I have been thinking about this question for a while and finally decided to ask it here on the forum.

I know that if you have a belief about something or anything, it will show up in your reality because you always get what you believe in, positive or negative. You cannot experience anything that is not a part of your belief-system, you would literally go insane if you would experience things you did not believe in. This is usually a subconscious system at work. If you are poor and you have a belief that people with money are monsters and bad- you will, no matter how much money you earn, win or make, always stay poor- because you believe that you will become a monster if you have money- sometimes (and usually) these beliefs are hidden to our logical minds and we do not even notice that we have this belief because they are subconscious.

on the other hand

I know that the way you are feeling and your dominant vibration is how the law of attraction is matching you up with situations, people, thoughts and so on that are a vibrational match to your specific vibration. Also, if you feel bad about one topic than that vibration if you focus on the bad thing- will make the universe match you up with similar events/situations/manifestations that will match that 'bad' feeling. Similarly, if you feel good when you are petting your cat as Abraham says, than that good feeling has the power to drag all of the issues in your life up to when you will feel that similar good feeling about everything.

So when something happens, lets say for example I have attracted a situation in my life that is not something I would like to experience. How do I know if it is because I have a hidden belief about it and thats why it has manifested- OR because I was feeling bad - and THAT caused the matching up and THAT was why it manifested?

So in knowing this- instead of being like, okay, this situation has manifested itself, clearly I must believe something about myself that is the reason for this- OR do I say- this situation has been attracted by me because I was feeling exactly like that about my paper not being finished- and thats why I got that other manifestation, because the vibration matched- I must mold my vibration regarding the paper in to a better feeling place- and then I wont be attracting situations that are similair to that feeling.

In a very clear example:

Someone gets robbed.

  1. did he get robbed because he has a hidden belief about getting robbed.
  2. did he get robbed because he was a vibrational match to getting robbed, because he just heard some news that made him feel vulnerable/attacked?

Thank you so much I look forward to your answers.

Also, if I just feel good and in the vortex- will that stop those unwanted hidden beliefs from manifesting because I feel good? Or will they force me out of the vortex- but than how can the universe match me up with with situations that would make me feel bad because of those unwanted beliefs- if I felt good. So is the belief-system then stronger than my current vibration?

So if that is true- and no matter what my current vibration is, because I DO have this belief that is unwanted- I will be attracting situations where that belief is shown to me- no matter how good I am feeling- because the belief has no choice but to show itself to me- but then HOW does the universe match me up with those situations that would cause me to feel uncomfortable IF I feel good and in the vortex practically all of the time?

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Your beliefs determine your vibration. Your vibration determines your feelings, now, and your experience, later.

If something bad happened, you had a negative belief, and were feeling bad about it all along, because your vibration was bad, but you resisted it to the point of losing awareness of it instead of digging it up and clearing it, so the bad experience came.

If you focused for quite some time on something negative until you felt bad, you built up a habitual thought, which is the same thing as a belief.

Here's what to do with that:

(1) When you are feeling bad, and you know you've been focusing on something bad, stop it, and focus on something good, to avoid building the negative belief.

(2) When you are feeling bad, but you aren't sure why, then you are focusing on something bad, but also resisting it, so you have no conscious awareness of what you are focusing on. That is the "hidden belief"- it's hidden because you withdrew your awareness. You can reassert your awareness by focusing on the negative feeling, and asking yourself which belief it represents. Then you can focus on something good, just like with (1).


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yes my beliefs determine my vibration- but what if i do not think of those beliefs- as Abraham says- stop giving it attention and those beliefs will because of your vortex become inactive in your vibration

ooo i get it- so if you dont give your attention to those beliefs and maintain a high vibration than its impossible to manifest situations regarding those beliefs, but say you would start to feel bad after some time- than that would give them leeway to be manifested

is this what you meant?

(16 Mar '18, 13:31) Januaryfeelings

Nope- but really great question!

If you are aware of a thought and it feels negative- well then, no problem, think of something else and you're good to go.

