I don't know how to set this question up any better than it seems.

Driving home I accidentally hit an animal I am strongly tied to: A Fox. There was no way to avoid the moment, and as soon as it happened it became clear that the creature in question wouldn't survive the ordeal. I sat with it until I was sure it had passed, but in my grief I went home to try and figure out what to do. Eventually I resolved to head back out, I found it and have decided to bury it since it seems the right thing to do.

I'm choking on the very fact I killed an animal that I consider to be my 'spiritual' creature, a manifestation of the animal aspect of my soul. I'm trying to, further, wrap my head around the entire situation and figure out how best I should be examining it.

I've asked a friend whose guidance I trust already, but I'm not sure how to take this. On the one hand me striking the animal is - I feel strongly - an event that was intentional and was going to happen. But because of that my concern is: what have I done? Have I broken the bond between myself and the creature I feel tied to, have I done something wrong or was it sent into my life at this moment in time to change things or send a message?

As it stands I've been miserable for the past two / three weeks with a melancholy that won't shift. This whole year has been extremely hard on me and there have been several life-changing events that have touched on all aspects of my life. There's been a lot of change, good and bad. I'm trying to wrap my head around why this would happen, and maybe I'm overthinking it, but I just can't seem to shift the weight sitting on my shoulders right now because of it. I'm wondering if any of you could re-frame my perspective or shed new light onto why you think or happened, or if it's just random chance striking me at the poorest moment to do so?

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I'm wondering if any of you could re-frame my perspective or shed new light onto why you think or happened

Since you have used the word "re-frame", you seem to know that every circumstance can be viewed from a different, more enlightening perspective. And you are right. Because every event/circumstance is neutral (i.e. meaningless).

So if every event is neutral and re-frameable, it means that the thing that causes emotional discomfort is not the event/circumstance itself. It's the perspective and therefore the meaning we give to any event or circumstance that makes something right or wrong or x, y or z.

alt text

With that in mind, let's have a look at your specific event/circumstance. So you expressed your unique perspective of a meaningless (i.e. neutral) event. And of course, it feels true to you that those negative meanings you gave this event are really true... which they actually are! But also, it should be clear that there are much more perspectives/frames and meanings that are also true in this situation. Why? Because there is an abundance of perspectives in the universe, negative and positive.

Just imagine 10-15 other people experiencing the same circumstance/event you experienced. Imagine an architect, a young woman who loves to play basketball, a priest, a middle-aged woman from an indigenous tribe in Africa, a butcher, a zen-master, a scientist etc. experiencing the exact same circumstance as you did. Would they share your truth and your meaning of this accident? Probably not. Some may give this situation a more neutral meaning, and some may even give it a more positive meaning. Would they be wrong?

Of course not, because every perspective is valid and is true. And there are much more of them out there. And that clearly demonstrates that this particular accident has no inherent meaning in itself. Because if it did, everyone would have to agree on one truth by default. There would be no other meanings other than your truth. So there has to be an observer and meaning-giver just like yourself, or any other person from any part of the world to make this neutral event meaning-full.

Some of the most spiritual tribes of this world actually believe that the death of the physical body is a very positive event. So they always make a big party when someone from their tribe dies. Because they believe that the physical body is just a shell of our immortal souls (which I also believe btw). So they celebrate the immortal souls of their loved ones. What would they say if they had experienced the same event which you call "accident"?

Can it be slightly possible that another perspective out there in this abundant mass of human perspectives could also be true... and maybe even positive also?

If so, it must mean that your so called accident had no meaning before you gave it meaning. Because remember that an event cannot be meaning-full without a meaning-giver.

Have I broken the bond between myself and the creature I feel tied to, have I done something wrong

So one of your meanings seems to be that you did something wrong or that you broke the bond between yourself and this creature. This meaning wasn't in this neutral event before you put it there. And of course, this perspective is true and will always be true. But there are equally true perspectives out there as shown above.

Maybe the fox knew about his and your immortal souls and your immortal bond between you and him and wanted to show you that he would do anything for you (i.e. leave his physical body) to instensify the bond between you and him. Or maybe he wanted to give you an opportunity to come here on Inward Quest and post a question to let your negative frame of "death" shift into a more positive one? Maybe he even stopped you from moving forward in this situation to save you from a negative experiencing that was waiting ahead? Is it true? Of course, it is. It is just as valid and true as your perspectives on this situation.

You are free to choose one. It's your life and you have the power of choice. And maybe the fox just wanted you to know :).


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@releaser99, lovely and comforting answer :)

(02 Oct '16, 07:01) spacemetalfantasy

If you believe this event comes to manifest or to illustrate the death of a spirit animal in your psychic world, perhaps it is best that you seek help from shamanic practitioners, for whom spirit animals are extremely important. I wonder if you could find help and confort reading Sandra Ingerman's books. I remember her mentioning a spirit animal's death as a possible event. By reading her books as well as meditating, you could possibly come to a conclusion about the event and its meaning and eventually accept the possibility, or perhaps come to a different conclusion. In case you believe the event comes to tell you about indeed losing your power animal, even that could be overcome. If I remember correctly, Ingerman mentions the possibility of a retrieval of a new power animal during a shamanic journey. By the way, I completely agree with releaser99 about events not having meaning as such. You have to come to your own conclusion about their meaning to you. I thought I would mention these books as nobody else has. Perhaps they could be of assistance.


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