I never shared this with anyone being an Atheist and all and I didn't want to be ridiculed by my friends so I just kept it to myself ... So I'm taking a chance and want to share with someone and since this site is a spiritual one and I figured that maybe someone would have an answer for me without judgement. So here it goes oh boy this is going to sound stupid ...

Last summer I was bored so I decided to go for a walk late at night as it was beautiful out and it was a full moon. After walking for a bit I found myself near a bike trail near the river and then that's when it happened...

I heard a voice that told me to look up so I did a quick scan around me to see if anyone was behind me or nearby and sure enough I was totally alone. Then I heard the voice the 2nd time so I listened this time and looked up and as I looked up I noticed the full moon then that's when it happened ... I saw a large golden cross appear in the middle of the moon then the moon enlarged almost to twice its size for about a minute or so then the golden cross disappeared and the moon went back to its normal size. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed.

Being an Atheist I tried to logically assess what had just happened and did some research on the matter and I managed to find some scientific answers as why the moon doubled in size and I was satisfied with the explanation but I couldn't find any answers as why I saw a Large Golden Cross in the middle of the moon. I checked out the newspapers the internet as I thought that maybe some religious group was doing some kind of PR thingy with lazers and **** but I found nothing. Besides It was late at night and everything in this small city pretty well shuts down at 9 pm except for certain establishments but nothing out of the ordinary was going on in this city it was just a regular quiet night.

Things have been really strange for me the last few years as other unexplainable things have been happening to me which I really don't know why I truly don't know why. I'm starting to question my belief system eventhough science has always been my so called God so to speak as everything can be explained through science ... which I thought. But what I have been witnessing and experiencing the last few years seems to be beyond both science and even religion as I even did some research and found nothing in the Bible, the Torah, the Tipitaka, the Quran and other books of faith. Not one book had any viable explanation as to what I have been experiencing lately.

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Wow, that's awesome. Seems the spirit realm is trying to knock down your old belief system! There is no need to join a religion, just open your mind to the concept that there is a spiritual realm. There is life after death. Actually death is a misconception for waking into the spirit realm. I'd read the posts on Angelicview if you want scientific evidence of the spirit realm or the book 'Living in a mindful universe' by Eben Alexander.


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nothing. in essence everything is neutral and we are the ones that assign meaning to everything- if you wish to assign a particular meaning to this- you can do so and you will get the effect from it according to your assignment. but to someone else this may not mean a thing and they will get that effect. nothing has meaning only your interpretation matters.


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