Many new thought authors ( for want of a better phrase ) teach that the subconscious mind will ,albeit after much perseverance accept any premise given to it. The claim is the sub conscious will not reason or have a particular opinion of its own,or rather an opinion not given to it by the conscious mind.

Now having studied some of the Esther Hicks ideas there seems to be a slight differance in aproach.

With the Esther teaching wild and extreme suggestions are not given to the inner man ( at least not right away) but rather a progression of thoughts slowly leading up to an end result. All of these thoughts progressing only when the person feels comfortable with each step.

The Hicks system if i can call it that does sit quite well with me personally, im more comfortable with it and know i can progress faith wise to differing levels on differing subjects. Sometime not accepting something i really deem impossible,but always getting further up the feeling stage if not always right to the top.

However there seems to be a system of belief which will batter suggestions into the subcon despite any conscious resistance. And im not saying this wont work.

Do people find Esther's approach better and more real and comfortable,or the former.

Or perhaps a mixture of the two


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Monty Riviera

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See here:

(15 Dec '10, 15:54) Vesuvius

The subconscious mind is the communication system between the conscious and the universal mind. Like the universal mind it does not process information the way the conscious mind does. It does not logic or pass judgement. That is the role of the conscious mind. The subconscious through the universal mind simple package and deliver (if you want to use that analogy).


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The unconscious is not a sponge, indiscriminately accepting material regardless of the considerations of your conscious self. All beliefs or suggestions are first sifted through your conscious mind, and only those that you accept are permitted their penetration into the other areas of the self.

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality


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3.2k525 sort of thinking along these lines.

(16 Dec '10, 11:45) Monty Riviera

@TA though I have read that in fact it is a sponge from birth to 6yrs with no filters . Children are living in the Theta brainwave state and this is why they learn so rapidly .

(08 Sep '12, 01:30) Starlight

With the Esther teaching wild and extreme suggestions are not given to the inner man ( at least not right away) but rather a progression of thoughts slowly leading up to an end result. All of these thoughts progressing only when the person feels comfortable with each step.

Is that not the same thing as influencing your subconscious mind gradually? Imagine the subconscious mind as a bucket of clean plain water, and what you are trying to do to it is to just drip a red drop of ink into that bucket of plain water... over time, but surely, the whole bucket of clean water will still turn red!


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It seems to be yes.And i think your right. When Esther uses the childs roundabout ride to explain this it resonates with me.

(17 Dec '10, 07:45) Monty Riviera

@Monty would you be so kind as to explain Esthers roundabout ride to me please ?

(08 Sep '12, 01:37) Starlight

The subconscious mind operates on feelings and images, not words. The more powerful the feeling, the more the impact on the subconscious mind. Feelings can be progressive, building to a larger pattern or belief system.

One very deep, powerful feeling can immediately and powerfully impact the subconscious mind as in the case of phobias.


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Dollar Bill

Saw this first hand with a friend....... she was great at manifesting large dangerous snakes :-)

(08 Sep '12, 05:21) Starlight

This happens, @Starlight, however I was thinking about how someone can instantly develop an intense subconscious response because a one-time very traumatic event can leave a powerful, lasting impression.

Quite possibly your friend had one of these event. Often phobic response people don't consciously have an idea of why they have these reactions.

(08 Sep '12, 13:27) Dollar Bill

But the combination of a very powerful feeling, usually associated with an image, though sometimes it is auditory, will do more to influence a subconscious mind than hours and hours of repeating affirmations.

Certainly the phobic response process is negative, giving rise to fears and negative emotions, but I winder how we might better imprint positive ideas in a similar powerful fashion?

(08 Sep '12, 13:30) Dollar Bill

Thanks for that Bill, I used to be petrified of the dentist , my first intro to one as a 5yr old , where he pulled a tooth no pain killer etc :-) I believe set me up for the next 30 yrs of misery. Turn around point after a mind mastery course being that fear is fear of fear itself . False Evidence Appearing Real , so next visit had more painkiller than i probably needed , told a couple of Furfies to dentist about could still feel, lol. It did the trick and these days like water off a ducks back.

(08 Sep '12, 22:39) Starlight

Not something I would advocate , least of all the furfies, but I guess I created my own reality and it worked for me , come out these days laughing :-) I came across something, funnily enough in a scifi show recently that said , for memory, sound and smell work better . I know it was only fiction but it resonated with me . Same show last week "Sometimes you just gotta believe in what you can't see " I put this as a reminder in my Iphone , sorry if I have rambled on a bit here ♥♥

(08 Sep '12, 22:48) Starlight

@Starlight - Dental pain and meditation - reminds me of a rather officious, pompous guy (pink suit) giving a talk on why we should all take his "Transcendental Meditation" seminar. I like the program, but this guy was too much fun NOT to play with!

I asked him if TM could be used to stop dental pain without drugs. He replied that some people said so, but it was not the main idea.

I told him that I had specifically come because controlling dental pain was was my goal. (continued)

(09 Sep '12, 08:26) Dollar Bill

And I had heard that this TM program was all about how to "Transcend Dental Medication"!

Got a laugh from the crowd and he turned red, kind clashed with his pink suit. :)

Luckily I am about 6'1" and weigh over two hundred pounds. He didn't challenge me.

(09 Sep '12, 08:29) Dollar Bill

Love It ! you could dine out on this story for years :-)

(09 Sep '12, 09:17) Starlight
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I don't know if this helps. As I understand it the subcon is a slave. Whatever information it receives over and over becomes a pattern. This patten will manifest just like God commanded it Hick or no Hicks. Only the conscious mind and fear and ego stand in the way of our desires. Like if you read the same book everyday for months you will become the book. The intellect can stand in the way because it can not except any thing that is a conflict for it. I.E. If your goal is to unreal. Yes barring conflicts the subcon will make it so! If we can get clear about limiting beliefs we can rely on the subcon to do it job!


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Habitual thinking will eventualy be accepted by the subconscious mind for that is what is meant when Hester says a progresion of thoughts slowly leading up to an end result. The reason for this is that the conscious mind guards the subconscious and habitual thinking will eventually bypass the conscious guardian mind and be accepted by the subconscious.

On the other hand if the conscious guardian mind is rendered unavailable for a time like when a person is unconscious or under anesthetic or undergoing hypnosis than the comands received weather intentional or not will become accepted by the subconscious irrespective of weather they are good or bad commands.

Of course we only have one mind it is just that the conscious and the subconscious are different aspects of the one mind. Guard that mind for it is your most prized possession so please, please don't allow anyone to just screw around with it, (Excuse the language but I feel so strongly about this that I had to express it in a strong way).

If ever you are to seek help from anyone that works with your subconscious than make sure they are well educated and trained in how the mind works for someone that doesn't know what they are doing could ruin your life.


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Paulina 1

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@Paulina Great answer Great advice!

(08 Sep '12, 03:37) ursixx

@Paulina thank you for this wonderfull answer , given the events of the last couple of days in IQ , I totally get about minds being played with .

(08 Sep '12, 04:14) Starlight

Yes, for the first 6 years. Then we run on it like autopilot until we become aware that we can change our beliefs. Then we can reprogram our subconscious with new beliefs if we can bypass the conscious mind. Bruce Lipton explains in this article and this article.


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Fairy Princess

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the subconscious mind is subservient to the will,
so one should know clearly what they are thinking and why


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