We worry about paying the bills etc. So how do we get out of this place to get what we want, and not what we do not want?

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The steps to deliberate creation (in Abraham-Hicks terms) are

  • Step 1: The question is asked (or desire is launched)
  • Step 2: The universe immediately responds with the creation of the vibrational potential that matches the desire or question
  • Step 3: In aligning our dominant focus regarding that topic with that of the vibrational potential that now exists as a result of the question being asked, we allow the answer to enter and manifest within our reality (i.e. we get our desire)

Step 1 occurs when we think about what we want, or notice the difference between what we have and what we want.

Step 2 occurs when we release the thought, and allow the universe to manifest it in the non-physical.

Step 3 occurs when we bring ourselves into alignment with our higher self, where the manifestation has already occurred in the non-physical.

There are many questions and answers on this site that discuss different aspects of this process. Those questions and answers can be found here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/tagged/reality-creation


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Affirmations, coupled with gratitude and visualisation can be very powerful.

So, if in reality someone is worried about paying the bills they could use affirmations such as:

"i have more than enough money for everything I need." "Money flows to me easily." "I notice and act upon any opportunity to increase my income."

Then, when paying those pesky bills feel grateful that you have the money to pay them. Give gratitude for the service the bill provided. eg phone bills meant you could keep in contact with loved ones; the electricity bill meant you kept warm in the middle of winter.

Now regularly visualise what life will be like when you have all the money you could ever want or need. See the beautiful home, fancy car the expensive clothes (or whatever you want) and imagine what life will be like when you have those things. Generate the feelings of having them now.

Hope that helps.


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" Where attention goes, energy flows", take your attention away from what you don't want and place it fully on what you do want. 'Worry' is just creating a negative future in your imagination, use that imagination to create a future that you want.


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Here is some other steps to take from my question.what-is-the-process-of-manifestation


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