I realize that Christ was perhaps the most famous speaker on what amounts to manifestation, but...it still feels weird to me to just "believe" without even praying...I hope you are understanding my meaning here...it is as if manifestation somehow "bypasses" any need for God, and that is what is bothering me. I see all things as coming from God.

Please help me understand this.

Thanks so much,


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There seems to be a natural force at work governed by a higher force (god if you wish). This natural force IS, or from a scientific view, this force exists since the beginning of time and we name it the law of attraction. It is universal and it manifests itself in all physical matter all the time, it operates at the heart of each atom.

When we think, we are directing this energy to perform a particular task whether we are conscious of this or not. It can be compared to using electricity, the potential force of electricity has always existed, human thought has enabled the harnessing of its power.

For me there is harmony between the law of attraction and the force (god).


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A lovely post! And a good explanation of the LOA that makes real sense...finally!!! Thanks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(14 Aug '11, 05:54) Jaianniah

I too face this issue. It really helped to read the book Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction) - Philip F Harris.

The Bible says that God already knows what we need, that we just need to ask. Asking doesn't invlove any rituals, including talking. Also, when the woman with the affliction of bleeding touched Jesus, He said, "Your faith has healed you." Whenever Jesus talks about faith, He usually does not say the faith must be in Him or in God, just faith. It also says to seek first the kindom of heaven and His righteousness, and the things you need will be added unto you. So if you are living according to Jesus' teaching, whether it be because you read it in the Bible, or because you read it in your heart, then you will receive your hearts desires. It is desire + faith + right thinking.

It is the same kind of faith though. Like at church, when you go up to get prayed for, and the person praying for you says, "Believe that you are already healed, you just have to accept the healing." It is the same thing with the loa, believe that you have the desires of your dreams, just accept them as they come.


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once there was a flood. there was water everywhere. even houses had drowned completely. but there was one man who was a big believer. he was on his terrace and prayed ton god to help him. but god didnt. instead a man came on boat and offered to help him. the man refused. another team of rescue men came from a helicopter, threw a rope down, and offered help. bt again the man refused. finally he died. he got a chance to meet god. but he was very angry. he asked god why he didnt save his life. god simple answered,- 'who do you think sent the boat and the helicopter.?' basically it focuses on our ability to choose. it tells of our ability to make decisions. finally we are not animated beings made by pixar entertainment with no life. we are human being, with complete free will. but who will do the work.? thats what we need to do. even when you use the LOA, yoy still need to work. LOA will just show you the way and make the success certain if you go on walking on the path. just like in case of a car, u may have a GPS, but that will not make you reach the destination. it will only ensure that you reach provided you go on driving. .............................................................................................................................. ........................................................................................................... one thing i would like to share is that even i had similar issues earlier when i just learnd about the LOA etc. i used to feel that it was wrong to do so, or that God doesnt want me to have something, then who am i to manifest it. but by then i had realised that our beliefs and convictions are nothing but only what we and our environment has conditioned and impressed in our minds. so i started affirming something like.. 'god is there for me, he has given me free will, he wants me to use the LOZ etc, he wants me to be the creator of my life, my desire is his desire, im the master of my destiny, god wants me to have immense success, god wants me to fight my fate etc..." and guess what, in just a matter of days, i was a different person, full of conviction and free will.


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Fayaz, many differentiations that are seldomly thought or commonly seen do show a path. yet not discerned or brushed away by current culture.

(21 Sep '11, 23:16) fred
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