Hello everyone!!!

I realize that Inward Quest is a spiritual website and that I may be out of my element and my comfort zone being here sharing thoughts with all of you wonderful spiritual people. By being an Atheist and being in the minority, most people don't take me seriously when I really try to understand what all of you already know as the truth ... your truth.

When you think about it ... we were all born an atheist ... and as we grow up, our families, our friends, our immediate environment educates us or influences us into accepting a belief system. Being Human we have the free will to choose what path we embrace which makes us all so individually unique. Both of my parents are Catholic and I was obliged to pursuit my education through the Catholic school system.

By the time I was 4 yrs old I was reading books whereas most kids at that age were just learning the alphabet. Since we didn't have the internet at that time the library was my safe haven and the institution of knowledge. By the time I was 8 yrs of age I started reading the worlds most popular book ever written ... The Holy Bible. I wanted to understand why I could see visions of things to come. My family got a little spooked and weirded out by my visions because every single one of them came true. So I learnt at a very young age to keep it all to myself and try to block those visions from ever happening. It was really hard at 1st because I never knew when these visions would appear. So I just learnt to ignore them instead ... it was much easier that way.

I approached the schools Priest with many controversial topics which I found in the Book and I couldn't even get any straight answers from him. He said kids my age should be playing sports, learning an instrument and chasing girls. I told him that I was playing the guitar, that i was into hockey and baseball leagues and that the girls were chasing me instead lol and that I merely had a very inquisitive mind with a thirst for knowledge. He laughed and sent me on my way.

I tried approaching my parents, my teachers, a few other priests and no-one had any answers for me or they just didn't take me seriously because of my age. So I was totally alone on so many levels without any form of spiritual guidance whatsoever. So as I finished the Bible a few months later, that is when I realized that there were lots of exaggerations, contradictions and controversies and so on ... so I just stopped believing in Catholicism and Christianity only to adopt Atheism as my way of life which I read about at the library.

Moving on ...

Throughout my life I was fortunate enough to meet a few spiritual individuals who without judgement taught me some pretty cool things like ... why I saw visions and that I wasn't some kind of freak of nature, another taught me meditation which led to some pretty wild experiences, and one Special Being who taught me how to heal my wounds and many other wondrous spiritual things which i'm still trying to make sense of. But as always life gets in the way and as a result it prevented me from truly exploring my truest potential. Therefore I never changed my belief system.

Until recently ...

I started experiencing some unusual events in my life and posted a few questions about some of them here on Inward Quest which I extend my appreciation and respect for all the answers I did receive and I extend my gratitude also to all those who took the time out to read my questions. Thank you all so much!!!

My friends could not possibly understand what I am going through and I find myself being back where I was when I was 8 yrs old. It's kind of funny or possibly really sad that after all of these years I did a complete 360 as I find myself looking for answers once again.

I truly felt kind of nervous being here on Inward Quest at first and it took everything in me to post a question because I didn't think anyone would take me serious and I truly did not want to offend anyone whatsoever ... which led me to this question ... Should I be here on Inward Quest searching for answers being an Atheist and all?

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An atheist- is a person who does not believe in God. Who doesnt believe in anything higher than himself.

religion and spirituality are not the same thing.

by searching for questions that have to do with your personal spiritual development- you are in no way acknowledging the existence of a God- however- as you will come to find out if you do continue your spiritual quest- there is a higher form of consciousness that connects all people together and it is something that is inside of us- not as we have been taught in many religions- some man with a beard in the heaven. God is something inside of us- it is not something you can choose- it is innate. However because it is in no way invasive and you do have free will, if you choose not to believe that such a inner source exists- you will get that effect in your life because you get what you believe- you are so free to choose whatever you want by this higher consciousness- you can choose to believe it doesnt exist and you will get a reality where this is true for you.

