Is Reality Creation really only fully understood by experiencing it first-hand?

In Illusions, Richard imagines a blue feather into existence as his own personal demonstration of reality creation. It showed up on a carton of milk, but that's because he forgot to put himself with the feather in the picture he imagined when he was asking.

For those of us who are new to this, is this what we should do? Set up a small demonstration of the power of reality-creation, so that we can see it for ourselves and understand what it feels like?

EDIT: For clarity, here is the original story from Illusions:

"Show me what you mean, give me a little miracle of the magnet... I do want to learn this.”

“You show me,” he said. “To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.”

“Like what? Like my lovely lady?”

“Anything. Not your lady. Something small, at first.”

“I’m supposed to practice now?”


“OK.... A blue feather.”

He looked at me blankly. “Richard? A blue feather?”

“You said anything not a lady something little.”

He shrugged. “Fine. A blue feather. Imagine the feather. Visualize it, every line and edge of it, the tip, V-splits where it’s torn, fluff around the quill. Just for a minute. Then let it go.”

I closed my eyes for a minute and saw an image in my mind, five inches long, iridescing blue to silver at the edges. A bright clear feather floating there in the dark.

“Surround it in golden light, if you want. That’s a healing thing, to help make it real, but it works in magnetizing, too.”

I surrounded my feather in gold glow. “OK.”

“That’s it. You can open your eyes now.”

I opened my eyes. “Where’s my feather?”

“If you had it clear in your thought, it is even this moment barreling down on you like a Mack truck.”

“My feather? Like a Mack truck?”

“Figuratively, Richard.”

All that afternoon I looked for the feather to appear, and it didn’t. It was evening, dinnertime over a hot turkey sandwich, that I saw it. A picture and small print on the carton of milk. Packaged for Scott Dairies by Blue Feather Farms, Bryan, Ohio. “Don! My feather!”

He looked, and shrugged his shoulders. “I thought you wanted the actual feather.”

“Well, any feather for openers, don’t you think?”

“Did you see just the feather all alone, or were you holding the feather in your hand?”

“All alone.”

“That explains it. If you want to be with what you’re magnetizing, you have to put yourself in the picture, too. Sorry I didn’t say that.”

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Interresting. Thanks for sharing.

(26 Aug '12, 16:13) Fairy Princess

To answer your main question: Yes, it is. Our goal in the physical world is to transmute the unknown into known thru experience. So if you believe that, then experience plays a pretty big role here.

To your other question: Set up a small demonstration of the power of reality-creation, so that we can see it for ourselves and understand what it feels like?

Understand that your creating reality in a moment-to-moment basis. It's all well and good to try things out, to explore and to have fun with it. In fact that's what it's all about. But putting expectations on something can be the one thing that will prevent you from getting it. Another thing is that when you need proof of something it means that you don't already believe it's true. So how can you create something if your not 100% sure it will work? You can't. The shadow in your mind, the doubt will always whisper in your ear that it can't be done. And as you are almost their that thought will bring you out of it.

My advice is to sit quietly, meditate on the thing or circumstance you have, put feelings into it, visualize it and then .. let it go. Lose expectations on what are you going to recieve it and when. Acceptance and trust are the most powerful means of manifesting anything. The more you trust the quicker you manifest. That's how Jesus performed miracles. He never hesitated that his requests will not be answered and at the same time I believe he never assumed they will go to pass. He only KNEW that if his will and the will of the Infinite will be the same, than the manifest would occur. On the other hand when he was about to be crucified he said : Father if you can, take that glass away from me (or something like that). It meant he didn't want to be crucified, but the will of the Infinite was he would, and he TRUSTED and ACCEPTED it's will. Thank God he did.


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I believe “experience” is the culmination of the loop in a sequence of events. The event is begun & ended by the same thing. It is emotion. Emotion is the initiator or trigger and the closer or the experiencer of the cycle.

I know, how can emotion be the experiencer? Well it isn’t. There is something else that is connected to the emotion, which is the initiator and the experiencer. Is this the heart? I don’t know.

But emotion is the thing that can be identified with this sequence of events, so let’s go with emotion.

I like Wildlife’s comment “transmute the unknown into known thru experience.”

I have not yet read the book “Illusions”. You mention this character “Richard” imagining a feather into existence but the eventual appearance of the feather was not the preferred experience.

I believe that the above example is absolutely & completely consistent with reality creation. Why? Because the real culprit behind this chain of events is emotion. Or could it be the love vibration?

It starts with a feeling of experiencing something. The feeling gives rise to a vision of how to create that feeling. An idea of experience in the physically manifested reality is chosen, (maybe based on the preference of the person with this emotion).

