Learning about the different styles of learning has led me to ask this loaded question. I would like to emphasize here that I am not talking about religion, or the validity of one religion over another. Instead, I am hoping that we can compare and contrast the many ways to the top of Maslow's pyramid...or perhaps debate whether there is more than one "way" towards bliss, happiness, effective living- whatever one may choose to call it.

In another question, @corduroypower commented about being a slow learner. I really understand this feeling; I have zigzagged all over the place while trying to master this stuff; having a complex history of abuse, huge defenses to examine, tear down, or heal, has not helped. But generally, I keep trying, and I am beginning to see that my connection to my Higher Power is rooted in my emotions. I wish this was not true sometimes; but having an emotional connection to my God perhaps has made my spiritual experiences more heart-centered than other people... but this may just be a perception that I hold.

Perhaps I have not said all of this well, but I am hoping that the kind people of IQ will understand what I mean. @Stingray- your input here would be most appreciated by me.

Thank you!


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the connection to your higher powers...lays in your heart...

(04 Dec '18, 19:33) Roy
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I am wondering about the same thing recently.

I have tried for years to meditate without any success in feeling detachment.

Lately because I was stuck in a very resistant place and didn't manage to move forward in any way for a long period (I tried a lot of processes from inward-quest without success) I started to pray The Rosary, which is a catholic style meditation, I come from a catholic family... and this made me reach the state of detachment and I started to feel better every day.

I was wondering why the other paths didn't work as efficient to me and I think I had momentum going with the catholic style prayer/meditation from childhood and I don't have any resistance regarding it.

I think this was actually the path of least resistance for me because I am feeling better everyday plus I figure out some very rooted limiting beliefs after a period of meditating The Rosary daily.

Maybe because we all unique, any way that we feel guided to follow is the right way to go.


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@White Elf- I, too, find the Rosary very appealing and healing. Although not raised Catholic, I have found that many of the "old" Catholic practices help me get there- wherever there might be. Go figure ! :) This led to my conversion to Catholicism years ago. I am so glad you posted your answer; I thought I was the only one!♡

(27 Dec '18, 16:26) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah I am glad to hear that. Thanks also for mentioning :)

(06 Jan '19, 01:46) White Elf

It's really all about perception by each individual. You could have two people standing side by side and shoulder to shoulder looking at the same exact object or circumstance, and both of them could have a completely different perspective of what their eyes and senses are experiencing.

So sure, there are different styles of spirituality, but they all really come back to one place of vibration and frequency. Just different styles. Some with a lot of constraints and control gradually tapering off to ones with the feeling of complete freedom of self empowerment.

But there really is not right or wrong path. It's just about the preference and flavor of an individual. It would be like everyone on the planet eating and drinking the same thing for dinner every single night. That would get extremely boring and stagnant.

The feelings and the emotions are what drives these cars we call human bodies. It all really boils down to that. Everyone is always seeking to feel better in the end. Even the people that we deem as being awful and despicable creatures. Everyone is seeking to feel better in their own unique way.

So you could say we are playing a game here of illusory rights and wrongs, this is the path or that is the true path. It's all valid really.

In the end we are all sharing this planet together. So essentially, we are one loving energy just as if you would look at a ball on the ground covered in ants. They are all vibrating at the same rhythmic energy on that ball, even if you zoomed way in and some ants weren't doing what other ants were doing.

We're all in this together, even if perception and or perspective sometimes seems to pull the wool over our eyes.


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Jai, perhaps as many paths as we are individuals and able to see light and darkness, left and rightness, truth and falsehood and if we see the whole beingness of life or just that as material. can it grow from the inside or must it be followed by outside dictum


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TRUTH is one.The idea of paths is relative truth.person has prefernces like bkakti,jnana,karma.Through one path one aspect of truth is realised.J krishnamurthi said truth is pathless land.


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