I've recently come across a series of videos in which Andrew Bayak channels Elan. If you are familiar with Bashar you would instantly recognise many similarities, not only in the manner the channel talks, but also in the contents of the messages.

I must say that Elan's messages have given answers to me, which to date, have not been given by any of the channellers, including Hicks. His teachings are literally 'intoxicating' in a very good sense, of course.

I am wondering whether anybody knows what has happened to this guy, whether he still channels or not. It is a pity that there is very limited material of his, although the teachings available are gold.

One lacuna, so to speak, which Elan has been able to 'fill' for me is the 'real' understanding that we create our own reality, and how to go about it. He says that when a manifestation occurs which is not to your preference, it means that this is indicative of a belief which you hold and which you may not be aware of, probably due to denial. Well, this happens to me, and although Abraham Hicks always stresses that we always create our own reality and that if we create something we do not prefer it means we are not in alignment, the alignment explanation was hard for me to understand.

Elan provides an explanation. When an un-preferred manifestation occurs, it means that there is something positive that can serve us within it. He says that all manifestations are neutral and that we attribute to them the labels 'positive' or 'negative'. And he is very right. He says, when this happens, ask yourself 'how can this serve me?' and then this will lead you to identify a preferred belief. He says there is no need to delve into how and why this happened in the first place. And this has been so helpful! I used to ponder on why, why, why. It's a relief not to ponder about it and simply establish, by decision, that you prefer another belief. This may sound basic to many of you, and although, conceptually, I know that we create our own reality, only now it has struck me in a profound way that I really 'know' now.

Elan talks a lot about 'integration' (as opposed to separation and fragmentation), meaning the integrating of all our experiences as being of our own creation, consciously or subconsciously. By doing so, we accelerate towards our desires.

He also talks about shortening time to our desires by doing this.

Another thing that struck me is that he says that any experience we may have, which may seem to us unrelated to our goal or desire, is in reality a step towards it. We just do not realise, at that moment that this is so. This is also very much linked with his teaching of integration. The more we understand that everything is connected and everything is coming out of us, and eradicating any denial, the more we move forward towards our excitement (which could be our desires etc).

Elan stresses 'follow your excitement' a lot. This is the same as Bashar.

Well, I could go on and on ... (I told you it's intoxicating). Any comments would be appreciated.

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nbd028 - Hello!

I enjoyed reading your question; your enthusiasm is contagious!

Everything you mentioned works in my head with all I know of Abraham-Hicks and Bashar. I think it's the same information. It sounds like Bayak and Elan get the ideas through to you better than anyone else you've found so far. The most important thing is how it works for you. It can be the same stuff, filtered differently through the different channels. Whatever floats your boat. :)

I'm sorry that I can't answer your question directly, with more information about Elan chanelled by Andrew Bayak as I hadn't heard of them til now, but I did want to encourage you that there are many, many more you can give a try if you've run out of available material.

My favorite is one you know, Abraham-Hicks. I started my journey from heart-sore place, and Abraham just speak to my point of view so well. I enjoy their gentleness and unexpected wit. I also get a big kick out of Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka, and I know many people here at IQ prefer them, loving the sharp insight and great sense of humor. One I don't know if you're familiar with is The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective channeled by Wendy Kennedy, who show me a broader view of the energies that affect us all, and help me see that I can ebb and flow and expand with these energies intuitively and without fear. Another personal favorite is Inward Quest's very own @TReb-Bor-yit-NE, channeled by Rob Gauthier. Pure love, love, love, and then some more love with deep wisdom and loving, emphatic encouragement. That's how I see Rob and Treb.

Check out the Handy-Dandy IQ Channeled Entities List! :) There are links to everyone I mentioned above and so much more. It's a treasure trove of links and information. There's a good chance there is another source of wisdom waiting there that will truly resonate with you. And you can do everyone a favor by adding to the list your favorite link to Andrew Bayak channeling Elan.

Of course I don't know for sure, but it may be that you have grown to the point of needing new teachers, and would have stagnated without change and a new way of looking at things. How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful journey!

Love, Grace



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thank you so much Grace!! I will sure take a look at the material you've suggested. As regards Elan, the youtube channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqpFsWuGmofWxSUjZUUL5CQ The Channel name is 'The Impersonal Life'. :-)

(30 Apr '18, 12:06) nbd028
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I've communicated with Andrew Bayuk about a year ago. He is on Facebook and I PM'd him. I was asking (on someone else's behalf) if it would be OK to convert audios of the channelings to youtube videos. He didn't agree to it, but there are now Elan videos on youtube, I don't know if the person posting them got permission. Anyway, I asked if he was distancing himself from the material these days and he replied:

I stand by the message every day, walking the talk. it's the time of doing and being now. BE the change,etc, etc.

Which makes sense, of course.
I'm all about being the change!

For those who may not know, Your Power On A Plate, channeling Elan, is available as a free pdf. https://essassanilibrary.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/elan-your-power-on-a-plate.pdf

And again, there are Elan videos on youtube.


answered 30 Apr '18, 06:12

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I am sharing an absolutely precious resource for those interested in accessing Elan's material:

Audio Downloads page updated to provide easy links to the entire collection of 390 FREE Elan audio files


  • The Impersonal Life" YouTube channel

Should you find this material valuable, please consider donating to the people who created this website.

Finally, please do share if you know about more Elan's material available elsewhere.



answered 04 Mar '19, 17:16

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Agreed, Andrew Bayuk's Elan channellings are FIRST CLASS. Please go to 4 shared dot com. I usually search the site using the terms 'elan tape 1' because all the sessions are divided into tape 1 and 2. What Andrew and those who shared the material has made available is PURE GOLD!


answered 19 May '19, 05:04

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Thanks for sharing this website. This is the most complete archive of talks given by Elan. Precious! Elan is a very evolved being!

Two questions: 1) Does anybody know if there is any other person channeling Elan presently? 2) Would there be a similar website for downloading Bashar's talk freely>

Thanks everyone, Remo

(27 Jul '19, 15:22) Remo

I absolutely agree that the Elan material by Andrew Bayuk is incredible, and in my opinion far superior and cleaner than any of the Bashar content of recent decades. Yes they are similar, but realize that it only takes a very subtle shift to cause a good message to go south and become deceptive, and I feel that is what has happened in recent decades with channeled content. This may become apparent, in my opinion, when one compares the content and spirit behind these two. I'm very interested in talking more about these Elan (and Bayuk Bashar) recordings, as this first post is what prompted me to join this site.


answered 14 Feb '19, 13:31

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There is another being from Essassani known as Riok channeled by tyler.. Similar Teachings.. Find him on youtube


answered 18 Apr '20, 02:43

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Manifest The Divine

I agree with the comments about Elan and I really like him. I've debated about doing some of my own channeling. At first I thought he and Bashar were the same but I can see the energy is different. At times I feel like Bashar is like the "Nick Burns" computer guy on SNL and he can have a bit of an "arrogant" you should know that attitude. This is actually useful because his confidence is empowering, but I like how Elan is much more gentle and more technical. Elan spends more time discussing overall principles and mechanics.


answered 18 Oct '21, 01:39

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Hey everyone, there's a cool YouTube just started this year, which compiled all of the Elan material releasing it in order of which it was channeled, starting with Bashar from the same channel, and with permission from the original source. Search Elan Interactions on Youtube or https://youtu.be/R3zxrXns6fg


answered 20 Aug '23, 12:04

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