All these methods to release/clear resistance: do they only work if you fundamentally agree on a model of life? That is, that there is a Source to which your are connected to and to what degree that you are connected to is indicated by the way you feel; that you're an eternal being; your perspective on death doesn't make you feel pointless and really bad...

Are we looking for things convincing enough to believe to avoid the bitter feeling of death or lack of purpose?

In the last couple of days I've been breaking apart what I think is an OCD, into patterns of thoughts/beliefs, in hope that if I start attacking the instances of these problems I will somehow get at the underlying issues. I thought I'll start at the manifestation of the resistance and work my way into the issue. Sometimes when thinking what to tackle, I pick on more broader issues that cause the smaller ones (if I can even get my head around it), and eventually, I was hoping I would tackle the fundamental beliefs that cause all my resistance. I have been using Focus Blocks for that (the whole idea of identifying resistance when your whole thinking machinery is screwed up was a revelatory process that required me to pick apart bits that can actually go into a Focus Block system; my FB topics were named like OCD01, OCD02, OCD03); it has been a revelation in itself - Focus Blocks and how it works (not until I read about Focus Blocks and started using it that I understood what Abraham actually taught with their Focus Wheel, pretty funny). But I found one problem, and that is my belief in the most fundamental aspects of life. So I got depressed about it all last night, and whenever that happens, I seem to revert to the philosophy of the likes of Mooji and all that blah blah blah, and in my helplessness I start to think about God, for help. I think I fixed my condition today; the feeling from the things I thought about last night sort of simmer there in the background, so it will take a while yet, but I am almost ignoring something...let me continue...

I don't doubt the law of attraction per se, and I do know that how I feel mirrors the physical experience, and that even my perspective on my perspective could be transformed simply by feeling better (through the eyes of Source). And if I unconditionally feel good long enough, it will start to magnetise and it will quickly begin to invert onto my physical reality.

I believe in much about the law of attraction that's being discussed here. Every few months a piece of knowledge hits me on the head so hard!! I am not claiming I fully understand it all, I am learning constantly and in a way, my life has been near enough on hold as a result of my urgency to get THIS RIGHT. I don't think I've ever given it all a systematic try (perhaps until recently with FB), I never allow myself to feel good long enough because something keeps bringing me back. It's this feeling that I trick myself into believing this model of Source, Inner Being, the degree of your alignment by the way which you feel.

Let me ask you all another question, and forgive me for the tone, are you all under self-caused illusion (and I am not saying it doesn't work!); have you programmed yourselves to believe in all of this so that you can feel happy? Again, I don't doubt that happiness feels good, and nothing is better, but for that to happen, a certain fundamental belief must be established to build upon and then you could unleash yourself to enjoy life and kick this reality's ass, get what you want, take no rubbish from your mind, none of that resistance, none of those beliefs. I refer to the fundamental belief as belief because I don't think you can prove your fundamental belief - I think you can make a choice after sufficient suffering and thinking, and just deciding that you don't want to feel so bad like that again! I don't you reach a certain conclusion after sufficient thinking to a reasonable level of validation from your intellect and even evidence from experience? This evidence though, it's not really evidence of the fundamental belief being true, evidence is "feeling good = reality is awesome", and the mechanics of the law working as stated. But I don't feel enough peace enough with it, I don't feel safe, even though I know in this reality I can be physically secure and even HAPPY (paradox is, happiness depends on that damn belief being made-mind-upon and sealed and closed). So did you make a conscious choice to believe in what felt good to you; have you convinced yourself? Are we all doing all of this, are we all here because we were just depressed due to our deep thinking? I can't seem to surrender seeking a more fundamental purpose/belief. I can choose to believe in my alignment with Source, but it feels like I am convincing myself of it, burying it, almost tricking myself. It seems whatever my condition is, I am just observing all of this through the lens of my mind/body depending how it's currently configured. The things I thought of last night were from a very dark perspective, and I was guessing if it was just the other side, the opposite perspective...not true, not false, just the other side of the spectrum of life, just like with anything. It makes me question the truth; are we just deliberately ignoring the other side, because it doesn't feel nice; or are we choosing it. So we're not ignoring the other side, we just prefer not to choose to think about it yes?

Messy question from me :) Maybe someone can relate.

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hi @einsof, putting the Law of Attraction aside, just think about it- if you had a choice to feel happy or bad, which one would you choose? Even if the Law of Attraction does not exist, wouldn't you agree your life would be a lot better if you chose to stay positive no matter what kind of **** happens in your life?

(08 Oct '14, 08:51) kakaboo

I think I think along those lines after suffering long enough; I just get angry at myself and say: that's it! But soon enough something will be eating me from inside, quietly, slowly; as if "something is wrong". It's as if I need to make up my mind about feeling good! Sometimes I think: I am alive, that much is certain. I can't do nothing at all, so I might as well do something and have fun, if nothing else. That's like me giving up and then I do enjoy things; but not for long! ...

