What role does intuition play into the reality-creation process? Do we use it to decide what to do next, in order to facilitate the manifestation of that which we want?

asked 18 Dec '09, 19:20

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Try this technique & I think you can arrive at your own answer to this question.

I am too lazy & don't have the time to do the traditional meditation. So I do the meditation thing only at 3 moments each day. The last one is when I go to sleep. The trouble is I sleep easily so the meditation is very short.

The other two moments are when I drive to work and when I drive back home. I use a technique that can be described as "Live Meditation". While driving I try to drop any and every thought that comes to mind.

It takes a bit of time, maybe a couple of weeks, but with persistence, you will start to notice a gap developing between successive thoughts. You will know that you are doing it right when you notice your breathing slowing down to almost a crawl. It will be so slow that you will have to remember to breath. It will be almost like holding your breath.

I think this is why one of the meditation techniques is to observe your breathing. They are approaching the same point with focusing on the effect of finding the gap than getting to the gap to notice the effect.

Anyway, you will stumble on the realization that all these years you have been driving while completely distracted in your consciousness. Now you can't hold this gap for long. Maybe a few to about 30 seconds at the most.

When you are in this gap, in complete silence, observe the other vehicles around you, but don't think anything. You will find that you can pick up the intention of other drivers seconds before they act.

If a vehicle intends to cut you off, you will pick it up while staying in this gap before it happens. Now having picked up this intention if you still stay silent without thought you will find that you will react appropriately without thinking "what should I do" or "I am going to do this". You will discover that you can operate without thinking. It will only be in short bursts but you will be amazed by how it happens. This exercise also seems to slowly open up intuition in other areas as well. But don’t be in a rush. It takes time. Just play with the exercise & what ever happens will happen.

If you feel this exercise is dangerous because you are driving they by all means follow your inner feeling. I don’t want to be sued for suggesting something that puts your life in danger.

Thinking seems to completely mess up our natural intuition. I believe that this way of operating was imposed upon us through the "Educational system". Not only are you not allowed original thought, if that original thought is not understood or approved by your peers you are supposed to conclude that it is inconclusive or not correct.

This is a trap imposed upon us. Those at the very top of control don't operate this way at all. They make sure that they are up on the understanding of the kind of stuff we are all discussing right here on this forum.


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The Traveller

+1 Thanks for the technique, I will try it.

(19 Dec '09, 08:03) Vesuvius

You're welcome. Topics discussed here move really fast & don't reflect the actual time required to explore these subjects. What I am sharing is mostly stuff I started working on over the last year and a half.

(20 Dec '09, 07:10) The Traveller

Interesting observation. It typically takes me about 30 minutes to answer a question here, and sometimes I wait several hours before I answer to allow my mind to mull it over. That seems slow to me. At stackoverflow.com, questions are answered very quickly; 10 minutes is considered a long time there.

(20 Dec '09, 16:26) Vesuvius
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