Abraham Hicks says 'you can't get there from here'. I am able to change how I feel in my circumstances in my life that give me dissatisfaction. I usually apply Elan's (later Bashar) advice and ask 'how can this serve me?'. So why do I find it so hard to do this shift in my relationship with my partner.

I feel a great deal of dissatisfaction in my relationship. I feel that I am not noticed by him how I'd like to be. I feel I do not get the consideration or the care that I feel I should receive. I feel that I give too much and I do not receive as much.

Please don't tell me to leave. There is love in this relationship and there is respect. But there is also what I perceive as 'indifference' on his part and 'neediness' on mine.

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction - I purposefully attracted my partner into my life. Now I want to master this art. How do I go about my constant feeling of dissatisfaction and the need for more?

I'd appreciate an answer, not only relative to the Law of Attraction, but also in practical terms.

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@nejl1973 - "There is love in this relationship and there is respect" - That's an interesting phrase to use. Does that mean you've looked at Emerson Eggerichs' book? https://www.amazon.com/Love-Respect-Desires-Desperately-Needs/dp/1591451876

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Hi there. As far as I see it it really doesn't matter how your husband treats you as it cannot affect your happiness. The only thing to do is to concentrate on what feels good to you, and strengthen your connection to your broader self. I have have had some very bad marital times with my husband and felt I could not be happy unless he changed his behaviour. I am now extremely happy even though his behaviour has not changed one iota! I just make my happiness independent of him and concentrate on feeling good by focusing on all the amazing things in the world and on his good points and what is going well in our relationship.

I don't know if this is helpful and I hope it doesn’t sound dismissive or overly simplistic. Just what I felt inspired to write.


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p.s. please ignore this message @nejl1973 I have no idea what I am talking about and should most certainly not be attempting to impart wisdom. I tried to delete it but it proved beyond my capacities

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@stars - I think you've imparted great wisdom here and your answer should most definitely not be deleted.

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Bashar's question is a VERY hard one to answer while involved emotionaly. you can answer it when going in to meditation after clearing your had, or/and after forgivig the other person and letting go completly , and/or when knowing yourself good enough so you can tell what every person is mirroring to you= knowing what you want to learn/teach/do.

so in this case, from out side of the situation i would say that maybe you want to be a bit like him, indifference towards the relationship and more towards yourself. just to balance things out.

neediness is a little out of balance feeling and it is YOU who feel it (not necessarily your partner). you can stop feeling it. work on it by focusing on yourself, give yourself whatever is missing. you attract what you are, not what you want. after balancing you will notice the change in him too but not because he has changed, but because you did, and perceive him now differently. and also when remember your neediness you will be amazed by yourself...


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