Is there a difference between channeling and being possessed and if so, how do we tell the difference?

I am not asking you to answer all of these questions I am asking other questions just to give you some thoughts to ponder the main question with. Just answer the main question and if you find one you would like to comment on as an answer it you may.

How do you tell if you are being possessed by an evil spirit which may do you and others harm? Can Aliens take over our bodies and have us do and say as they want? Can beings or creatures from other dimensions take over a channel or possess our bodies?

When is it dangerous and when is it safe? How do you tell? Should we allow any enity besides what we are born with our soul enter our body? When an entity enters the body is it taking over the body for what ever period of time?

When the body is used as a channel or being possessed, is the mind of consciousness and subconsciouness taken over as well?

Do we remember when we get our body and mind back if we get it back what has happened or transpired within both body and mind? Can we close or block off our mind to them out of protection?

Can we eavesdrop on what is being done or said with our own body and mind? Or are we completely set out of our own body and mind until one or they decide to let us back in?

Should we question to what means? Should we allow it? How do we know they will relinquish it back to us? How do we get them out of our physical bodies if we don't want them in there?

Channeling is an new term used for an very old word.

Sorry, for so many questions in one but I thought it was a good topic to bring about enlightening answers or raise our level of thoughts. Here are some links that may help you with these subjects:,-Dark-Energy,-and-the-Exorcist---8-Signs-of-Being-Possessed&id=988779

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You do good work, Barry.

(21 Oct '09, 05:46) John

Thank you, John

(21 Oct '09, 06:49) Barry Allen ♦♦

You guys are so polite. :)

(21 Oct '09, 19:13) Vesuvius
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Nothing is going to take control of you unless you allow it, but if you have reason to believe something might not be safe, then don't do it.

Here is one perspective on possession written by the notable Christian psychiatrist, Dr. M. Scott Peck, who is the first psychiatrist to write a book on exorcism: “There are two states of being: submission to God and goodness or the refusal to submit to anything beyond one’s own will—which refusal automatically enslaves one to the forces of evil. We must ultimately belong either to God or the devil.”

To be enslaved to something would mean being possessed. However, no one can take away your will to decide unless you have chosen to surrender your will to another. The more deeply one surrenders to the will of another, the more difficulty they will have exercising their own will in opposition to the other, because a person can become convinced that their condition is the only way they can be. This can result is a feeling of futility and hopelessness which leaves little motivation to change. But if one has the desire to reject the will that has been imposed on them, they are certainly free to do so. When Jesus cast out demons, he was enabling the victim to reject the overpowering will(s) and resume acting according to his or her own will.

I see little difference between channeling and possession except that generally speaking, the common assumption is that possession involves an entity which is doing harm and channeling involves an entity which is trying to impart knowledge intended to be helpful. In both cases, a foreign entity is using the physical body of the person. I would add that although it is assumed that channeled entities are telling the truth and trying to help, how can one be sure? Even a human can spend years in beneficent behavior to engender trust and otherwise "groom" someone with the ultimate goal of harming them. Couldn't a superior intelligence do the same even more effectively? Who has not had the experience of trusting someone, only to find out eventually that they have been deceived?

A word to the wise is in order, trust your own instincts first of all.


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John answer the question is there an difference between channeling and being possessed? In the bible there were people who were possessed by demons and they took over and controled the people until Jesus cast them out. When they leave they will come back and find the house clean and go and bring back 7 more demons who worser than the first. Just trying to make people and ponder what is being possessed is or channeling. Channeling is an new term for an very old word. You are so right do not do it if you feel it is unsafe.

(21 Oct '09, 20:36) flowingwater

Okay, Unknown, I've added to my answer above.

(22 Oct '09, 09:05) John

Thanks, John for added to your answer and answering the question I appreciate.

(23 Oct '09, 06:07) flowingwater

I didn't want to give you your check but I had to with your answer. You and Rebecca with your all answers and the others who answers as well makes me give you all checks when I don't want to. (smile)

(23 Oct '09, 06:11) flowingwater

Ah, the curse of having a lot of reputation points! It's occurred to me before that there may be times when someone decides not to give an up vote or a check mark because "he (or she) already has enough points". I would hope that when someone feels there is something worthy in an answer or question, that they feel free to show that with their vote. But as the saying goes, "it is what it is." :-)

(23 Oct '09, 07:49) John

Ha Ha about many reputation points! John in any thing it is what it is but there will always be times no matter how many reputation points anyone has they will get the vote and there will be times someone thinks well it isn't quite like I would like for it to be said whether it has the ring of truth as some one said but you know all you can do is answer the best you can at that moment in time shooting straight from the heart and mind at the same time. Hopefull it will touch and help someone. Maybe the answer want be fully right to them but it will make them stop and ponder their own thoughts.

