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hi everyone,

so i was sitting in my balcony and thinking thoughts to myself... and than i remembered somthing someone told me years ago. now, you have to understand that this 1 sentance changed my life almost completely years ago and made me feel every negative thought you can ever imagine. it made me very suspicious and i completly lost trust in myself, in god, in the whole world, which led to isolation by choice , hate and alot of anger.

so im sitting in my balcony and thinking about what this so called friend said, and BOOM - instead of my usual interpretation comes another one , and a complete logical one, and so positive, a thought that never came to me before, and i cant emphasize enough how logical it was to me, how it felt so fit and good.

so i was dwelling in that thought and than i kind of woke myself up " hey, dont you think about this friend that bla bla bla...." trying to remind my self my usual pattern of thought and insist of it, but the "old " pattern (from only few days maybe 2 weeks) just didnt seem logical. i just couldnt believe i allowed myself to percieve things this way for such a long time!!! for years! wow!! and i was SO sure about it . but the new thought made me feel soooo happy that i just didnt care about the time spent. i was so happy being wrong, i think its the first time i understand the felt like im me again,like i used to be , but even more.

in these two weeks i made a few decisions. one of them was to live in love instead of fear. but this time i didnt just wanted it or meditated on it or tried to achive it... i just started acting in love the minuet i made the decision and was fully aware of what im putting out , what i get back didnt matter to me. my focus was only on myself towards others. and the miracle start happaning - the mirror worked itself. (it just that before i was so focused on the mirror insted of myself thinking im not.) so its all about giving eventually.

so i got to say that other things (physical) changed in this short period of time too, but this was the one i liked the most. the feeling was one i cant even begin to describe. its like i got what i wanted and until i got it i didnt know exactly what it is that i want (at least not consciously).

asked 07 Nov '17, 17:40

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This was really great to read! I always feel good when I read about someone following their own emotional guidance system and the delicious positive results that always come from that!

(07 Nov '17, 17:55) JMA

thanks JMA

(07 Nov '17, 17:57) myself


(08 Nov '17, 05:01) cmc

thank you!

(08 Nov '17, 08:28) myself

@myself - Congratulations! What a wonderful feeling. Be proud of yourself - this is a life-changing accomplishment. Everything is different when see with new eyes. So many exciting discoveries to come. Enjoy it all! :D

(08 Nov '17, 10:45) Grace


(11 Nov '17, 10:51) myself
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Thank you for sharing this @myself. We all celebrate with you. It does feel sweet and keeps on coming.


answered 08 Nov '17, 11:23

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when you say shifted do you mean- you were thinking about something someone said to you in a negative-inclined pattern-a pattern which you have been implementing successfully for many years to bring yourself down for no apparent reason and instead of following the usual road of self-harassment, your vibration had risen to a level which was finally enough for you to receive the loving respectful messages your higher self has been sending to you all this time but you just were not able to receive it and now you finally did- i remember the first time myself- it was perhaps the sweetest moment in my life. there will be many more and each will be more satisfying than the other just keep listening and stay in tune with your higher mind


answered 07 Nov '17, 21:57

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great to here you've experieced it too :)))))

(08 Nov '17, 08:27) myself

Dear, that's the feeling, that's exactly the feeling of being in the Vortex - it's when these things really don't bother us anymore, because we just feel good no matter what, and we are certain that we have changed for the better, and nothing can make us fall back into those patterns anymore, because we know better than that.

Of course, this feeling doesn't last forever; everyday we are challenged with one or other thing that may spit us out of the Vortex - but that is the game: to do everything we can to go back there. The importance of these moments is that they teach us how it feels like to be in the Vortex, and we can always find our way back, no matter what. It's not like walking blindly anymore, right?


answered 25 Nov '17, 08:23

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love your words. we can always find our way back, no matter what! that is A choice!!!

(29 Nov '17, 17:07) myself

Hooray! I love these "Aha!" moments. I am so very glad that you shared this with us. You were certainly ready for this "shift", and it does feel nice. I like the feeling that something is going to move in life. I can almost feel the build-up to it before it actually occurs. It feels like an ever-increasing pressure on my soul. Even if nothing in my body or mind is actually seeming to move, my soul must be moving. You were ready, and now...It's all good! ♡♡♡


answered 13 Nov '17, 13:08

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yeay!!! :)

(25 Nov '17, 12:49) myself
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