Would it?

I personally really dislike guns and all the mayhem they've caused. This has affected me personally, since my brother kept a gun in his home, and his son, my nephew, decided to blow himself off one day when his parents were gone. They came home from running a marathon to find his dead body.

So I can understand the outcry and demand for curtailment or elimination of guns, especially after the recent Florida massacre. At the same time, per my studies of Seth and others, I also understand there are no accidents, and tools don't create problems, people do. Nobody is a victim. On a soul level, everybody chose these things. Each one is responsible, while nobody is "to blame." Neither are the guns at fault!

So, would getting rid of guns really be a solution? Wouldn't that be like only addressing the symptoms of a disease, without getting at the cause? Isn't it a superficial approach to say, "If only there were no guns around, this wouldn't happen." On the other hand, if fewer people had access to them, it is a safe bet that there wouldn't be these mass shootings. The UK banned handgun ownership 20 years ago after a guy shot and murdered 16 children and their teacher. There haven't been any school shootings in the UK since.

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Yes, it would- it is good to take the matches away from the children.

If you feel this gives the government too much power, I would recommend to get rid of the nukes as well.

It is correct that there are no victims. The dead are brave, great souls who purposefully gave their lives in order to let us know that we are being very, very stupid and would do quite well to stop it so we can tackle our real problems.


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"Take the matches away from the children." I like that. And oh yes, getting rid of the nukes--goes without saying.

Yet without real internal change, any external change may not accomplish much. We do have to "be the change we want to see."

(17 Feb '18, 21:57) Delphine

I think this makes good points. A good case for why getting rid of guns is not the answer, and what we can DO in our everyday lives.

(18 Feb '18, 15:58) Delphine

Since this is a Duality reality these choices will exist as an expression of choice. Since we exist as an expression of creation within the balance point of non-judgment we place our reference point at the centre point of the pendulum swing of nothing happening & we seek to reach an experience off that centre point by seeking to be "Good" and "happy" & not "suffering", all of which are Conceptual expressions of emotional physicality layered upon otherwise "Meaningless" events

That attention in Consciousness & energetic placement of one's self within the energy of creation causes the very expression of attention to become the mirror image reflection of physicality.

When you seek "goodness" you have to stretch your position of observation from the neutral place of Meaninglessness to an off-centre point of reference of goodness

But creation is duality pendulum swing & by seeking to reach to one side of that swing(goodness) you have to widen your own awareness of your pendulum swing in order to experience that "goodness". The totality of creation is the pendulum swing & you are a point of reference of balance point creation within that totality

When you seek goodness within the totality of creation from the reference point of meaningless neutrality you widen your Arc of awareness of the pendulum swing of duality always reaching to both sides of the energetic balance of any energetic expression.

So In reaching for Goodness the equal & opposite "other side of the swing" of goodness also emerges into one's availability of expression from consciousness to physicality.

You don't have to express it. but everything from the neutral point has a duality expression to it. So you cannot choose to be "Good" and "Peace full" & be completely oblivious to the truth that Good is a shift from the neutral point of nothing therefore Good can only emerge into existence when it is equally balanced with the equal and opposite of what ever that "Good" is.

So in seeking to exist in a world that is peaceful the very reason for expressing that concept refuses to be ignored because it is the "other side" of the idea "seeking peace" (which is violence & war)

So in seeking peace, your consciousness makes you aware of the concept of Violence & war. Once it is in your consciousness it is up to you to decide which version of these ideas are most beneficial to your experience.

the idea "If only Guns were not around this wouldn't happen" is an expression of attention in your consciousness. As long as you keep expressing that idea, it allows you to anchor your self within the unlimited choice of "all that is" on to the point of reference where "If only Guns were not around this wouldn't happen" becomes your reflection of your self as the reality that surrounds you.

There are other places within the unlimited potential of creation where this gun violence is not an issue. How do you know that?. Because you can imagine it. What exist as energetic potential of creation is what is experienced as consciousness. So your imagination is like looking up through the database of availability of creation. What you hold in your imagination is your "attraction" or anchor point within the unlimited potential of your availability.

But you can't get to that anchor point by focusing on "Would Gun control resolve the violence?" Because "Would Gun Control resolve the violence" is an anchor point within which you are placing your self again and again a billion times a second (Thanks Bashar)

There are parallel versions of your self and all your family members where things are different. But you can't get there by wanting to get rid of the guns.

