This question stems from a recent one by @Stingray, and the discussion here between he and @Cory.

It is such a fine line, isn't it? When I was channeling years ago (also written), I started out with who I think of as my Jesus character. I was nervous about channeling, but could feel safe and comfortable with "Jesus", so it worked for me. I don't know if I could have listened any other way at that time, so how much was coming in to me, and how much was being pulled out of me?

He certainly didn't communicate in biblespeak, though. He was kind and loving, and had a wonderfully playful sense of humor; he seemed to delight in taking my mind as far as I could follow, then giving me a little push just a bit farther. Then he'd give me some space to let me deal with it, and come back later to patiently answer my millions of questions, and reassure me that all was well. :)

During that time, someone used to come and sit on the end of my bed for a little while every night as I went to sleep. It wall all very comforting, edifying, and fun. Eventually, when I relaxed a bit, I moved on to channel Archer. I honestly don't know now if they were the same entity or not. Both of them used words and phrases that were familiar, but spoke of concepts that were totally new to me.

Any channeled message always has to be seen as having come through the filter of the host, in my opinion, but where is that dividing line, and how do you know which is which? Other channeled entities, such as Abraham and Bashar, have become so familiar to us - how do you know if you are talking with them, with yourself, or with another, and (naturally) bringing in those familiar terms and phrases used by your favorites?

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I was just trying to choose a favorite answer, but I can't. All of these answers were great, each one helped me. Thank you all! :)

(08 Sep '12, 21:53) Grace
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You are actually talking to yourself (or higher self) in all of these channeled situations. I just got done listening to a 1 hour 30 minute Bashar workshop and every time somebody was trying to thank him for his insights, he would quickly say "it's not me, it's you" or something similar to that statement. I never heard him reflect the questions and answers back so much to the person asking than I did in this recording.

So in all actuality, in whatever channeled state you are in or are listening to, and if you feel that the message resonates deep inside of your being, it is just a reflection of what you already know. You are just in the state of asking and then open yourself up to the answer you already have within by allowing. Even if that information is coming from an entity or a human being. If it resonates within it is valid no matter what. So it really doesn't matter who or what it is coming from. They are just allowing themselves to be a tool or a permission slip in your reality of remembering.

One thing that always worried me in my beginning stages of listening to channeled material was the constant thought of "wondering if this stuff is real" or not. Or is that person just making this whole thing up. It took me a while to work through those limiting thoughts until I finally started to follow my feelings and just pay attention to what felt good and resonated and left the rest behind.

Then I got to a point to where I said to myself, "I don't care if this person is making up the whole source energy or entity from another time and dimension concept. Even if they are faking that part of it, I don't care because they are good at what they do and I get value from the information."

In the end it doesn't really matter as long as the information works for you. Another thing Bashar mentioned in the recording was about "how much we like to put labels on things." We don't really need to put labels on things because everything is the same one consciousness anyway. We only get names from these entities and collective consciousnesses because it is more comfortable and understandable for the 3D reality construct we reside in.

I personally just follow my feelings and see if the information resonates. Ever since I made my feeling place the most important thing in my life, It's like an automatic switch that clicks on for the good stuff and off for the bad. It doesn't actually matter who the person or being is flipping the switch. It only matters how I feel when the information is reflected back to me.


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@Cory, what a great way to look at this. I have been thinking for a while that I honestly don't care where the information comes from, I agree - whatever resonates is right for me. I have never, however, thought of the idea that we're all one and I'm just looking for comfortable lables. That is so freeing, somehow, I like it. :) Thank you for your thoughtful answer, @Cory. And I love your last pargraph - also very freeing.

(24 Aug '12, 08:47) Grace

I had a chat with The 9-D Pleiadians more than a year ago and asked them something similar...something along the lines of: How can I tell the difference (when channeling) between my imagination and tapping into a higher consciousness?

They said the imagination feels flat while the higher consciousness has depth to it.

