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I often feel paranoid that my thoughts or feelings do not stay within my head. And they can affect people around me in small ways, but I can't really control what I send out or not. I'm not sure if this is just in my head or not but it definitely seems sometimes like there is something going on, like I will think about a certain thing and people will start acting differently, for instance they will get up and start go about making noise when they were quiet before, as if certain thoughts make people uncomfortable or something. It usually centres around uncomfortable or emotional-laden thoughts. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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(26 Apr '13, 09:08) Barry Allen ♦♦

thank you =)

(26 Apr '13, 11:15) alfangor

@alfangor What do you think could be the worst case scenario?

(26 Apr '13, 12:47) releaser99

@releaser99, I don't know, usually people getting angry/being in a bad mood and having arguments.

(30 Apr '13, 06:50) alfangor
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I often feel paranoid that my thoughts or feelings do not stay within my head

I wouldn't worry too much about it because...

...nothing stays in your head :)

...and this has been going on your entire life and you've survived fairly intact up to now, I presume :)

The only difference is that you may now have reached a stage where you have become aware that this has been going on :)

The reason I say nothing stays in your head is because every thought you have is affecting and altering your reality. The ones you have on a regular basis become your dominant thoughts and are the ones that have most effect.

So that suggests two cases of thoughts of this nature to investigate...

Case 1: One-off Thoughts

So, addressing what seems to be the intent of your question, if you think to yourself a precise one-off thought of "This guy's a jerk" then is he going to pick up on that?

In my view, the answer is Yes and's that for an unhelpful answer? :)

I've done many, many such experiments in my own life to test this idea - because long ago I had the same question as you - and I've noticed that these kinds of thought transfers require both participants to be on the same vibrational level.

That is, you must be thinking "This guy's a jerk" and they must be on a vibrational level where they are open to receiving an "out-of-the-Vortex" thought like that one.

If the receiver of your thought is in a great mood and you are thinking "This guy's a jerk", they are not in a vibrational state that can match the intent you are sending that thought with and so they will never be aware of it consciously.

Ever tried to make someone who is feeling very happy in a particular moment get into a miserable mood?'s hard work unless you know them well enough to know which "buttons to push" :)

Case 2: Habitual Thoughts

The other situation I can think of is when you might tend to always think "This guy's a jerk" when you see someone.

In that case, things are slightly clearer.

If you habitually think of the guy as a jerk, you are going to start attracting more "jerk-like" behavior from him anyway (because we attract all behavior out of other people) and if he's a vibrational match enough to your reality to behave like a jerk in your reality then he's likely to be already thinking that you are a jerk as well :)

So, in that case, it doesn't really matter whether you actually think the thought "This guy's a jerk" because he is already aware of your dominant mood towards him and behaving accordingly.

As I said at the start, this effect has been happening your entire life anyway up to now, so why worry about it?

Having said all of the above, I think there's a deeper issue to your question which you may wish to consider for yourself...

Why do you care what others may think about what you think? :)


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Do your thoughts actually communicate telepathically with other's minds? Although anything is possible, there is no scientific evidence to suggest this yet. However, if you are holding a negative thought, say about someone in particular, this will absolutely translate into your body-language in some way, and even manifest itself in one's personality, and mood. Others around you may not know why you are displaying these traits, but they will always be detected, even subconsciously, and people will react to you accordingly.


answered 27 Apr '13, 14:23

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Pacal Votan

I like your answer, and believe everything you say is true except one part: No scientific evidence. There's plenty of this, especially as it pertains to twins.

(27 Apr '13, 14:32) Snow

Snow. You're right...I was just being a little hasty with my answer I think. A more correct statement would have been, "there is no scientific proof yet of this phenomenon that has passed the rigors of the scientific method". However, this certainly does not mean that there is no "evidence to suggest", which should invoke a lot more scientific research. Only then will telepathy gain acceptance by the scientific community.

(27 Apr '13, 14:41) Pacal Votan

Hello, in defence of Pacal, it is possible that twins appear to demonstrate telepathy because they are so similar and think in similar ways, having the same set of genes. However, that is the thing: it is difficult to figure out what is down to established science e.g. body language, similar thought processes, similar environmental stimuli, etc. and what is something more.

(30 Apr '13, 07:05) alfangor

And I think this field should be investigated more. However, if it does exist, I do not think telepathy works all the time or it follows rules of its own. And thus, until we figure out how it works, one may not find a lot of consistent results.

(30 Apr '13, 07:09) alfangor
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We needn't be frightened of our every thought affecting everything. If this was the case, the guys that used to do the head crushing bit on Kids In The Hall would have been guilty of manslaughter.

It is prolonged thought with intent and focus that has affect.

Here is a hilarious video of the "Head Crushing" sketch.

Head Crusher vs the Face Pincher!


answered 26 Apr '13, 16:37

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Wade Casaldi

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