggest that you might use a sensory deprivation chamber. these are generaly good as well. if you do not know a shamman i suggest you look up the spicific ritual if the native ameriacan journy is your thing. also if you live in the south west U.S.A. then you can find a church in arizona called the Payeote Way Church. It is expensive but i have heard alot of good things about it, You must "donate" 300$ plus the 50$ church joining fee and you are in. you have to fast there a whole day then they will take you out to a spot in the wild and drop you off. Yopu are shown how to brew the tea extra,if you think that this is for you click on this, so anyway this does NOT caome with a shamman so only attempt if your heart is strong! hope it helps, love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

Where did you hear about that place?

(14 Apr '11, 02:21) Fairy Princess

i have spiritual freinds that have been ther, when i started my path i tried a few ethogens but now i can get better connection to teh higher self from good meditations,, i do not disaprove of them as long as they are being used for a ritual pourpose,,

(14 Apr '11, 02:29) TReb Bor yit-NE

I was wondering who went there. I "lived there" for a couple months in the winter of 1979/80 when I was a kid.

(14 Apr '11, 12:29) Fairy Princess

well there are a few freinds that i have met in the computer groups and followers of my sources info,,i dont have there real names, just screen names . i am sorry :-)

(14 Apr '11, 14:04) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks for a quick answer!

I live just down the road a bit from the church, though i've never gone there.

And unfortunately i don't have a tribal or cultural history of my own to follow.

The problem isn't that i feel i have no animal guides, but that all animals guide me. Is it possible that no particular animal is my guide, as long as it's an animal?

I've had lengthy conversations with many animals, and the animal kingdom itself seems to be my ally. I've talked to the snake, bird, lizard,turtle, deer, bear, wolf, coyote, lion, tiger, leopard,cougar, bearcat, coati, and many more

(14 Apr '11, 17:16) rustymustard

but none are really "special" asfar as being a guide more than another. In a dream that does stand out i helped a talking cobra find his "spot", and he thanked me, but in other dreams and during my daily life cobras haven't stood out. I seem to get "omens" from all animals, not just cobras. I've had a bobcat come to me in the wild and rub against my leg, a lion that i talked into letting me give daily mane baths to. I'd sit for hours with the baboons and talk while grooming. I've also spent a lot of time with cougars and leopards.

(14 Apr '11, 17:30) rustymustard

see by having this relationships with these animals you are actualy connecting to yourself, so i guess if none of them stand out then maybey the issue is not as important as you think, maybey it is the actual connection with them ALL that is greatly important to you. i truly hope you find what you are looking for and i will pray and madditate and send my love and my light, good luck my freind! :-)

(14 Apr '11, 18:58) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thanks again. I don't attach too much importance to it, i don't worry about it. I'm really just curious because when i hear of how others' animal guides interact and communicate, it resembles the communication between myself and any animal.

(14 Apr '11, 19:14) rustymustard
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Well, I think it is rare that you have the ability to communicate with all of these animals. Are any of them telling you anything that will help you are the human race? I just think you night be a real Dr. DoLittle no pund intended. Maybe you telepathy enough to just read their minds, I don't know I am just taking a strong guess. Yes, some of the American Indian are more experienced and in touch with their animal guides.


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Yes, it is a telepathic connection,as well as talking with body language and vocalizations or other expressive actions. A lot of the communication is in body language and vocalization. The "telepathy" part is that somehow i know what all their actions and sounds mean in a complex way.

I do have a lot of experiences in my life that are outside ordinary reality and consciousness, but they hardly involve communication with animals.

(16 Apr '11, 08:15) rustymustard

rustymustard, zI am glad you brought up ordinary reality because there are so many experiences that some people experiences are eay from the normal reality and some people would say it didn't happen, you are crazy, or doing the work of evil simply because they don't know and haven't experience them selves. Were you born with these many gifts or you aquired them from different readings or practices? I don't want to get personal and don't have to anwser

(19 Apr '11, 03:36) flowingwater

I've always had "gifts" as far as i know, but i don't consider it a gift, i just consider it being aware. My mom tells me i used to talk to and interact with things she couldn't see as an infant, and through my childhood years i've had many instances of things that are supposed to be outside ordinary reality. Stuff like prophecy dreams, waking visions, out of body experiences, and communications with other life forms. In my teen years the intensity of the expeiences waned,and i began seeing "them", the faceless.

(20 May '11, 21:37) rustymustard

The first time i saw one i noticed it was gliding and not walking. It's face was in a constant shadow. I was drawn to look at her face (it took the female form) and when i did, it had no face, only what i can describe as the "void of the infinite". My companion saw it too,and he was rendered speechless and in shock. I maneuvered myself to pass by her again, trying to see if what i saw was really what i saw, and i saw it again, the void. The third time i stared into the void purposefully and attempted to observe what there was to see. This time i caught the full force.

(20 May '11, 21:45) rustymustard

I felt the void, became the void, and touched the infinite. I spent the next few hours in confusion, not as much over the event or what was encompassed in the void, but because my perception was different. The night sky was black,but it was also bright purple, at the same time. The rest of my perceptions were the same, dual perceptions. After this encounter, i saw them occasionally, i'd catch a glimpse of them and they would be gone.

