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Following on from a comment to How can we equalize the mind, body, spirit complex?, I thought it might be valuable to post this transcript from Bashar.

I think part of what imprisons people within addictions of various kinds is the feeling that there must be a price to be paid in breaking the addiction... we often perceive that a period of discomfort must be endured as the lure of the addiction wears off.

But I also think that this may just be a limiting belief rather than something that is necessarily true in all situations.

So I thought posting the information in the following dialogue may help to loosen up the belief systems of anyone facing such a challenging situation in their life right now.


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Bashar - Beyond The Secret into Abundance (Seminar, 2007-06-24)

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who posted this?

(01 Apr '11, 22:09) TReb Bor yit-NE

It comes from Bashar

(01 Apr '11, 22:21) Stingray

Great great great. It looks like our perspective (by choice(s))creates our string of reality.

(01 Apr '11, 22:52) you

no i was wondering who posted the post? my computer isnt saying who it is that put in up. ty love n light

(01 Apr '11, 23:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

I posted it here. If you edit your own Community Wiki posting, it only shows your name towards the left

(02 Apr '11, 00:27) Stingray
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Stingray I cant seem to reply, so I'll have to post it instead. Thanks for sharing of the info. I listened to that prior and it's in tune with what I believe. However I am still having trouble with the execution part. Do you have more tips and insights to that? The more actionable side of our 3rd dimensional world... Thanks.

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As Bashar implies, the key is to align with the state of being that represents the new reality (perspective) you wish to experience. I like Bashar because of the fairly scientific-like approach to many ideas. But I think the true masters of practicality (i.e. execution) are Abraham. So, if you are struggling for techniques, perhaps you should take a look at some of the Abraham methods, especially from Ask & It Is Given? ( ) ...and you might also like to look at Focus Blocks:

(02 Apr '11, 23:04) Stingray

I would like to add a few words here: I would NOT recommend getting off an addictive substance like cocaine or alcohol without medical observation. I DO understand what Bashar is saying about alignment; but I think that for most people out there, it would be wise to consult an expert in addiction to monitor progress. Better safe than sorry.


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answered 16 Apr '11, 05:06

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there is no worst poison then the poison of the mind! we make habit of things and start a never stopping chain! you need to find that chain and brake it and replace it with something else a more powerfull chain! only the will you put in to do that can make that change!and know this there is nothing impossible for you to deal with your self!you are your own master! so stop being the slave and assume the mastery of your self! it might take time but only the devotion you put in can make it happen!

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answered 22 Apr '11, 19:50

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