I have been putting some effort into reviving my Catholic heritage. I have been listening to Father Thomas Keating speak of 'Centering Prayer,' and to the Bible as well. I had always been of the belief that often a spiritually free minded individual and a traditional religious individual were speaking about the same thing (arguing who was right) with the different terminology so that it was not apparent that they had the same fundamental beliefs. Where one might use the word, channeling, the other might use the word preaching the gospel.

I in a sense left my childhood religion behind bitterly to go on a quest for myself. I was upset that I had been raised to 'fear hell' when it was very apparent God was Love. So I went on a path of tarot cards and divination. Listening to channeling and psychics. I learned about disclosure, many conspiracy theories, starseeds, lightworkers, adapts, etc.

It wasn't until listening to Neville Goddard, did I realize that perhaps I had thrown the baby out with the bathwater. He was able to explain the Bible in such a way that it was fresh and inspiring. So I turned back to my roots wondering if it were possible for the worlds to co-exist. Now my Mother has been praying that I return to Mass every Sunday and be a good Catholic. Part of me would like to make my Mother happy.

How do I reconcile my beliefs, which are more like the belief system that results from having an N.D.E. though I have never had one, and that of the Roman Catholic Church?

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By focusing on the good parts.

Roman catholicism has a rich tradition of rituals, stories, philosophy, chants, as well as about a thousand years worth of the greatest thinkers of their time working within that framework- including some who, apparently, church authorities never really had a problem with in spite of being extremely free spirited. And they go on and on and on about God's love...

My favorite story has to be the stars brought about by Peter's staff poking holes in heaven's floor letting through divine light- which is very poetic and happens to correspond to some really advanced physics.

However, there is nothing to stop you from completely ignoring common catholic views on abortion, cannabis, spiritualism, meditation, sin, guilt, and telling your kids that they can ignore these parts and that they are only there because nobody's perfect.

You can also reinterpret anything you like from catholicism- you can take original sin, this really terrible concept, and just decide it means that you're going to get loved no matter what you do, because you don't have to be perfect. There are really no limits to how far you can go reinterpreting Roman Catholicism and make it yours- as long as you openly identify as catholic, and don't critize other people's for whatever that means to them, at most other catholics might consider you to be "progressive". "Modern" or "moderate" are also great words you can use to essentially do whatever you want and still belong. You could also use the tried-and-tested method of doing certain things privately.

As far as I can tell, this is may even be the preferred to be catholic nowadays, which more literal interpretations considered literalist or even fundamentalist.


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I believe you are seeing into the heart of the matter.

Beyond all the dogma and politics, religions are based on universal principals and reveal how to excel at life via connecting with the heart.

Knock and the door will be opened. Sound familiar?

From your question, it seems you are finding unity with your Catholicism and those diciplines of alterantive spiritual practises you have described.

I feel you already have reconciled the two diciplines as instead of viewing them as distant, youre viewing them now as similar now. Where before they seemed unrelated to each other and perhaps opponents, now you see how truthful they both are.

My advise is to keep this insight to yourself and only those you feel inspired to share with. I believe sharing to other Roman Catholics that reading tarot cards or channelling aliens contains the same message as those from the bible would only challenge their beliefs and force them to defend themselves.

Goodness is all the same energy; it is only presented in different formats. Trust yourself and you will begin to see more similarities and less discrepancies between these domains.

I believe your question is you seeking permission to trust yourself on this issue. I grant you it. Trust yourself!

However, only go to mass if you feel inspired to do so. Don't be attending mass (and this goes for every event in life) from the energy of a people pleaser, despite love for your mother.


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