SO I've been applying processes and learning about The Teachings of Abraham for about 45 days now. I can truely say that I've never felt this good about life. Although I do have days where i'm not as happy as others things are still all good.

However since noticing things changing in my life with friendships and housing situations and my overall atitude my financial situation has taken a slight dive.

Hanging out with friends more(which I asked for) has become expensive but instead of worrying about money I don't mind going out for that dinner or for that lunch. But it seems since I've began applying these beliefs and processes to my life and I care less about my bank account.

Until...I check my bank account and it gets really low.

Now i have to admit I havn't done any abundance exercises but i'm sure I will now.

I guess my questions is why is this happening when I've been feeling so good lately. It's seems bills are piling more and I have less money even in this new feeling state that I'm experiencing.

Any thoughts on this would be great. I love inward quest!! Thanks in advance guys!

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Chris 2

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A couple of things spring to mind.

  1. When you first start getting deliberate about your day-to-day focus, it is quite possible that a number of things in your life that were previously acceptable to you now become major issues. These things will gradually settle down as your feeling good state becomes naturally who you are.

    For an explanation of this, see Good things happen when I’m feeling negative and bad things when I'm positive - WHY??

  2. You are never going to reach a place where you can say that everything in your life is perfect. Have you ever known anybody personally who has everything perfect? I've been doing this stuff for years and I don't know anyone personally who currently has more unfulfilled desires than me...and I also don't know anyone personally who has had more fulfilled desires than me. :)

    The best you can ever hope to achieve is to have delicious moments of perfection...and this is a very good thing! Because life is geared up to give you a never-ending procession of fresh, new desires.

    The only time when having fresh, new life-giving desires feels like a bad thing is when you are out of the Vortex. When you are out of the Vortex, life is pain, struggle and suffering.

    By contrast, when you are in the Vortex, you are who you really are, and the deliberate limitations on life make perfect sense. Every new desire fills you with enthusiasm because you now have another excuse to focus and come back into alignment again.


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Thank you for your answer. This resonated with me the most. More specifically the "good things happen...." question.

Thank you

(26 Aug '10, 16:41) Chris 2

You may be confusing doing things that feel good with making decisions from a good-feeling state. There is a big difference.

If you do things to make yourself feel good in the moment, your life will become a train wreck. How many people do you know who are like this? All of their decisions are based on what they "feel like doing" in the moment, and their lives are a mess. These people get short-term happiness, but long-term sorrow. Their philosophy of living is based on an erroneous assumption that happiness comes from things outside of yourself.

On the other hand, if you make decisions from a good feeling state, you will make better decisions, because you will attract those thoughts and actions that are consistent with your good-feeling state, and with the overall goals and desires for your life. These better decisions will guide you to a life with more financial abundance, if that is your wish.

You do this, not by doing external things that ultimately conflict with your long-term goals to make yourself feel better (like going to expensive dinners when your current financial state does not justify it), but by putting yourself in a better feeling place first, before deciding what to do. You don't need expensive dinners to do this; music works just as well. So does physical activity.

Ultimately, it's about your consistent mental focus. What is that like? Are you consistently focused on what you want your life to look like, long-term?


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Apparently this is an old Arabian proverb

trust in Allah but tie your camel


answered 26 Aug '10, 03:58

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The Traveller

Hi Chris, Maybe you need to check your feelings and attitude towards money. You may be feeling good about having new friends and new experiences but you may also have some negative feelings towards money. I guess as you begin to open up yourself to a new awareness and sense of joy towards life, you will start noticing the areas in your life in which there is darkeness and where you need to let in more light.


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Thank you. I understand what you are saying. Great answer!

(26 Aug '10, 16:41) Chris 2

This is the mindset of America. That is why we are in a recession. It gets worse, people then start going out and having fun on credit.

I grew up with a friend that was able to make hanging out without spending money the most fun thing ever. Way more fun than spending money at a club, restaurant, park, etc.

That is an amazing gift. Making people feel so good around you, it really doesn't matter WHAT you are doing.

You don't need to manifest more money.

Perhaps a better manifestation would be having even more fun without spending any money at all.


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I agree to an extent Back2Basics but Chris will need money for other things inhis life so he has to learn how to attract money into his life. There is nothing wrong with having money,

(27 Aug '10, 22:07) Drham

There is a saying: freely give, and freely you shall receive. But in the same token, you are responsible for managing your budget, and keeping track of your money in the Bank. It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and to over spend. So, you can prioritize, and stay focus on what you can afford to spend on entertainment.


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you for your answer

(26 Aug '10, 16:42) Chris 2
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