I realize that this is a pretty big question- or rather, pretty high on the philosophical scale. But I find that I need an answer to this question quite desperately.

You see, I am growing in my faith as a Christian by the experience of my eyes and senses, and the growing conviction that no other path fits me as well. It has become a choice. As in the book, Mere Christianity, I, like C.S, Lewis, have had to come to understand my faith as I can grasp it.

But other people just simply make Kierkegaard's "Great Leap" and just believe, with no fuss or muss. I wonder how they do it sometimes! Wade is just such a person. His faith is absolutely sure and pure. I, on the other hand, am more "scientific" in my thinking. I need reason to believe what I believe. There is no doubt in my mind that I am committed 100% to my faith- but my growth in it is in steps, and does not "leap". Wade "leaps". He gets frustrated with me when I have doubt (especially considering what I am going through right now). I believe that faith ebbs and flows, like breathing- that sometimes we DO have doubts, and we DO have to think our way through things. Are we both right? Or am I missing something?


Blessings, Jai

asked 06 Aug '11, 16:09

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What leap are you trying to make?

(06 Aug '11, 22:37) Fairy Princess

That of believing in a <rational> way in Christ. I have found a book which has helped a lot called "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. I recommend it highly. It is very rational. Thanks,>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 14:18) Jaianniah
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Faith simply is. You eather have it or you don't but it can ebb and flow. In other words our faith can be tested at times but what we dont realise is that we are testing our own faith. There is no one else that that can do this for us.

When we are unsure of where we are going or are uncertain that the path we are on is the right path our faith falters by testing ourself. We need proof that we are on the right path. Well gues what. There is no proof and there is no right path so the only way forward is by faith alone.

Put your trust in yourself and just take a giant leap of faith and know this is me at this moment of time. This doesnt mean that it will allways remain that way for moments of time change and so does our faith in what we are doing or believing. One moment in time is all the faith you need so give yourself over and see what happens.

There is nothing wrong with questioning your faith but doubting often in your faith means you might not be on the right path.


answered 06 Aug '11, 17:59

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Paulina 1

I am getting to love your answers, dear! Keep up the good work! AND THANK YOU, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(08 Aug '11, 08:18) Jaianniah

well i would say no. either you have faith or you experience something and know it is true and have faith. as for belief it is not faith. you can believe annything you want it does not make it true and it becomes a limit or it is blinding you to the truth or some truth. as for the leap of faith it is sometime necesary example: you walk in the forest and you notice that you are in a swamp so you have to have faith that you will step on patch of dry ground and will not sink to get out of there. experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Aug '11, 00:37

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white tiger

Faith is built on reason. Reason is evidence and proof of true belief. There is sbsoluetly nothing wrong to seek the truth and not follow blindly. Knowledge is the light of insight


answered 04 Jan '13, 04:24

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Hello Jai, for me the two go hand in hand ... science follows spirituality and spirituality inspires science ... in other words logic and reason function best when linked together with intuition, all scientific discoveries are unveiled by an intuitive leap ... :)


answered 04 Jan '13, 04:33

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blubird two

My faith is very logical. We are told in the Bible God is the all, Alpha to Omega. That is everything you can't say, "Whoops missed me there I'm not part of everything." Since everything is God and God is everything then nothing but God actually exist! If nothing but God actually exist, and God is all powerful because God is all power remember power is part of the Alpha to Omega. God is all knowing, all knowledge is part of the Alpha to Omega. God is everything and nothing all that is.

For me to not have faith is pretty difficult when I don't actually exist only God exist. I and God are one, so are you and God one. It is like the pot not believing in the potter that created the pot. My faith is not my faith it is a knowing to me that we are all energy everything is energy and since this is so it is very flexible malleable and flowing in constant change, this is God as existence. This is why healing works, casting out works, deliverance works, the law of attraction works, miracles work because it is all energy at the command of consciousness!

Everything is an expression of energy moulded to consciousness.

That is quite a lot of deep thought I have had for many years so you can see to me it seems very illogical to not have faith.


answered 04 Jan '13, 10:03

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Wade Casaldi

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