This point of reference within which you stand right now is the point of reference of "wanting to get rid of guns"

As long as you want to get rid of guns you have to experience the "Want to get rid of guns" reality a billion times a second every second refreshed again and again within the moment of NOW as long as you exist within now.

You can shift to the point of reference where you are no longer concerned about the guns. to do that you have to understand point of attraction.

What ever you imaging happening to you is your point of attraction.
What ever you imagine is the truth is your point of attraction.
What ever you worry about is your point of attraction
What ever that upsets you is your point of attraction.
What ever you want to get rid of is your point of attraction.
(where the thing you want to get rid of must be refreshed into existence again and again so that it is always true within the NOW moment that it needs to be got rid of)
Everything you believe is your point of reference of attraction.

What you dislike, You can't get rid of it for the sake of others. Dis liking something places you within the experience of attracting the experience of disliking that thing.

What you can do is imagine a different point of attraction where the need to get rid of guns doesn't exist. If you can imagine it, then is exists.

For practical purposes, it should not be too far away from your current point of attraction.

You have to gradually anchor your self away from being concerned about these problems.

Being concerned is exactly what is anchoring you within your experience of it.

What is anchoring?

It is what you constantly imagine happening to you.

For those who have known me from the past
No... I Don't think I am back here to post regularly. What happened was that I decided to update my Log-in information & spent a few minutes looking at what is going on here. & this question pulled me right into my answering mode & I just couldn't stop myself.

But I really wish to remain low key.. (Things are speeding up & I am learning to adjust.)


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The Traveller

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Thank you Traveller! I was really hoping for an in depth discussion of this and your reply fills the bill. :) You articulate ideas and concepts I was sensing but having trouble getting at myself. I agree that point of attraction is the crux of the matter. Your post also reminds me of Bashar's precept that when we allow positive and negative to be on the same level, one not better than the other, then it is easier to choose what we prefer. Facebook is awash with posts calling for gun control.

(25 Feb '18, 18:11) Delphine

Even among those who subscribe to LOA/ycyor. I will probably share some of your points there. Thanks again, and glad my post drew you in to answering mode!

(25 Feb '18, 18:13) Delphine

Thanks Delphine.
Re-Facebook & other's Points of view. They are a reminder of our individual point of reference. It is not that Facebook posts will change when we change. It is that we no longer give attention to things outside of our preference. There are bigger jumps in reality as well but it is complicated and not relevant to your immediate situation.

(26 Feb '18, 01:22) The Traveller
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This is not an answer as such, but its my perspective on your question and perhaps this will open up different ways you can look at the issue at hand.

Although i agree with the fact that there are no real victims, and because we here are all pretty enlightened in the universal laws like law of attraction and that there is no assertion and so on- we know that there is no real death and if you exist now, you exist forever and some souls have different paths than others, so in our perspective and we know that this is true- everyone is living their life and no one can do anything to you but you- if you truly live in the knowledge that you create your own reality- the fact that there are guns or no guns should not affect anyone for that matter- if you dont choose to attract it yourselves in to your reality.

That being said, i do want to point out something important here, we are all living here on earth and although we are each individuals within our own reality, we must not forget who we actually are and what this actually all is, we are all source to begin with. Source is highly creative so in order to further expand and experience different assets and aspects of itself- source has 'split' itself in to many many consciousnesses known to us as us- but at the base of it all, at the very center of our being we are all that one source, that one all-that-is, that everything is! We are source experiencing itself through different perspectives mainly to experience itself through our material and physical reality, to explore creatively again- itself. How does source do that? Well exactly like we all know here at the forum- life causes us to ask for something- source immediately gives us what we want- (thats the expansion of itself- because our asking is what is giving source that perspective to see all the different aspects of itself- and because we ARE source- an extension of it but practically we can say that we are just source period- so source sent itself through our consciousness and body's here on earth to explore again- itself and when we ask something- its like we are asking from ourselves something that we know we came to do here- so of course we ourselves would not say no to ourselves lol to do something that we ourselves choose to do here- so anyways what i am getting at is that source is intelligent and creative and it is here to experience itself and all the different aspects- and that also means the aspects that we are calling negative- it does not matter to source- because it knows that there are no real negative events or things like we think it is- there is no ending to this all- it just wants to explore- be it negative or positive whatever- you can choose what to do because you ARE source, wouldnt it be a little stupid if source was telling itself what to do and not to do- like, do whatever you want ITS YOU TELLING YOURSELF- thats why source is never judging of ANYONE or ANYTHING, its all just doing exactly what source is always doing- just exploring the million options and seeing what can be done and what we want and what we ask for and just giving us (itself that) and seeing what happens and so on and so forth