(30 Oct '09, 03:09) flowingwater

If our questions, answers, and comments help someone than that is a good thing and if we happen to get an reputation check that is good as well feeding our ego and happiness mark it is so nice to fine an site where we can ask these questions and help bring more clarity to our own understanding as well. As long as we don't lose our faith in God and Jesus and get to beleiving too deeply in our own selves than be convince on down the road that our thoughts might have invent God than we are going down the wrong path and forgotten who we really are. We are children of God. For he create us.

(30 Oct '09, 03:15) flowingwater

For in the end in Revelation Jesus said he was going to have to come back before time before his very elect get deceived. So that is something to think about. Take care and have an nice day John.

(30 Oct '09, 03:17) flowingwater

Thank you for your comments, unknown (yahoo)! You made some good points. By the way, have you every heard the saying, "if there was no God, we'd have to invent one." There's something inside us that yearns for something that transcends us. I think it's what makes us say, "There must be something more." Interestingly, we can look outward for the transcendant God, but when we look inward, we find God within, too. You have a nice day, too.

(30 Oct '09, 06:42) John

Ok, thanks John I try to have some good points.I am all for us learning an improving our selves I just don't want us to be lead down the wrong trail of thinking we are God. You are right God is within us and without as well. It's it nice to know you are loved so my an all powerful God who sent his son Jesus to save us. Have an Happy Thanksgiving John and to all who may read this if you celebrate Thanksgiving Day!

(23 Nov '09, 07:17) flowingwater

You have a happy Thanksgiving, too. Do you observe a traditional feast of some kind (like turkey)? I expect to see my son, brother and mother for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a good holiday.

(25 Nov '09, 08:11) John

Channeling is speaking for it (allowing yourself to be a host if you would) ...possession is speaking or acting Againt Your Own Will... (it controlling you).

(14 Apr '13, 18:34) Dragonflybreeze
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Hmm, I myself and another family member on My Mother's side have experienced being possessed as a child and into my teenage years. I have never channeled before, but from what I've seen and learned about how channeling works, there is almost no relevance between the two.

Soul Possession is something you do not go into a trance to experience. You are being hijacked and are sharing your body with another entity whether you consciously want to or not. You feel its thoughts and it feels and knows yours. It can take control over your body and make you lose function of lets say, one of your hands, and start hitting you with it until you have to hold your own hand down until it gives up and lets go.

It is a bit hard and very personal for me to go into explain, but ultimately you are sharing your body with another. You and this being are synchronous and you can feel each others thoughts and feelings from reactions of situations with people to knowing things you never knew before because the other entity had higher knowledge that you had not yet learned. (Like knowing other languages or higher complicated vocabulary you never learned on your own, how to do certain skills, psychic abilities, because that is what that other entity knows).

From my understanding, this entity is capitalizing on the fact that your belief systems or your understanding of what is going on are completely primitive and that you will not realize how to figure this out to be able to push it out of you. Remember, it sees and feels your every thoughts, so if you get closer to this realization, it knows perfectly what you are afraid of and will orchestrate this fear best into a way that will push you back in the opposite way of this realization.

I see that this post was from a very long time ago, but if you are still curious for me to explain it better to you I would be willing to talk to you on skype maybe or through private messages because it is something that is very personal to me and I am not completely comfortable sharing fully on here. Take Care :)


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Thanks for sharing @ikaruss and welcome to IQ

(14 Apr '13, 17:58) ursixx

Hi ikaruss21, interesting, in other words without primitive beliefs there would be no possibility of being possessed ... by the way, welcome to IQ :)

(15 Apr '13, 01:51) ru bis

Thank you Ru Bis and Ursixx, glad to join such a friendly community :)

(15 Apr '13, 14:34) ikaruss21

I'm strongly inclined to agree with what you say, and would love to hear anything you'd like to share on the topic. I understand the aversion to sharing private details here in a publicly accessible place, I had similar issues when I joined. I hope you stick around because I'll probably bring up some similar questions on this topic in the coming weeks if someone doesn't beat me to it, and I look forward to your participation in the discussions. =)

Welcome & thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(15 Apr '13, 14:54) Snow

Thank you Snow. I most definitely will look forward to your future questions then. I am not planning on leaving anytime soon, so you guys are stuck with me for at least a good while :)

I would definitely be happy to tell you more about it if you'd like if it truly does interest you greatly. If you are still curious just send me a PM message of what specifically it is you are curious about and I will help you understand more about it and give you some personal experiences to go along with it.