In the case of the feather, a feeling of having that feather is the initiator, which gives rise to all the ways that feather can be experience in reality.

The sequence of events creates or attracts circumstances, available for participation by the one who is “feeling the feather”. There is always free will so the initiator can always choose to not participate. But we are not accustomed to probing the events that show up for our participation with our consciousness, so we, for the most part, walk right into good and bad circumstances that were initiated by us.

In the above example the feather showed up as a picture in the milk carton. But what happened then? The picture triggered the emotion that initiated the original vision of the feather. This is all that is required to close the loop on that emotion that started the chain of events.

Emotion triggers a sequence of events which in turn trigger the same emotion through a physical event in manifested reality. That physically manifested trigger allows the initiator to experience that emotion through a physical event.

The fact that the feather was a picture is irrelevant. It allows the initiator of the emotion to re-experience what was an imagination into a real event of emotion.

If the effect is beneficial (good & bad are both beneficial), then we are destined to repeat that emotion as a broken record in our consciousness. And we endlessly repeat the memory of that event.

Since we exist in the moment of now the soul works with physically realizing any vision that is contemplated as “Now”. The fact that your “Now” event is actually a memory is completely irrelevant for the soul.

Pay attention to your memory of the last time something bad happened to you. You will find that you always re-play that memory as a “Now” event & re-live the emotion you experienced at the same time. If you keep re-playing these memories and especially the emotion of suffering, you are forever destined to re-live the suffering as an event to trigger the same emotion again and again.

It doesn’t have to be the re-living of that accident or disease you don’t want to re-live. It can just be a conversation about that event or reading a newspaper article that triggers the re-living of that memory. Each time the loop that was initiated by you is closed. But we keep opening that loop by choosing to worry about things that have already happened.

We could instead choose to dream about the things we want to happen to us. The result will be the same. But the automatic habit of worrying surfaces because of un-resolved & buried memories & emotions.

I think this is the responsibility of our generation; to learn & master the exact mechanics of consciousness, and how it affects our reality. Us learning this will automatically upload this knowledge into the database or ocean of consciousness from which we all dipping our minds for inspiration.


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The Traveller

Yes, practice is the best way to learn. However, it is important to start with things that are trivial to us. It can go horribly wrong otherwise and I have committed this mistake many times. I would always try and use reality creation to manifest things that are a bit deal to me in other words set out to test reality creation on the biggest issues in my life.

But the big issues in our lives have ended up that way as we have built up so much resistance towards our true desires and often over a long period of time. Hence, practicing the process of reality creation becomes a lot harder as we have to release quite a lot of resistance. This is a very easy trap to fall into and the conclusion is usually...This stuff is really hard.

So, practicing reality creation on small trivial things in your life is the best way to learn. Like trying to create a free parking space when you are going to the supermarket which is near the entrance or trying to manifest a journey without traffic on the way to work.

Learning to walk before running is always a good idea.


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Pink Diamond

The confounded thing about "Reality Creation" as opposed to the "Law of Attraction" is that if I create my own reality then you -reading this- don't exist, only I exist (the one writing this).

That is pretty egotistical and I very much prefer to believe all you my friends here do exist, that is where for me reality creation falls flat, unless none of us exist at all, in that case mind is creating everyone and everything. To solve that we need to raise above the problem, I remember Einstein said somewhere, "You can not solve a problem from the level of the problem, you must raise above it to solve it.". In the case of the God Mind we could all be thought and in so exercising that mind's ability hence creating reality, instead of just the experience of reality.

I remember a similar story of creating a feather: A girl was siting on a bench and reading a book on "Reality Creation" along comes an older man and he looks at her and the book and says, "You don't believe in that stuff do you?" She said, "yes I suppose so." He said, "well how about a test, create something, maybe something easy." She said, "Okay I'll try, what should I try it on?" He said, "anything it could be something small even." She said, "I'll try a feather." So she concentrated and did what her lessons showed, just then a truck drives by with a feather painted on the side for some mattress company. She said jumping with joy, "I did it, I did it, I created a feather!" He said, "yes I suppose you did, but that's not a feather." A beautiful feather like she never saw before, falls in front of her, and lands in her lap as he says, "Here's a feather."


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To the extent that you imagine that I exist as someone to whom you are writing, you carry a mental picture of me. Very likely that mental picture includes certain details, like the expectation that I have similar interests. So I do exist to you, in that sense. When you read this comment, I manifest in your reality.

(19 Dec '09, 21:03) Vesuvius

I f i am only a figment of your imagination and you are only a figment of my imagination then neither of us must exist.

(19 Dec '09, 21:16) Wade Casaldi
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