(08 Oct '14, 09:05) einsof

I get carried away with my fun thinking I am untouchable, but eventually I start asking the same questions that bring me down again. Now I can't even "give up" because a part of me is wondering "but what if I screwed up, what if I could change my fate, I must keep pushing". At this moment I can't feel good; because the moment I make a step away from all this to feeling good, something unpleasant will remain not too deep below the surface. Need technology to rewire brains! :)

(08 Oct '14, 09:06) einsof

And only recently I thought Focus Blocks saved my life, and that drama is subsiding :)

(08 Oct '14, 09:06) einsof
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do they only work if you fundamentally agree on a model of life?

If one wants to change and improve his life constantly, one obviously must have some influence on his own belief-system. The tricky part is that negative feeling belief-systems are designed to keep one where he is by making use of one's survival instincts.

So negative beliefs are closed systems. However, there is only one key that can open the door to negative beliefs to then choose positive beliefs. In the most basic sense it consists of two elements:

  1. Taking full responsibility for your emotions and facing them
  2. Knowing that all beliefs that exist are never set in stone

So if you can find whatever model you like that exists and contains those two elements to change, then you can change on purpose (for the better).

IMO most models I have seen are designed to keep you locked in. They will often tell you to ignore your emotions and to apply logic (which is basically their logic which you should buy into).

This satirical musical piece describes what many models (not just the mormon model) usually tell you to do if your own emotions start to guide you:

If you think about it, the only reason not to allow yourself or hesitate to release a belief (i.e. resistance) in order to be happy is when you buy into an illogical belief that tells you that it could be not safe to do so. However if you explore your belief system, you will find that it's just absurd and illogical and you will be happy to let go of some beliefs that don't serve you.

But, of course, in order to that you have to come from a model that allows you to explore your beliefs for the purpose of changing them if necessary.


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I think in my case, feeling bad is what's leading me to unearth my beliefs. Regarding the above bit about "not safe": I don't fear to let go of my beliefs (I think), it's not having a belief that can provide safety and security that bothers me, because thinking deep enough about any model (from a certain perspective) can cause an unpleasant feeling and insecurity.

Thank you for your thoughts, @releaser99! Much appreciated.

(09 Oct '14, 06:57) einsof

a model of life
subconsciously planted will
come to bloom, directing where
sensory input freely flows

wisdom does have control
yet daily accepts what
intellect has sorted out


answered 09 Oct '14, 06:16

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The baseline, whether we agree to any model or not, is your "I AM" or more accurately your pure conscious Self-Awareness that is beyond verbal description. Since you are pure consciousness that is Self-Aware, you are always conscious of what you are conscious of regardless of your agreement or disagreement because you still need to be conscious of the argument for or against. This is eternal, fixed and not-negotiable. It is vital to grasp this, the law of attraction is merely YOU or your nature at work. In this dream or video-game or self-directed movie that we objectify and label "life", you MUST ALWAYS experience conditions that correspond to at least the essence of your predominant focus. You will almost always experience the general idea (: i.e. essence + noticeable specifics :) and depending on the purity (: degree of emotional positivity or non-resistance :) of your focus you may often experience identical or near identical experiential reflections of your focus. Why I leave the little room for "error" by saying "at least the essence" is because sometimes we have doubts or expectations of the unexpected, shocks, surprises and this causes such "unexpected" conditions or so-called "exceptions" (: there are no exceptions except those we create :) but even these will always correlate to essence or the general emotional/mental state we occupy. I mean always - like 100%.

Okay, that is the basis from which I will answer your question:

Your resistance is mostly relative to how your desire fits into your current model and not as much about which model (: although certain models can be more problematic or easier to work with creatively :) you're using to create in this physical illusion. Keep in mind, that apart from YOU (: the Ultimate Truth :), everything else may be treated as a half-truth because every paradox may be reconciled, so if you're skilled with applying this technique you can actually place any desire in a place of relative non-resistance within any mental model except that you may not alter the fundamental nature of reality/YOU. That said, it is easier if you hold a model that fosters positivity in general for your creative scripting.

I hope you appreciate the prelude to the answer because too often we overlook those fundamental truths and end up asking all kinds of "technical" questions. The word "model" is actually not my favorite because it suggests that the reality is different when in fact the so-called reality corresponds to the model. It is not a model of reality, but the reality of the model that we have to be aware of.


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All these methods to release/clear resistance: do they only work if you fundamentally agree on a model of life?

                    The short answer is yes.

They are based on several fundamental principles the most obvious is that energies are either positive or negative. For example that happiness is positive and depression is negative.

I observe that there're many people who start to wonder whether these principles still apply, so if these principles are no longer useful can I, in my case, find a model more adapted.

Well yes, here's a few key things I'd like to say;

Emotions appear to be on a scale ranging from highly undesirable to highly desirable because the original energy has been coloured by erroneous interpretations.

I'd love to be happy all the time regardless of what's going on around me and I notice some people seem to be able to do so.

The only thing that matters is what I actually experience in my life, experience being nothing to do with concepts, ideas, theories or philosophy.

Happy is often considered as being a positive feeling high up on the emotional scale, in my experience this is far, far, far from what I actually live.

alt text


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