(17 Apr '13, 21:19) ikaruss21
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You've raised so many questions that I'm not sure anyone here could tackle them all without writing a book... instead let me recommend a book. :)

Sanaya Roman's Opening To Channel is one of the classics in channeling - a well-written, no-nonsense guide to channeling and what it is. If this subject interests you, you might want to take a look at a copy.

You can read some excerpts from the book here.

A quote from it...

Channeling can provide greater understanding, helping you find answers to such questions as "Why am I here?" and "What is the meaning of life?"

Channeling is like climbing to the top of a mountain where the view is expanded. It is a way to discover more about the nature of reality, learn about yourself and others, and see your life from a more all-encompassing perspective, which will help you discover the greater meaning of the situations you are in.

Channeling is a completely safe, natural process that you will have already done many times in your life without realizing it.

And once you get the hang of doing it deliberately and consciously, you will find it to be a useful tool for providing different perspectives on your everyday life.


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If you define the term "channelling" this way, it's not only safe, it's what human beings naturally do. As the OP uses the term, channelling means something else: taking on the persona of another entity. Does (s)he misunderstand the term?

(21 Oct '09, 20:02) Vesuvius

Sorry Stingray about asking so many question but you choose which one you want to answer an comment on pertaining to the main question. I just think so many people are getting confused about channeling which is an new term used on an old word. I don't think people think about the word being possessed by an spirit, a demon. But it happens and when some other entity is in your body it controls your body. People need to be aware of a entity to take over your body can be unsafe or dangerous depending on the entity. For Jesus cast out demons out of people body which did harm to the physical body.

(21 Oct '09, 20:23) flowingwater

Vesuvius, you've raised a common problem about the posts on this site. People toss around terms as though everybody understands what they mean by that. As we are seeing, even with a term that MAY be assumed to have a pretty straight forward definition, people may have other meanings in mind.

(21 Oct '09, 20:40) John
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Generally speaking channeling is consciously allowing a free flow of communication with the invisible and is an enlightening experience - being possessed is unconsciously allowing a free flow of communication with the invisible and is an inhibiting experience.

Here are two caricatural pictures representative of the two states;


alt text

being possessed

alt text

There are however degrees of both;

We all have intuitions which can be considered as punctual channeling, thus we all have the innate capacity ... clearly master channelers have perfected this art so as to receive a continuous stream of "punctual informations" that they translate into words or pictures, music, mathematical formulas ...

Most of us unconsciously perform tasks following our embedded beliefs, that is, our education which can be considered as being a mild but necessary possession so as to fit into a social group ... extreme cases of possession sometimes make the headlines; we have all read news of a young boy approaching puberty that suddenly kills his family or friends.

Puberty corresponds to an expansion of consciousness from childhood to adulthood, accompanied with a waking of sexual desires and some fragile children can experience a blurring of consciousness at this time in their lives. In other words the physical world that they perceive through their five senses and the imaginary inner world become intermingled, and they may act in unsociable ways.


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ru bis

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Oh, my. Where do I start?

  1. Why would you want to? What would be the benefit?
  2. How do you distinguish this from hallucinations or multiple-personality disorder?
  3. If it's real, why would you even risk it?
  4. Aren't there safer ways to communicate with spirits?

You have asked too many unanswerable questions for this to even be remotely considered safe.


answered 21 Oct '09, 04:36

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Have you ever lost yourself in playing a musical instrument, or writing a great message, or giving a great presentation at work, Vesuvius? That's basically channeling - not much to be afraid of there...unless the boss doesn't like your presentation ;)

(21 Oct '09, 19:40) Stingray

@Stingray, Yes I have, but I don't think that's what the OP means.

(21 Oct '09, 20:03) Vesuvius

OP=original poster (for those who don't know)

(21 Oct '09, 20:37) John

Thanks John I appreciate the clarity of the meaning of OP.

(21 Oct '09, 21:14) flowingwater

No, I did not mean it like you playing an musical instrument I meant it like an entity has entered your body and taken over it be it spirit, demon, ghost, whom or what ever. Good, bad or neutral.

(21 Oct '09, 21:17) flowingwater

Thank you Vesuvius that is why I ask all those questions to make people ponder pertaining to the main question and finally come to the conclusion you did to many unanswerable questions to even be remotely considered safe. Thank you for making that point!

