There are some similar questions to this one, I realize..But what I am asking here is why, exactly, we sometimes seem to be unable to believe in the very things we want? It seems silly...we want these things, right? So why can't we hang onto that positiveness long enough to manifest the stuff into reality?


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Because we think we don't deserve it.

(25 Jan '13, 06:22) flowsurfer
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Could it be the acceptance of forgiving oneself. Let's say you want a nice gold bracelet alt text You think it's pretty. It would look nice on you. Plain and simple it appeals to you! and then the ghosts of doubt start to whisper in your ear.
"You don't deserve that,Do you know what that costs,what a waste of money,where are you going to get the money to pay for that,that kind of money you will never have." But you know you have the possibility to overcome these subconscious negative statements. You do the work. insert favorite method here(Eft ,THT, focus blocks,positive affirmations).. But that underling dissatisfaction that you even had those thoughts.
When we do something that hurts someone and we realize that and the intention was never to hurt and or if it was you realize that it was wrong. We apologize .We ask for forgiveness.
Do the same with those "ghost of doubt"(negative subconsciousness thoughts?) Complete the work.
I forgive myself for having these negative thoughts. I know that's not who I am (NOW).These thoughts don't belong to me(anymore). I release them and replace them with the Love and Positiveness that is ME. And accept that. Just as you accept the sky is blue, the sun will rise!
Just a few thoughts that hit me as I read the question... I hope they resonate with you too.
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Again Since nothing matters to you other than your personal alignment with your individual goals or desires, then that is where our work is. We are not here to debate the rightness or the wrongness of what you, or anyone, chooses. We are not taking sides, for or against, anything. We are here to help you understand that your life can be as wonderful or as horrible as you allow it to be. It all depends upon the thoughts that you practice. And therein lies the basis of anyone's success: How much do I practice thoughts that bring me joy, and how much do I practice thoughts that bring me pain?

--- Abraham



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Hum when it comes to Jai and jewelry I'm that ghost! But I keep it to myself. LOL

I don't think "she doesn't deserve this" but everything about money and what a waste of money hum..... lol

(25 Jan '13, 22:45) Wade Casaldi

I just want the bracelet. :) Pretty.

(25 Jan '13, 23:28) Grace

ursixx gave a wonderful answer, so I'll just add a bit of my own to it.

It is not a matter of convincing yourself of something that isn't true, it's a matter of letting yourself understand that it is true.

When you find it hard to believe something, or you are doubtful, it is an opportunity to recognize that you have a belief that says you can't have something that you want. Don't try to suppress this feeling, embrace it and ask yourself why you feel this way. Are you holding on to definitions of being undeserving? Do you not believe that you will have an abundance? Do you doubt that it could just show up?

Once you find the definition that is allowing you to believe that it might not happen, then you can change that definition to one that serves you, and allows the manifestation to happen, because you know it will happen.


answered 25 Jan '13, 14:07

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