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Recently @Kakaboo asked Does anyone have a complete or comprehensive list of entities that are rumored to exist in this world?

@Stingray's answer inspired me to seek out a variety of channelled material. It has been great to see how the filter (the person channeling) and the source can create material that are quite different in tone and style from other channelers. It has also been reassuring to hear that the core teachings do not vary too much. If you have ever seen You Tube videos of Nora Herald and Wendy Kennedy channelling the Pleiadians you will see how the delivery can be quite different even when the source is the same.

Having formed my own opinion on a variety of channelled material, I would be interested to hear what other people think. Do you listen to a variety of channelled material? Do you stick with just your favourite? Why do you like certain channellers? Which channellers don't you like?

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Nice question, @Catherine. The list here is great, but there are so many, I too would appreciate some opinions and recommendations . :)

(03 Oct '12, 09:48) Grace

@Grace Recommendations would be Lee Carroll (Kryon) loads of stuff on his website. He has quite a quirky style but I feel great just listening to that. Barbara Marciniak - The Plaedians - mainly books but fantastic. Pat Rodegast channeling Emmanuel - lovely little book called Emmanuel's book. That should get you started! Thank you for commenting!

(03 Oct '12, 12:47) Catherine

@Catherine - Thanks! :) I'll check that out.

(03 Oct '12, 13:27) Grace
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My favorite is Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts. I also like Bashar (Darryl Anka) The Guys (Ken Maclean) and Chief Joseph (John Cali). I think these three are very clear and easy to understand. However, for me, Seth is unique in depth and completeness.

A lot of information is covered by Seth; the soul, dreams, the creation of matter, health, evolution, mass events, death, probable realities, beliefs, God, consciousness, religion, food, animals and much more.


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@T A Thank you for answering this question TA - much appreciated. I read a couple of the Seth books in the early 2000s and found them quite hard going - I need to revisit them because I trust the judgement of several people on this forum who rate them highly and of course they were ARGUABLY the first of the modern channellings.

(04 Oct '12, 08:45) Catherine

@T A I listen to Bashar - the book several people have mentioned by Darryl Anka is prohibitively expensive in this country at least. I marvel at his ability to get straight to the point - love him. I love The Guys also - they have a playfulness that I find joyful and uplifting. I go to their stuff if I feel in need of lightening up. I have never heard of Chief Joseph but I wish look into this - thank you for the recommendation.

(04 Oct '12, 08:49) Catherine

I usually hear Bashar through the internet, where you can find many sessions, and read Chief Joseph through his web page. He posts many newsletters every month. You can use the Seth material along with Abraham or Bashar to better understand the information.

(04 Oct '12, 09:49) T A
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All of you are aware of my own channeling, but if you have not listened to the other entity I have been channeling allot lately called Aridif, I HIGHLY suggest it. CLICK HERE for Aridif.(newly done website which is AWESOME !) BUT for me above all others would be Jane Roberts in Seth Speaks, and if you do want to see a larger list @Stingray has a HUGE list HERE

BUT now that this is out of the way, lets go on to a list of great channelers I have worked with as of late who's energy and messages are AMAZING. and are NOT in any specific order.

  1. My own work - (Looking Good, I did it all by myself :-)

  2. Wendy Kennedy-

  3. Nora Herold -
  4. Brad Johnson-
  5. Shaun Swanson -
  6. Daniel Scranton -
  7. Lee Harris -
  8. Geoffrey Hoppe -
  9. John Cali -
  10. Darryl Anka -

I have done allot of interviews lately with allot of channelers and AM SO excited by the newer ones I keep adding to the list. Here is a list of all of the audio of interviews. It is on bottom of the page bellow the videos on THIS page. And for the radio show were upcoming guest and channelers will be interviewed is HERE. It has been a while sense I have been on, but I feel this was so important to add. LOVE U ALL SO SO MUCH


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@Rob Sorry Rob I assumed everyone here knows your work given the great response to the question about questions for Treb! I wondered whether channellers ever remember their own channellings - do you relisten to it for additional clarity or because channellers are unaware of what they have said during channelling? Also, what is the Law of One?

(04 Oct '12, 10:38) Catherine

@catherine for me it is very specific way it works, and as far as other channelers i met, it is all different. i do not recall word for word, but i do know the information in a learned way. example. when i am done, i have no clue what was chatted about. but after i go to sleep, and get ready to listen to it again, it is like it is old knowledge, it is like i remember it as it is being said or as i am being reminded of somthing i already knew. like when we hear somthing we had long forgotten.

(05 Oct '12, 08:47) TReb Bor yit-NE

@catherine oooo yes lol, i just tell that about me channeling so people who do not know will know. lol, thank u for ur love.

(05 Oct '12, 08:48) TReb Bor yit-NE

@TReb Bor yit-NE The Law of One - I've done a bit of research and that seems to be from the channelings of Ra? Am I right? I haven't looked into it with any great intensity but could you explain what it means to you?

(05 Oct '12, 12:33) Catherine

@TReb Bor yit-NE - Looking good buddy! :D

(01 Nov '14, 12:28) Grace

@catherine The Law of One is pretty intensive stuff. The channel Carla Rutkert just died. She was a good lady. I met her and her husband once. For me some of that materiel resonates, some doesn't resonate as much.

(25 Jun '15, 12:13) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Well, when I first asked that question I had the same thought as you, but the list was too overwhelminig and until today I have yet to got past even just 3-4 of those channellers in that list. Maybe you could call just call it laziness or indisciplined, but sometimes you just don't feel inspired at all to listen to new channellers.. like you switch off immediately after listening to newer ones for five to ten minutes.


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@kakaboo When you are feeling inspired check out some on the list - I have loved comparing and contrasting!

(03 Oct '12, 12:48) Catherine

REVIVING POST: A source that's helped me the most has been The Wonders (channeled by Réné & Maggie Gaudette).

The Wonders by Réné & Maggie Gaudette

As far as channelers go, The Wonders are in a league of their own. For me, I've found that most channelers are interesting, but don't really go beyond entertainment for the mind. The Wonders are different in that sense.

I don't listen to any other channelers. Reason is that I've seen results in my own life. The Wonders' teachings are sometimes hard to hear. Studying with them has changed my life but it's not easy to change, to learn to love yourself, etc. Here's a saying of theirs: "Choosing freely will be the easiest thing you've ever done. Getting there will be the hardest." I've found this to be true! Though it does get easier.

They've created a HUGE library of their channeling recordings if you're interested (over 4,000 hours - bigger library than Edgar Cayce!)

(Full disclosure: it's helped me SO much that I now work with Réné & Maggie full-time. If anyone is interested, I can send you a free recording or two!)


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Luke Wonders

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@Luke Wonders, the two posts you've made so far are bordering on being advertising. Please note that we do not permit advertising on Inward Quest. Keep any promotional/advertising links in your account profile only. I've removed the link to the product store from this post.

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