Hi my very post here. Greetings from HK. Bless joy to ya all. This happened 2 roughly months ago. Wondering anyone had similar experience or any inputs. I've been wanting to post and ask about this well here I am. It's my first time asking about this sorta thing and I hope it makes sense. I was in a motel asleep. Prior to that I was kinda in a trance already because I was listening to Bashar.

I visualized or I was, how should I put it, seeing the world as a whole? And How we are all energies interacting.

Bashar was talking about how if you have a man inside a metal cell and blindfolded his eyes but feeding him enough beliefs or suggestions, that there is no cell to his reality and he will perform "miracles".

So I was lying on bed meditating into that thought and possibilities widen I thought it was possible to sink into the bed I was sleeping.

Glad that I didn't.

Shortly after that I can feel my heart beating outrageous and the whole body shivering. I try to stay put and fell asleep.

I recall the dream immediately after in fact, I thought I didnt fall asleep at all. In the "dream" I was first sitting on my work desk at home. Everything's different but I recognizes it home. (I'm sure a lot of you have that. Didnt really pay attention to these before but in recent years I see them as all alternative realities visits.)

Next I went check up on my 'older sis', in that reality anyway, then on the way to my own room I felt that shivering sensation again and only much stronger, the whole place was falling apart. I mean reality was shattering.

Sane thing to do was to go check on my sis. Half way there there was a lion. It's a dream it's randomness and bear with me. At that point I had the same belief about possibilities so I asked myself ok will this beast hurt me? I wasnt sure, so I put the beast on stasis.

Then I felt warmth, and golden aura warp around me to the point I was blinded by it. Couldnt speak. But at the same thing I can see golden stuff shooting out when I try to open my eyes or mouth. Fair enough I was lifted up.

And thats pretty much it. I was put down gently I would've guessed it. I took a peek good thing I can see again, and I was back in my motel room. In the exact same position before asleep... I thought something communicated to me but I wanted to "live the most out of this life first"

My question is, around 7 ft+, slim build, golden energy. Anyone have any ideas?

Lastly thanks for reading this long ass story. This has to be my longest post on the internet.

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yes this is one of the pleadian races. it is one of the most common entitys from the 4th density who contact diffrent beings, i am a channeler and my source is a 5th density reptilian hybrid that lives on a planet from the 3rd star (or the second of the red dwarf pairs) of the Capella system. this is all info that i have got from my source, this is one of many feline races in the galactic council that are tryng to help us assend. i have seen these beings before so i know what you mean by the golden aura. if they were in your dream they might be trying to contact you, many channelers of alien species recive there very first or many contacts origonaly like this. if you would like to have a session with my source, he might be able to help you along with this info, he has helped quite a few people with getting in touch with their inner self or understanding their connections to other beings. we actualy just helped this lady get in touch with an entity who was conntacting her and now she channels him very well. let me know and i will get ahold of you. if you want to see a few things about my source i will give you a link to a vid in which he helped a man find himself, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyerkJrpDXg this is a 3 part vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3F-hHEXH-s this is a 2parter !! this ones pretty great love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

i just seen that you are a great fan of bashar. if you like this then here is a session with a great fan of his, it is also a 3 parter------ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYdNUkabOdg

(01 Apr '11, 20:27) TReb Bor yit-NE

Yes I am really interested and want to learn more. I forgot about this in my post but I felt a feminine energy of something like "LARA". I am a guy myself. However when I first felt them they didnt seem masculine nor feminine. Just tall bended slim things with an overwhelming golden aura is the best I can piece up together. Another thing worth mentioning is I dont have any memory of my youth. Not much under age 7 or 8. Could be a normal thing for many but ever since I was little, I've been "visiting different places" and I would wonder "why arent I there?"

(02 Apr '11, 03:40) Imperfect

Ever since Im in my 20s I stopped or less often go on these travels. Even I recognize it as just a dream thing I was unease by it. So thank you for this place and your sharing of the info or else honestly I will have no idea where/what to look into. Is there any more I should take notice about? Cheers.

(02 Apr '11, 03:43) Imperfect

yes there is much. assure you that all dreams are NOT just dreams. i think that most people believe they are but in the truth it is your soul leaving yor body. it is doing one of three diffrent things. ther is not enough space on here to get that depp into it. if you want to talk a little more about it you can message me on my email it is lucabrazzi39@aol.com in the subject place please write imperfect from the I.Q. page as for your non recal of your younger years this IS very important. i have afeeling that me and my source can help, PLEASE get with me, please, love n light, rob

(02 Apr '11, 14:49) TReb Bor yit-NE
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the golden light is the grace of god we have it inside our self!(we are made in the image of god not the body but are purest essance of being) and for the rest they are your conceptualisation of the mind or symbol representing different things! the lion could have been a spiritual being that share some aspect of you and can guide you and help you from the other side! to know if anny thing in a dream is from your creation there is some way it comes with experiance! try to change stuff in dream if you can it is a creation! things that you can not control have there own energy! and if you are not able to grab stuff in dream you are in obe or astral projection! well good luck in the dream!


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white tiger

i have seen that you have asnwered many questions today, i am only telling you this as a freind, if you are trying to raise your reputation point , there is a maximum of every day, so if you answer 15 qestions today and everyone like your answer , then you are only going to reciev a fraction of the points you are trying to get, HOWEVER if you are doing this to gain wisdom and help others then the points do not realy matter do they?? lol just letting u know my freind,,, love n light,,, rob

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yes point does not matter to me! i still find that good to have that point thing and badge thing but it is not my main concern!

(08 Jun '11, 03:53) white tiger
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