What are your thoughts on JZ Knight Ramtha? He is supposed to be a 35,000 year old entity.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I would say the more appropriate question is...what are your thoughts on JZ Knight Ramtha?

Does the information that comes forth resonate with you? Does the information give you great insights or upliftment? Do you feel there is any value in the information for you?

If not, look elsewhere...it's not for you.

But a word of warning. In the same way that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, don't judge the worth of a channeled entity's information by the channeler. The channeler is just the interpreter of a vibrational stream of knowledge, not the originator of it.


answered 22 Oct '09, 12:12

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No it does not but i have not read everything that was said. I personally think you should get your information from God or Jesus or at least verify the information with them as true or not.

(22 Oct '09, 15:36) flowingwater

I've read some of the available information on JZ Knight Ramtha and watched a couple YouTube videos. There are so many channelers. My approach with the information from channelers as well as all sources of wisdom and knowledge is to accept that which has meaning or seems useful to me, and don't worry about the rest. If I can find a nugget of helpful information even from a questionable source, I'll accept the information for what it's worth.

I think an important issue, given the glut of channelers, is to ask how we can weed out the charlatans from the rest; or simply accept that even charlatans may have something of value to say.


answered 19 Nov '09, 20:56

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In my opinion, s/he is a fraud--like Sylvia Brown. Can you say Miss Cleo?


answered 26 Mar '11, 02:26

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I have not read of this; but entity or not you exist. You exist or not there is entity. You and entity, your thought, yourself and everything is 35,000 year old or older than or younger than entity. Why do you still ask about yourelf? Be still to all sides. You are greater than entity and entity is greater than you. But both you and entity is not greater than the past and present. Yet the past and present is you.



answered 22 Oct '09, 10:17

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I love this.

Who gets to say who is for real and who is not? Who get s to say JZ is any less credible than Esther Hicks? There is no scientific proof of channeling so anyone can say they can do it and you must believe them. No?


answered 26 Mar '11, 07:51

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follow only what resonates within, you are the filter of it all!

(26 Mar '11, 13:01) daniele

fair enough :).

(26 Mar '11, 16:19) you

So true daniel I believe our spirit within will know the truth. Of course do always check out things for your self the www is so resourceful with trues and false information.

(28 Mar '11, 19:22) flowingwater
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