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Ever since the Palm Sunday, 1965, outbreak of tornadoes, one of which devastated my town of Crystal Lake, Illinois, I have wondered about how man would come to stop violent weather. The tornado that hit my town was an F4, and killed six people, including a friend's grandfather. Our home was also damaged. What if we could stop tornadoes?

Imagine if we could turn "off" a Hurricane...would that be bad or good? (Hurricanes take heat from the ocean and get rid of it in the form of a gigantic wind engine.)

Imagine if we could stop flooding rains.

But what if we could? Would this be a good thing? Would it be too much power for those in control? What about the ecological impact(s)?

What if....?


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@Barry Allen- I do NOT agree with the tags. One, at least, should say, "Weather". you have more than one question about weather, after all. Jaianniah

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On this point, who is making it rain on the west coast today and the snowing on the east coast recently? =P

I have a more serious response to this question for later when I Have more time. I just found it funny cuz it started raining on my head. =)

(04 May '13, 20:28) Snow

@Jaianniah, if you know of multiple related questions that would share common tags, you should add the tags to them. You have more than enough karma points to do this. Creating a tag for only one question is of little value and does not help others find related questions.

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To my knowledge, the force(storm) can Not be stopped, only redirected once it reaches a particular strength.....

(08 May '13, 23:31) Dragonflybreeze

Also, if someone Could control the weather, it could be dangerous... Even if the individual wanted to use their gift for good intent, what if someone knew the extent of their abilities and tried to manipulate them for destructive purposes....???

(09 May '13, 23:37) Dragonflybreeze
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Tesla was working on this, it was one of the things his tower was going to be able to do.

With this in mind it would seem that some kind of resonance frequency generator may affect the weather. At least Nicola Tesla thought so. Maybe in harmonics, I have heard of a little box that can shake a building to pieces that he invented that works on harmonic frequencies.

The problem is whom has the kind of money to build something big enough to affect world weather? It would have to be a billionaire and I think he would be more interested in keeping his money.

But it is an interesting thought, if a machine like this could be developed it would be welcome news all over the world.

Update exciting news!

Wade, love, read this: National Geographic does not believe it- should you? Jai


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Wade Casaldi

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build some sort of apparatus to control weather ... yes an interesting thought ... harmonics/frequencies; take a look at this

(04 May '13, 07:01) ru bis
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Your question reminds me of "rain dances" which are evident that we can control the weather. Also, there is a guy Greg Braden (I think) who speaks about how a man prayed his town out of a drought and actually brought so mich water the town flooded. Also, I've heard that group meditation can lower the crime rate by a pretty large percentage; it makes me wonder if it could have the same affect on the weather.

Great question!


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yes group energy is always more powerful than one individual's energy, imagine every single person on this planet centering their energy at the same moment to accomplish a specific task, i feel sure we could control natural phenomena ...

(04 May '13, 06:39) ru bis

There are already people who admit to being able to alter their local environment, common examples being breezes. Having enough influence to affect more than ones immediate surroundings is a slightly larger question.

One can safely assume if we can create a small gust of wind around our hands, then with more energy the answer to your question would be a very big yes. The question is would we want to stop natural "disasters" (I dislike using this word to describe environmental events).

These events of nature are a compensation being performed by a much larger and stronger entity who understands its needs better than we do (Earth). Grass, trees, and topography serve as dampening forces which breakdown wind systems, otherwise I would conjecture we could have never-ending storms like we observe in other planets.

We could theoretically stop or start whatever we would want, but I believe the result wouldn't stop at that step, it would have repercussions as all things do.

As it stands I would say the fact there are people who can control the weather means there is a whole lot more to human potential than we are necessarily aware of, largely centered around control of ones own energy and manipulation of the energy around them. Will we ever be able to control the weather is an already yes. Will we ever stop storms and things like that? Sure, I don't see why not, but the issue is there is a reason for all of these things happening.

For example, we could forcefully stop the side effects of global warming, or stifle the Earth's natural weather cycles in one way or another such as preventing an ice age. However I'd say if we did these things whatever force being exerted starting these processes (such as pollution) would continue to build, and the amount of energy we would need to exert to hold back mother nature's attempts at balancing itself after we corrupt and imbalance it would increase. You can keep building bigger dams, but if or when it eventually breaks the resulting flood and consequences will also be bigger.

I believe it would be in our best interests to observe the phenomenon we would like to mitigate, decide if it is a beneficial event or decide if it is a result of another problem we should address instead, and then address the cause rather than using brawn to fight the effect.

Hmm. This answer didn't come out so well organized or articulated. My thoughts are a bit scattered at the moment. Anyway, cool question, thanks for asking.


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Great Answer Snow. :)

(08 May '13, 23:34) Dragonflybreeze

Yes, excellent answer! Sorry it took me so long to acknowledge you. Been "under the weather" the last few days...:)

(09 May '13, 11:44) Jaianniah

answered 04 May '13, 07:42

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Dollar Bill

Atlanta??? That is easy...Try Chicago,,,,<grin>

(04 May '13, 12:06) Jaianniah
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