If you are vaguely aware of a negative feeling, but are not sure where it is coming from, and possibly start getting weird excuses and illogical ideas- well, then you have a negative belief that is taking pains to hide itself. If you just change the subject, you really didn't take your attention off of it, so it continues to influence...

(16 Mar '18, 13:38) cmc

... your experience, like if you were actively thinking it- because you are, subconsciously, resisting it rather than ignoring it.

So in this case, by focusing on the negative feeling, you can become aware what the belief is. Then, when you are fully aware of the belief, then it is no longer hidden, you no longer resist it, you regained influence on that part of your awareness- then you can focus on something positive and that energy will shift.

(16 Mar '18, 13:41) cmc

Bingo @cmc. I would just like to add though that depending on your personality, it would be helpful to be able to observe that negative feeling from a place of detachment (as much as humanly possible) otherwise your Ego will want to suck you into it. Then it becomes a struggle to stop thinking/feeling that way. Should that happen, the best solution is to distract yourself with something you enjoy to take your attention off of it, then return to it when feeling more "neutral".

(16 Mar '18, 21:31) GrowthSeeker

@GrowthSeeker Yes, great to place the emphasis on detachment! The way I phrased it, it is inherent in the word "observe"- you can't observe yourself without detachment. But it sure helps understanding to observe that in more detail.

In my school of thought, Huna, the detachment comes automatially from viewing human beings as three-part: Ku (lower self/animal nature), Lono (middle self/human nature) and Aumakua (Higher self/divine nature). So if you're lono, you observe your ku has a problem.

(17 Mar '18, 19:30) cmc

But what if, let's say, you are feeling happy and well most of your days, and then one day, all of a sudden, you wake up grumpy and not feeling so well, without any particular reason? Is a negative belief accountable here, too?

(18 Mar '18, 07:40) Marin

@Marin, it's hard to say what the root cause of the grumpiness is because it could be different every time but if you wake up feeling bad then there's something bugging you deep down (subconsciously perhaps) or else you'd be fine. Try to go to bed feeling good (don't watch scary, violent or depressing TV shows or movies, don't go to bed after you've had a fight with someone, etc..) Take a few deep breaths and immediately focus on something that makes you feel good, listen to music you love, etc

(20 Mar '18, 00:46) GrowthSeeker

So it may or may not be a negative belief triggering the grumpiness, it could just be an emotional imbalance that needs to be cleared out.

(20 Mar '18, 00:47) GrowthSeeker
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I do not think you should separate beliefs from your vibration/emotions/thoughts. A book I'd recommend which delves deeply into this is Jane Robert's 'The Nature of Personal Reality' in which she channels Seth (the book which inspired Jerry Hicks and which later brought about the Abraham experience to him and Esther). Our vibration depends on our beliefs. Think of beliefs as the rudimentary basis through which thoughts/emotions and vibrations emanate. Therefore, if your current vibration was negative, it was because you had a negative thought, itself rooted in a negative belief. Also, one should not think of beliefs as entities of energy having existed for a long time. You can have a belief which you have developed in a short period of time (as opposed to others which have been held since childhood, for example). Therefore, if you are feeling bad in a particular moment, it means that at that particular moment you were holding a particular belief which was strong enough to produce the manifestation. I know this for a fact as I've experienced this. It doesn't mean that you'd have held that belief for a long time. Remember, in the spiritual world, time does not exist. Let me share with you my experience. I am by nature a very confident driver. So my persistent belief was that I do not encounter accidents, and in 20 years of driving never did. However, one day i started developing a fear that I was becoming unable to manoevre my car well in the basement ... i was having difficulty. Two days later, and some negative thinking related to something else, while manoevring ... bam ... i smashed the rear into a corner i hadn't seen. I had only just developed a fear (which is a belief) and manifested it in two days. Hope this helps you.


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thankyou this made a lot of sense- i shouldnt seperate something that is so obviously interconnected to each other- it works in synergy where the one is directly affected by the other and vice verse- liked your answer!

(15 Apr '18, 20:43) Januaryfeelings
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