(20 May '11, 21:50) rustymustard

Several years after my first encounter,they came for me one night. They invaded while i was dreaming prophecy. One grabbed my head, palms over my temples and the other straddled my stomach and "stared" with it's faceless form into me. I awoke and the two forms were there, and the one on top of me was trying to take something from me. I sensed this, and could feel something being pulled from within the depths of my being. I tried to resist, but i was completely paralyzed. When i realized i was not able to physically move, i used an intense burst of will and intent to overcome them.

(20 May '11, 21:57) rustymustard

I managed to interrupt them and break out of paralysis. The one on top of me, i tossed off and across the room. The one holding my head stayed attached, and as i stood up,remained behind me, not letting go. The other then tried to pry my mouth open forcefully, and when i felt it's thumb wrap around my lower teeth and begin to pull my jaw open with incredible force, i resisted with will and bit it's thumb off. I then tried to summon up all the will, power, whatever i had left, and resist with it. The finally retreated when drew my energy up to it's peak and released it.

(20 May '11, 22:05) rustymustard

Afterwards, i've had occasional run-ins with them, trying to take the chance to startle me into an accident, but i kept catching them as they'd materialize, and i'd be enough on guard to catch them. Eventually they stopped trying, and it's been years since they've come for me.

I also used to spontaneously OBE when i was a young teen, mostly to escape the prison of public schools. I'd sit in class for a few minutes, listen to a few of their lies, and i'd just leave, fly out of myself and go observe the world outside the prison walls.

(20 May '11, 22:11) rustymustard

I've read a LOT of stuff relating to this, and it's usually that i discover the parallels. I have an experience and then read about it years later. I also practice what i call "universe bending", using will to accomplish the "impossible" by a sort of butterfly effect. I use my will to apply "pressure" to the universe to bend it towards my intent, applying that pressure to the long arm of the lever of "choice".

(20 May '11, 22:20) rustymustard

When God create human beings he also create other beings. You seem to have a veil lifted off of your reality of this physical world where you can see what most others can't. It sounds a little scary to me to see so much. I am glad they stop coming for you. I have read and heard of people being able to see and hear beyond this physical world or reality we live in. I have heard that we co-exist along where other dimensions, realms,that there are portals that leads from one to the other I don't know this I have just read about this. But through it all Jesus is our anchor and our way rustymustard

(05 Jun '11, 00:04) flowingwater
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I would like to expand on Rob's answer....I hope that you will find this info helpful!

I was abused as a child, and it actually "forced" me into a position of needing to escape my body; this turned out to be shamanic journeying, although I never knew it as such until I got into Shamanic Training. A wolf came to me- a great Arctic Wolf, whom I named Shadowwolf. I traveled into the snow with Shadowwolf and he took me many cool places. When I grew tired, he would build a den in the snow, and I would sleep with him in the den. I literally left my body during these trips, and never "felt" what was going on in real life (horrible stuff, as it turns out). So now I know that my very first "power animal" was an Arctic Wolf.

Later, during my training, I used this ability to travel to the spirit world; it came very naturally to me. I found first my Spirit Guide, Grandfather Coyote. It was he who named me Jaianniah, which he told me meant "Heart of God". (Grandfather is the Guardian Spirit of the Colorado River- and is he angry about the state of "his" river!)

Later, Grandfather took me on a long journey to somewhere near Finland-Lapland, perhaps, and I was "presented" with a white tiger, also an Arctic animal. Coincidentally, my family is from Norway; I have relatives there. I assumed that this gift of the tiger was actually an introduction to another "power animal" for me.

What does all this mean? Rob is right about needing to be in a deep meditative state to access the spirit world, and discover your power animals. But it does not have to be that hard. There are a couple of resources I would recommend that you try. You can get a set of animal cards from the bookstore-"Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals"- these are great! Look in the New Age or American Indian section. Secondly, there is a book called "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews, which will also help.

Basically, your power animals are those to which you are attracted. I have wolf prints all over my house, and have loved wolves and dogs since my girlhood. I also love the Big Cats- especially tigers...this might explain why I have five "little tigers" living in my house, and clawing my furniture...Some people like butterflies or turtles or even frogs! They all have meaning in the Spirit World.

I hope this info leads you on an exciting quest!

Aho and Blessings, Jai


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I remember you telling us this very sad and happy story! Again I am sorry you had to indure abuse. But tell Jai do you still communicate and trsvrl with shadowwolfe? Do they give you answers to questions are just thrre to take you away and comfort you? May your cells of your body release the pain and the painful memories.

(16 Apr '11, 05:20) flowingwater

Yes, I travel with Shadowwolf to this day--I feel great when I do! I also visit Grandfather, and he has told me many things of great wisdom. I have also found out that what he tells me is true...the story is too long to tell here...I love to travel shamanic-ally. I once got rid of my plague of fire ants by thus traveling. I have recovered from my abuse and now am a very happy Christian. Thank you, and Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Apr '11, 06:35) Jaianniah

Thanks for sharing! I've been out of body on several occasions and have had journeys, lucid and prophetic dreams, had encounters with something that took a human form but had no face. Turned out they were hostile and had been stalking me for years.

(16 Apr '11, 08:23) rustymustard
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