I have heard mention of 'the vortex' in the Abraham-Hicks teachings - the vortex being the place where we line up with our inner beings/receive our desires. What are the fastest ways to 'get in the vortex'? Meditation? Or something else?

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Consciously Connected Breathing gets me faster and easier into the vortex. once inside, do your affirmations or vibrational work there. for reference, The Presence Process, Edition 2 can be downloaded here. This goes well together with releasing techniques.

(03 Feb '13, 06:41) don
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I believe Abraham says that appreciation is more powerful than meditation. But the reason that they prefer to teach meditation is that most people cannot stay in an appreciating frame of mind for long whereas they have more chance with having no thoughts at all (i.e. meditation).

So to answer your question, I would think that finding things to appreciate would be the fastest way to get into the vortex - and then on-going appreciation would keep you aligned with it.


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Thanks for your answer.

(08 Oct '09, 13:42) flowingwater

well jimmy meditation is the way to find harmony and remove the veils in your soul.(heart and mind)not by having no thoughts at all but by anderstanding the meaning and putting it at rest. you will ask me what is the difference? well i will tell you this if you just try to have no thoughts at all it is meaning less. but when you anderstand your though and emotion you can put them at rest.

(04 Dec '11, 04:56) white tiger

or you could see your soul has a place with many puzzle pieces and has long has the puzzle is not done it disturb you the though or the emotion comes back over and over. yes you can ignore it for a while but it stay there unsolved and will come back to disturb you.

(04 Dec '11, 05:02) white tiger
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What has worked for me was finding out the time of sunrise/sunset and start meditating a few minutes prior to that. For some reason sunrise/sunset give you a boost.

Thank you, namaste


answered 10 Feb '11, 15:13

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I've also heard this daniele :)

(10 Feb '11, 20:02) Michaela

Watch Gregg Braden's video The Science of Miracles. If this link doesn't work, search youtube for it.

Try this: Put the palms of your hands together. Feel the hands against eachother. What do you feel? Don't name it, just feel the feelings in your hands. Do you feel a pulse? Do they feel hot, cold, damp, dry, sticky, etc...? Don't try to think or not to think, just observe yourself feeling your hands.

You can listen to these audios here. and check out the links this thread. There are great links in all the answers. And you can read the book The Secret of Instant Healing and The Secret of Quantum Living to learn more.

The only thing keeping you out of the vortex is your own mind. Eliminate the baggage that pulls you out of the vortex, and your natural state will be in the vortex.


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Fairy Princess

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(04 Dec '11, 14:55) Fairy Princess

I think the fastest way to get in the Vortex kind of depends on how much resistance you have got going on but appreciation is, according to Abraham Hicks, the fastest and easiest way. Personally I find two processes have really helped - focus wheels (a process mentioned in Ask and it is Given) are fantastic at gradually building a bridge from bad feelings towards positive feelings and eventually The Vortex and secondly something recommended by Wayne Dyer and also Abraham Hicks is to find a good feeling just before you go to sleep. Wayne Dyer really makes a big deal of this and I have to say it is much easier the following day to get off on the right foot rather than to have to start the day having to work at getting into the Vortex. He feels and I agree that if you go to bed in the Vortex, it sort of consolidates the good feeling overnight.


answered 04 Jun '12, 17:43

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English Rose


Great answer, English Rose. I agree, appreciation is the easiest way for me to get happy. And going to sleep with the feeling that my wishes have been granted is a wonderful feeling.

(06 Jun '12, 19:20) Grace

The easiest way to get into what can be called your Vortex of Creation and remain there, is simply to follow your passion, joy and excitement in every moment that you're able to. Remember: when I say every moment, I'm referring to the one same eternal moment of Now, in which everything you desire already exists.

Only you know what you're passionate about, what brings you joy and what excites you the most, thus you don't don't need anyone to advise you on this. For some people it may be meditating, for others it could be walking in nature, for others still it might be board surfing a 30 foot wave, it doesn't matter.

