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I have been wondering for some time now, is everything in LOA in balance?
Say I am a person that is anxious of being robbed or assaulted in any way. I keep focussing on not wanting to be robbed, creating the experience of being robbed and not wanting it through LOA. Now we move to the robber, did I create the urge in the robber to rob me? Did the robber focus on not having what he wanted and taking it by robbing me(and the fact I am anxious of being robbed is totally random and not the reason he robbed me?)

and for example #2:

There has been a car accident. Let's say about 3 cars are involved, there are 3 witnesses that saw it happen, and there are 2 drivers heavily injured and the last is unharmed but the car he bought new yesterday is totally wrecked.

Now 6 people are involved, 3 drivers and 3 witnesses, did LOA "conspire" every person into being at exactly that place, that time with those events happening for whatever reason they had to be there for?

Did the unharmed driver think "I'm gonna be really sad if I crash this lovely new car soon."?
Did the 2 injured drivers feel uncomfortable driving at that moment causing the crash?
Did the witness focus on their fear of blood, causing injuries to come in their reality?

Did this whole accident involve exactly these people by random? I can see the answer but I cannot fully grasp it. I hope you folks can clarify this subject for me and I hope my examples are clear enough.

Much love,


asked 14 Dec '10, 14:56

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I like how you have given the perspective of the robber. Many times in LOA everything revolves around us and when we get an answer that revolves around us we accept it as true.

(14 Dec '10, 16:59) Back2Basics

@Milanz - the law of attraction assures that energy always follows the path of least resistance, just like water always follows the path of least resistance ... it is infinitely supple, the weakest link in the chain always breaks first :)

(29 Jan '12, 03:05) blubird two

@Milanz - balance is power.

(29 Jan '12, 04:30) blubird two
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Let me offer a real-life example.

My wife and I were driving to a dancing class. We were running a bit late. As we approached a light, it turned yellow. My wife is a very conservative driver, and normally she would have stopped for the yellow light, but for some reason this time she didn't.

As we approached the intersection in the right-hand lane, a vehicle sped past us in the left-hand lane, above the speed limit. The driver then swerved in front of us to avoid a collision from an opposing vehicle who, because the light had turned yellow, decided it was OK to begin her left hand turn. But the two vehicles collided anyway. We had too much momentum to stop in time, and rear-ended the vehicle that passed us.

What caused the accident?

Could my wife have avoided the accident if she had stopped at the yellow? What was her state of mind that caused her to go, under conditions in which she would have normally stopped?

Did she plant the ideas in the others that an accident would occur at this intersection? If she had stopped, would the accident with the other vehicles still have occurred?

By the way, the driver that swerved in front of us had his girlfriend and children in the car.

There's nothing about this situation that requires anyone controlling another's thoughts. Rather, all participants "met" under very specific conditions at a certain place and time, each with their own thoughts and mental states.


answered 14 Dec '10, 16:24

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You confirmed the answer I was expecting, I think the LOA conspires everyone to be at that location at that time to be part of the "action" for their own particular purpose.

Thank you Vesuvius.

(14 Dec '10, 17:01) Milanz

you want to understand balence and harmony let those that have eyes to see and ear to ear listen: yes there is balence and harmony in everything when you get out of balence that is when the problems start. in your mind or heart or between them sometime you will see its effect outside of you. then you will judge other. but the fact is that it started from you. until you see that you cannot solve it. and the balence between you and other suffer from it. only when you are sure of your balence and harmony and do not judge can you be sure that it comes from outside and not from you. look at the flow of experience. experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Jan '12, 19:58

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white tiger

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