For example, when you think of a nice day in your imagination, you might think something along the lines of...

"Sun is out. Birds are singing".

With a Higher Consciousness, there would be a much larger amount of accompanying detailed information available. It might be something along the lines of...

"Temperature is 25 degrees centigrade. Wind is fresh and breezy. Skin feels warm but breeze is cooling. Bright green leaves on trees making rustling noise as branches sway. Bird song emanating from front and left. Slight tightness around the feet where I am standing because shoelaces are too tight. Ground feels warm to the touch." etc, etc.

Even if you don't verbalize the extra information, you can feel it is there waiting to be accessed if you want it.


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@Stingray, as soon as I read the words "imagination feels flat while the higher consciousness has depth to it", I felt the truth of it, recognized the feeling, knew the validity of the statement. Before finding IQ, checking with how I felt about anything would never have occured to me, and I still forget sometimes....

(24 Aug '12, 09:19) Grace

...I have been taught my entire life to ignore my feelings, that they are annoying and unneccesary, illogical, and will reveal you as stupid, under-educated, self-absorbed; less than if you think about or talk about them, let alone, (gasp) trust and even rely on them. Being naturally so sensitive and emotional...

(24 Aug '12, 09:20) Grace

....that message has come through that it is my own self that must be disregarded and distained, and I had become very good at that. You and others here have been teaching me that how I feel - respecting and responding to how I feel, is really everything, and all I'll ever need. Diametrically opposed messages on what is at the very center of how one lives this life. I have tried both ways, and I can tell you from experience, this way is better. Thanks for the reminder. :)

(24 Aug '12, 09:21) Grace

@Grace - Yes, I still find it amazing how we (human beings) have managed to create such self-imprisoning twisted systems of blind conformity to the extent where emotional reactions are not only ignored but are actually considered to be bad :)

(24 Aug '12, 17:48) Stingray
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I agree with Cory and stingray completely. There is an idea that is in the Seth Speaks material that fully encompasses Stingrays idea. It said somthing to the effect that anything that comes from the souls higher consciousnesses is so brilliant and great that it seems out of place, like it doesn't belong in this reality. And with Corey, I know many can not take Treb serious about who is is or where he is from, but they still listen to every session. They do not miss one. It is because of the information seeming so extraordinary compared to the average imagination style of typical words and feelings. I can never explain in words that seem to be realistic for someone about Treb or how i experience him. What I do know is it is real to me and the information that flows is valuable to me and most who encounter it with a serious and open heart. There is no way to tell u how to feel on this. But if u are comforted in any way by theses entities, if u feel love and relaxation from their energy. There is nothing to fear. Even when some people channel entities that are not as truthful as the others, or mean to deceive us, still no fear is needed. If Treb is right about one thing, it is that we are all a part of the creator and that he is love. Love itself ! And no matter how we perceive any entity, they are made from love,weather they choose to connect to it or not. Lets say u were imagining it all, and so am I. I would say that we as creators of our own reality are doing a damn good job at fooling ourselves that this is not made by us, therefor we have that much more to marvel at as we have become that " is so brilliant and great that it seems out of place, like it doesn't belong in this reality " part of our higher self's. Either way you want to look at it or perceive it, you have been given a great energetic experience and there is relay no need to question any bit of it. You are a part of them , as they are for you no matter how we see it and this is a GREAT feeling. Just knowing that makes my heart smile. Hope it helped.

love n light



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Rob - Your clear, high, happy, loving energy is flying off this post! I love it. Great answer - so brilliant and great that it seems out of place. :) Thank you!

(24 Aug '12, 17:12) Grace

wow, that is so great my friend, I am always very happy with ur comments and I am glad you have appreciated the love and efforts i lay into every word I write. Thank you grace. You are great too and I am very appreciative of ur love.

(25 Aug '12, 10:38) TReb Bor yit-NE
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