However i must say, that because you already are here, and are asking these questions- you already are showing that you are not completely believing in nothing at all- and are open to explore whatever it is you think spirituality is for you- and that tells me that you do believe something higher exists- the fact that you dont necessarily think the bible and christianity is the way to go- has nothing to do with that part of you that is in your soul that knows there is something more than just this physical plane- just maybe not that bearded man i mentioned.

i am spiritual- i have a connection with god- its very personal and has nothing to do with standard religious practices- again, spirituality and religion are completely different things- they do not cross each other out however- its not like a religious person cannot be spiritual or vice versa- in fact it occurs quite a lot- because they do have some similarities- but again, not the same thing.

i think you should explore whatever it is you are wishing to find, and use every channel possible to get the answers you want- even if it is a channel you are maybe not completely immersed in- you can still use it to your benefit instead of discarding it completely- why do that when it can maybe help you for the better?


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I guess that I was brainwashed into believing that my visions were the works of something evil so I learnt to shut it all down at a very young age and used atheism as a means to deny who I truly am. And now after all of these years I'm starting to wonder that maybe my visions were truly a gift and not a curse like some of those people from my past led me to believe. I truly missed out on a lot of spiritual experiences and teachings throughout my lifetime because of this ...

(26 Jul '18, 14:59) Moonbeam

well apparently they didnt do a real good job at brainwashing you since the very fact you are aware of the brainwashing- diminishes its effect entirely- a brainwashed person is unaware of the brainwashing- its kinda the whole premise of the thing

(26 Jul '18, 16:06) Januaryfeelings

secondly, no, you have not 'missed out' on anything- everything that has happened in your life, wether you deem it to be positive or negative happened for your own benefit- even if you think that it was something bad, it was never bad, it was always to your benefit. by denying your past experiences you are not in any way helping yourself in todays progress. ask yourselves how every situation did serve you- because there is always a flipside to everything, nothing is completely bad nor good

(26 Jul '18, 16:08) Januaryfeelings

if you learned to shut it down at a young age- these visions of yours- imagine how fast you can open them up again at your age now- being way more knowledgable and mature- and finally- you are never missing anything- if it was meant to happen it would have happened- if it didnt- than it wasnt time for it to happen- perhaps you wouldnt have understood it back then because as you say you were maybe led to believe certain viewpoints you may not agree with right now- and because of the fact you

(26 Jul '18, 16:11) Januaryfeelings

are now aware that these viewpoints were not true to you, and you now choose to believe something closer to your own truth- it is only now that you can experience and have more spiritual experiences and teachings- for now you are ready to experience them- whereas before they could have happened and you would not get the maximum benefit out of them- always trust you timing and never dwell on the past- why regret something when you can have the inner joy of knowing what amazing things are coming

(26 Jul '18, 16:13) Januaryfeelings

i recommed you watch Elans videos (on youtube freely available) as channeled by Andrew Bashuk- especially the one called 'trusting your timing' i think it can be of true benefit to you

(26 Jul '18, 16:14) Januaryfeelings
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being an Atheist and all

I've interacted with many different people who've labelled themselves as many different kinds of "-ists" over the years...human-ists, religion-ists, spiritual-ists and so on

The one thing that they all had in common was that they wanted to find a way to live that would make their life the...

Happy-ist :)

If that's what you want also, then you're probably in the right place :)


answered 25 Jul '18, 02:19

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Amen to that. ;)

(25 Jul '18, 10:23) Grace

Thanks Stingray your welcoming words means a lot to me. By the way I love what you did with the -ist thingy ... pretty clever.

(26 Jul '18, 15:03) Moonbeam

And you are so right ... I do want to be happy-ist :) I was gone for far too long and life felt so meaningless and futile. I do feel this brotherhood here on Inward Quest unlike any others on the internet. I did find this website by accident ... well maybe it wasn't by accident but by spiritual intervention. Just maybe I am here to rediscover my true self by communicating with inspiring individuals such as yourself

(28 Jul '18, 03:35) Moonbeam

in order to unmask the veil of illusionary nonsense which I have been living and believing these past 20 years then some. I respect your straightforward answer approach. It is what I needed to see and read.

(28 Jul '18, 03:57) Moonbeam
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where ever are different
thoughts, if with open mind you may choose to relocate
the fulcrum set up to date

perhaps there is just source,
it is a search seeking truth,
or that truer


answered 26 Jul '18, 18:52

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I luv the way your write. It is so poetic and profound, short but yet absolute, veiled in mystery and complexity, but yet so sincere and straightforward.

(28 Jul '18, 02:49) Moonbeam
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