As long as whatever you're doing keeps you in your Vortex or in the Now; all that you desire that's in your Vortex/Now can find you and then you'll BE that new perspective. And from there new desires for new perspectives will arise within you and they'll flow to you as you flow to them along this journey of your life.

By always following your joy, passion and excitement, you'll always be joyous, passionate and excited and when you're not, you'll desire to get back to that state of being, because it feels so good. Remember also: there will never be a time of completion, in which you'll say, ahh, I've finally arrived. The journey of your life is always ongoing, so why not enjoy it from within the idea of your Vortex of Creation, within the idea of Now?


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They have posted these links on YouTube and their site and now have a new book out about it too.




answered 04 Oct '09, 20:02

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Good links, but not everyone will check them out. How about sharing a quick summary of the main message, or if not, explain why it is best for readers to take the time to experience those teachings for themselves. Thanks for the resources!

(07 Oct '09, 06:21) John

They have a book called "ask and it is given". It contains over 20 "processes", which are ways to get into the vortex relatively fast.


answered 05 Oct '09, 21:07

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Thanks I will check it out.

(08 Oct '09, 13:42) flowingwater

I agree with Carlo,The book "ask and it is given" could be of great help to you.


answered 06 Oct '09, 13:22

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I think I heard on one of the Abraham CD's that the Vortex isn't an actual place but more of a vibrational place. This is why appreciation works so well. As you appreciate you shift your vibration so you become a vibrational match to your Vortex. Just to add if any one is confused about where Jesus fits into all this, Jesus is your I Amness.


answered 27 Nov '10, 11:01

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Meditation, even as Jerry agrees, is the FASTEST way to get into the highest vibration, regardless how you're feeling. Meditate in the morning for 20 minutes, and also at night for 20- you're overall vibration will change and you'll have better feeling dreams. Your life gets better.


answered 21 Sep '11, 15:29

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Very bland answer of mine, and whilst 'classical' meditation DOES get you into the Vortex for perhaps 15-20 minutes or so, I would actually advise you to ask yourself "what is causing me to feel so bad right now?" and just drill maybe 2-3 focus blocks until cleared up.

(25 Feb '12, 22:17) Nikulas

Wait, Stop, Think if we are co-creators like Abraham says we are, than why can't we create our vortex which is an name,that Abraham gave, of an place that contains all of our wants, needs, desires and dreams etc. The man or woman of our dreams, the amount of money we want or need, the career, businesses, our houses, cars, boats, cloths, make overs, our abilities and all else of the things we have hope and dreamed of, thought and spoken of it kept in an safe like vault that no one else can get but us and not even us unless we have the right combination. We might not ever learn or have the right combination to the lock on the vault of the vortex.

So, than that does not sound like co-creating for if it was there would be no problem to creating your own key that unlocks the vault in the vortex that only allows you to unlock it and no one else.

So how are you going to unlock this vault in the vortex if you can't find the vortex that you have worked so hard to co-create it with all of your many blessings and desires, goals and needs. So, if you have the knowledge to co-create it than surely you have the knowledge to find and unlock it.

For when an carpenter builds an house he most of the time has the keys to unlock the doors before he has placed a lock on the door and now that is the only way to get in is to unlock it. The carpenter already has the key so the co-creator already has the key for it is all of his own creation so therefore he has made plans as to where he will place the vortex, which is just an name he has given all of your dreams and desires the place is inside of your mind and the key is you saying and thinking you have the key to unlock your dreams and believing it through the power of Jesus within you and than through that power you are able to unlock all of your dreams and bring your reality to the fore front and you want have to go to the the vortex, the place of your desires, it will come to you and you will have it.

Don't ever forget to always ask the questions of why? who? when? where? and some times how come? When you learn of new things always ask questions and if the answers are not desiriable to you than ask more questions or leave completely along for it is not right for you.

Now, I like a lot of the things Abraham says but vortex is just a name they said they gave for your dreams, desires, and goals. So, they are teaching you or reminding you that you have that power within you to co-create so always if you are the co-creator than you have th power within you to create a place of your desires, goals, dreams , and wants to be with an key or way of getting to them. Everything is always within you.