(21 Oct '09, 21:29) flowingwater

I don't think we are talking about different things. I think "unknown"'s problem with channeling is the form that the messages come through. I channel through a computer keyboard, or my and "unknown" don't seem to have issues with that. However, if I was a verbal channeler like Esther Hicks (Abraham) or Darryl Anka (Bashar), I think you guys would say I was "possessed" by evil spirits. :) @"Unknown" , I would suggest you take a look at the book I mentioned. There is nothing to fear in channeling..."possession" is simply misunderstanding the process.

(22 Oct '09, 05:57) Stingray

No, Stingray Jesus Christ cast out demons why he was down here on this earth and in one person it was so many it was called legions. Now an entity can possess, which is taken over your body while they are there, channel, whether they are evil, kind, neutral, trying to destroy you, trying to help you, or neutral trying to tell you something or get help from you but either way if they get in your body you are possessed! I know you have studied long an hard on so many things but on this Stingray we will have to agree to disagree. Have an nice day Stingray.

(23 Nov '09, 07:25) flowingwater
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(Disclaimer: I've never channeled, nor have I been possessed :) )

I don't think channeling and being possessed have anything in common. The way I understand it channeling means connecting with a non-physical being and receiving information from it. Someone is possessed when a non-physical being takes control of their body and mind. In the first case you can choose what to with the information you get, and in the latter you can't.

Channeled entities usually want to help humans, whereas possessing spirits have their own agenda. Thus the experience is probably completely different.

It also depends on the time and place you live in. What we now call channeling was most likely considered witchcraft or evil spirits a few hundred years ago in western civilization. In other parts of the world it may still be seen as evil or it may never have been.


answered 22 Oct '09, 04:26

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Isn't channeling taking over the body? You are right in the past it was probably considered witchcraft or evil spirit. Thank you for your answer. Channeling is an new saying for an very old word.

(22 Oct '09, 05:12) flowingwater

@Unknown, in a Law-Of-Attraction-based universe, nothing can "take over" anything. I think your fears about channeling are more related to the way the messages are received (e.g. verbally or physically). I can assure you that "possession" as you mean it, does not exist - it is just a misunderstanding of the channeling process. How many people do you know personally that are "possessed"?

(22 Oct '09, 06:00) Stingray

Possession is real. I met an young lady from an small island and she said you all do church differently than what we do it. I said how? After church we ask possessed people to come forward and I said why She said only the strong can survive this through their faith in Jesus. Than the preacher gathers around and proceeds to cast out demons. I said what did the demon look like she said the one I saw looked like an frog when he came out of the person. I check in the bible for I didn't believe her and yes it was there the demon look like an frog. So yes demon exist just like angels do.

(23 Oct '09, 06:22) flowingwater
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I think what Unknown meant by 'being possessed' is when the devil or evil entity has taken possession of a person's body. Exorcism is done (by a priest/exorcist) to evict the evil spirit from the possessed person.


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Taking possession is taking control of your body and isn't that is what channeling is doing also taking control or taking possession of your body. An new name for an old word. Anytime anything is taking over your body it is possessing it even if you want to call it channeling. Jesus Christ cast out the demons out of humans so many they were calld legions. You are right Celine that is what I was saying but people don't seem to believe in evil spirits anymore but they are there for the bible talks about them.

(23 Nov '09, 07:00) flowingwater

Anyone who have enough reputation points edit my commit I was spelling called legions. I miss spelled called. Thank you.

(23 Nov '09, 07:02) flowingwater

answered 23 Oct '09, 02:21

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No, this did not help me. It made me ask the question of where did they come from and who made them. Who is their creator. The bible talks about heaven and hell all through it. There have been many people through near death experiences have visited heaven an some even hell. But even if noone had been to hell if there is an heaven than there is an hell and if there are angels than there are demons and if there are females there are males. I had an dear cousin who had died about 4 or 5 times and he told me there are 7 heavens. Now I like some of the things they say for they are so uplifting.

(30 Oct '09, 03:34) flowingwater

They, Abraham, make you feel good about your self for so many reasons. I would like to know when she said Esthers mother and father tried to exocist them out why didn't it work for they are an entity shouldn't they have to come out? Thank you for answering the questions and we will have to agree to disagree about the existance of hell. But hell and death will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstones. Have an nice day Rebecca.

(30 Oct '09, 03:42) flowingwater

Take care an I appreciate their gifts of talents to the Secret and we learning about the law of attractions and there are so many more laws of the universe.

(30 Oct '09, 03:45) flowingwater
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