after a year of hard-core spiritual research, my entire life was transformed and so did i- both on the inside as well as in my outer reality, i have seen and experienced the well-known much loved new car-old breaks-phase, the old-shoes-worn-out-syndrom, the very much so familiar scattering-of-people-on-different-disks, as well as the hundreds of no-sleeping-vortex-exitement-can-this-get-any-better-nights, i have seen things literally handed to me in the most funny ways, i had the abraham-hicks-binge-watching for weeks at a time and so on and so forth, every time i discovered a new piece of information it felt amazing, every time my higher self showed me how much i am loved and cared for i felt amazing, literally i have had an amazing period- i am still on a very high vibration, i know this but as of lately i have noticed a period of some contrast arising- which i know is a part of life and i am not surprised or in any way scared or appalled that its happening, to be honest after everything i learned and found out i know that its just a fun challenge for me and if i could do all those other things and come out a winner than this is not a problem at all but merely thousands of solutions waiting to happen...however the reason for my contrast is what is actually the premise of my question

after discovering the law of attraction and finding out that literally everything is possible (of course, within natural the natural laws of the universe- im not expecting to grow 3 legs or 8 heads- but you get it) i was drifting off to this future reality of mine- which i vibrationally can get in so quickly and it is usually the thing that gets me in the vortex- and i love it and a lot of things already manifested and others are coming im not worried about that in any way, and i was truly living that new vibrational reality each and every day almost the entire time- and again, some things manifested, others didnt- but not because i want them to happen- i know some things need the perfect timing and that timing is not now- i trust my timing always- and i actually know the timing isnt right yet and im actually enjoying the stretching out of the enjoyment of the vibrational reality A LOT-


the thing that is causing me to slightly dip lower in vibration is that sometimes i actually forget to be present in the now moment and enjoy the things already manifested- and i do want to do that as well- but its just that that is not as interesting and doesnt feel AS GOOD as my vibrational reality to me- so what happened is im actually sometimes literally so busy with planning and thinking about and already like acting out certain situations and preparing like outfits and being all in to 'that' other reality- the now moment is passing by and im not - and i dont know how to say this correctly but the word best fitting is- acknowledging the now moment.

for example its now summer, and i love the summer and i love walking and every day i have a minimum hour walk, 2 in summer actually- and i do that every day still- and whilst im walking i usually am very deeply in the vortex- and what do i think about- all the things in my vortex that are not here yet- and im enjoying them and thinking about how amazing its gonna be- and when i get home im like- did i even look around to see how beautiful the sunset was or how amazing the boats on the river looked or the stars or whatever- and a lot of the times i dont feel like i soaked that in as much as i soaked in the enjoyment of whats to come

so im confused because i know that there is only the now moment- we only ever have now and there is never a 'tomorrow o clock' its only always now- but on the other hand- abraham speaks a lot about what already manifested is old news and we shouldnt regurgitate- we should CREATE

so im so confused.. i want to enjoy my already amazing current reality as much as i want to be in the vortex and think of all the things that are coming because that is what exites me and gets me like pumped up and that good feeling inside- but i also want to soak in the sunsets and the things i already have manifested because they are also soo great- but its not the same feeling as the things that are to come

so what can i do to help my situation? there has to be a solution and i think it might be the way i see things very black and white and there is maybe a belief here somewhere hidden but i cant seem to find it so..any suggestions? has anyone ever had the same issue and how did you solve it? how do these seemingly contradictory statements work together? this has to be bashars famous paradox at work here i know it but its so paradoxical- too much paradox for me to understand apparently lol

p.s. please dont offer a planning or schedule to mix it up and plan when i do my enjoyment-of-vortex-reality and when i do my enjoyment of current reality- the idea alone gives me a very claustrophobic feeling- i dont want to force myself to enjoy one thing now and after that enjoy the other it just doesnt work that way and although i LOVE planning, lists, schedules and routines and i live by my macbook, iphone and my entire plan-room in my house with whiteboards, entire visual boards and so on- i do that because it makes me feel good- however if there is one thing i wont plan is when to enjoy what because if i start doing that im pretty sure i will never enjoy myself ever again

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I think follow your feelings. What thought feels best? If your vibrational reality brings more joy when thinking about it, focus there. If the sunset in your 'what-is' reality feels better, focus there. Take it moment by moment. It's all about feeling the best you can all the time. Trust that if focusing on your vibrational reality feels better, and you're excited about your desires (not doubtful, worried, trying etc. out of the vortex) trust that it's just fine to focus there. Be easy about it.

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@Yes this ^ should be an answer. It's really good. :)

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It's a bit short. :) But, thank you @Grace

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Hi Good question! i've had that paradox too. what you're basically asking is - what time is? first, if you're relly interested in the subject, here's a video that explains it really good

now, there is only the now. the past and future are spaces that we vibrate to. WE, humans, call it time. abraham hicks talks about the "past" because they must say the word "past" otherwise we wouldn't understand what they mean. if they say "dont focus on the frames that pushes you from what you want" we would say - what????? and they would answer - YOUR PAST!!!

So, if we focus on what we dont want we attract that, so the recommendation is to focus on what we want. the problem is - we cant really forget all our experiences (past) , unless we practice and its not easy for most people. but once we learn to appreciete anyone of them with no judgment there is no need to forget.

we change in every single moment so even if we want to go back to the past we couldn't, that is why AH say that the past is old news. if you want to think about it - go ahead. if you want somthing new - creat. you are changing whether you want it or not, but when you CHOOSE WHAT YOU PUT FOCUS ON than you are a changing to the direction you wanted to = creator.

the past is old news because you are now different, but if you were in the beach under the sun tow monthes ago, it doesn't mean it can never happen again. it just mean that the next time can be even better (or worse haha depending on your focus).

2 ways to create reality (by choice):

  1. by past experiences (remembering and by that choosing what to focus on).
  2. forget everything that we've learn ever, open our mind completely and let the ideas of what we want flow into us - much more difficult.

hope that helps


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hmm i like your answer although its not the time issue thats at the core here i think- i like your comment under my question very very much and it captures the essence perfectly of just focusing on what feels best- if thats the vibrational reality than i should do that- if thats the sun than i should do that and not feel like im missing out on one or the other because that is what is making me confused- is my questions on wether my focus is too future-based instead of here in the now- thanks!

(02 Aug '18, 17:02) Januaryfeelings
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