We must not forget, source was here also when the middle ages were here and people did not wash themselves and did quite immoral things, source was also there when slavery existed and when the world wars and holocaust happened and when the titanic sunk- its all an exploration of our consciousnesses, its all an exploration of the infinite possibilities we have and how our world is evolving and how we mold ourselves and our planet further and further and look how far we have come and how far we are going, if we did not have 'negative' we would not have 'positive' for it is impossible to know the one without having experiences the other- how do you know if something is sweet if you never had anything sour? You cant compare something to something else if you have not tried both.

Does this mean that slavery and world wars and holocausts are perfectly fine and dandy and that guns and mass shootings at schools and first graders getting shot in the face are something we should wave at and say- oh well you create your own reality- well, no, because we are all an extension of source and the fact that this IS happening in our reality gives us a beautiful chance to look in to our own integrity, principles, moral standings and human values, we cannot forget that source above all is intelligent- creavity is intelligence having fun after all- but it is intelligent- these events happen for a reason- so we can through them, get to know ourselves better and shine a light onto different parts of ourselves- it serves as a mirror to know ourselves more and to see parts of ourselves more clearly, basically it is an opportunity to look into who we are and why we are. Without judgement or condemnation, but as an exploration- again- as source wants- to explore different aspects of ourselves, something that we cannot do- we cannot evolve if we only see and hear and experience the sweet side of life- than we cannot grow or become more of who we really are because there is no progress! And that is something that CANNOT and will NEVER happen- we are always moving forward, we are always progressing and changing and thats something that never changes- and would mean the world would actually end- without progress why than even exist? Experience is what gives us that fuel in to motioning forward with more clarity.**

All these current events regarding guns and what is happening in the world is giving us the opportunity to know ourselves better- to see what our reaction is to for example, kids getting shot at school- our perspective is what defines us and this is an amazing opportunity to see what that perspective actually is.

That being said, personally i live in a country where guns are not allowed by law to be held by civilians and we never have any school shootings, shootings are malls or any shootings at all involving everyday people- of course there are illegal guns but those illegal guns usually belong to the criminal world and although i cannot vouch for the moral integrity of each and every druglord or other criminal here- they rarely if never attack civilians- not to think of little children, and even if there is a liquidation happening between rivals they actually NEVER do it in a public place and they do their very best never to kill any bystanders, i actually recall an event where they shot a man in his car whilst he was driving his child to school- and they waited until he dropped her off at the school and she was inside before killing him- which is funny because it shows that literally the maffia has more, whats the word- compassion and understanding than american people at for example... i dont know, schools or country music concerts?

I hope this gave you some further insight into the matter- its not an answer as there is none- its all just an exploration of different things and your interest in this topic shows that it could provide you with some further knowledge about yourself.


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Thanks Januaryfeelings for your comprehensive reply. Good exploration. I do want to address what you say about the mafia in your country having more compassion than Americans. I am quite sure a lot of these mass shooting incidents, including the one in FLA, are false flags. This page gives a good overview. https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/02/another-false-flag-shooting.html

(02 Mar '18, 18:13) Delphine

okay, if you choose to believe that website that is your personal decision. I myself have enjoyed seeing millennials like myself- whom everybody for some reason believed we are lazy and entitled- marching to protest and seeing them stand up against this violence with amazing public speeches, rally's, walks and interviews given on tv where it is obvious that they have had enough and the fear and determination in their actions cannot be waved away by anyone anymore.

(03 Mar '18, 03:55) Januaryfeelings

i also dont think that anyone would pay any school kids any money to do this as an 'acting job' where they fake being mad and speaking up- have you seen high-school productions of musicals lol

(03 Mar '18, 03:58) Januaryfeelings
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perhaps it is not the
objects used but the intent
of the choice taken, maybe
spiritual depravity


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