Jesus has given you that power within you so just say I have my key to my desires, and needs and I will think and speak them into existance of reality. For I have been told that the subconscious hears our thoughts and spoken word and plays it back to us in reality. So you have create this fertile soil and planted the seeds and now watch them grow. Just guard your thoughts and soon you will have your desires just keep tilling the soil. You know you have to also put some action into it as well according to how it makes itself available to you through your thinking and speaking.



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I sense resistance in this post. Why should there be a lock? Or some vault? It should be out there freely for us to find because we all deserve it. I don't think that we need any locks at all. We deserve to have it right now. This very moment.

(16 Oct '12, 13:04) Evolutionary High

yes by being in harmony.not simple harmony the more fine tune harmony over maya.

The third term we’d like to discuss is wu wei - without effort, without forcing. Huston Smith describes wu wei as “creative quietude” and “pure effectiveness”, which he describes as the most efficient and natural way of acting. The person of wu wei operates in the naturalness, suppleness, and spontaneity of the flow of Tao, not forcing, not self-consciously “achieving” things. It can also be translated as “not doing” or “do-nothingness”, yet is the supreme activity, arising naturally when the deepest levels of the self are in tune with Tao. Eternal Tao doesn’t do anything, yet it leaves nothing undone. If you abide by it, everything in existence will transform itself. When, in the process of self-transformation, desires are aroused, calm them with nameless simplicity. When desires are dissolved in the primordial presence, peace and harmony naturally occur, and the world orders itself. -Tao Te Ching 37 The soft overcomes the hard in the world as a gentle rider controls a galloping horse. That without substance can penetrate where there is no space. By these I know the benefit of nonaction [wu wei]. Teaching without words, working without actions— nothing in the world can compare to them. -Tao Te Ching 43 In the pursuit of learning, every day something is added. In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped. Less and less is done until one arrives at nonaction [wu wei]. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone. The world is won by letting things take their own course. If you still have ambitions, it’s out of your reach. -Tao Te Ching 48 The great Tao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them, and when good things are accomplished, it lays no claim to them. The Tao having done everything, always escapes and is not around to receive any thanks or acknowledgement. Like water, the Tao always seeks the lowest level, which man abhors. It does not show greatness and is therefore truly great. -Tao Te Ching 34


Maya (Sanskrit माय māyaa[›]), in Indian religions, has multiple meanings, usually quoted as "illusion", centered on the fact that we do not experience the environment itself but rather a projection of it, created by us. Maya is the principal deity that manifests, perpetuates and governs the illusion and dream of duality in the phenomenal Universe. For some mystics, this manifestation is real.[1] Each person, each physical object, from the perspective of eternity, is like a brief, disturbed drop of water from an unbounded ocean. The goal of enlightenment is to understand this — more precisely, to experience this: to see intuitively that the distinction between the self and the Universe is a false dichotomy. The distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body (refer bodymind), is the result of an unenlightened perspective.


experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

hi... for me the easiest way to get in the vortex is "MUSIC"., i have my playlist ready in my cellphone named "vortexx". it contains some of my damn favorites. it directly puts me in the vortex. when i am listening to these songs i am on the highest vibration n i can feel that. another method of mine..which directly puts me in the vortex is "to read success stories of law of attraction of people online ", these stories inspire me more n more n helps me a lot to rebuild my faith on god n law of attraction. another method of mine is," gratitude" or you may say "appreciation" also.., it gives u feeling of abundance n immediately the vibration is raised. i hope this answer helps u.., love,light n blessings ur way dear..:))))


answered 14 Oct '12, 00:53

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Nice. Could it be heavenly favorites? :)

(14 Oct '12, 01:36) Eddie

@Eddie..yup.., they actually r heavenly favorites.. :))

(14 Oct '12, 03:27) supergirl

yes, one very effective and quik way. do exactly the very one thing in ur life that makes u happy no matter how you where feeling before u started doing that. do what u love and what resonates with u, and instantly u will be there.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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