Obi Wan Kenobi: Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.

Luke Skywalker: You mean, it controls your actions?

Obi Wan Kenobi: Partially. But it also obeys your commands.

Is this your fundamental understanding of man's relationship with collective consciousness, and the nature of reality creation? Or is it different?

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While there is no actual separation between souls, it is true that the stuff of which the One Soul (Collective consciousness) is made manifests in physical reality at different speeds, producing different degrees of density.

All of life is a vibration. That which we call life (God / Collective Consciousness) is pure energy. That energy is vibrating constantly, always. It is moving in waves. The waves vibrate at different speeds, producing differing degrees of density, or light. This, in turn, produces what one would call different effects in the physical world—actually, different physical objects. Yet while the objects are different and discreet, the energy which produces them is exactly the same.

Lets take the example of the air between the living room and dining room. Now there is no specific place between these two physical locations where the air of the living room stopped and the air of the dining room began. Yet there is a place where the air of the living room becomes less dense. That is, it dissipates, becomes thinner. So, too, the air of the dining room. The further from the dining room you go, the less you smell dinner!

Now the air in the house is the same air (read that Collective Consciousness). There is no separate air in the dining room. Yet the air in the dining room sure seems like other air. For one thing, it smells different! So because the air has taken on different characteristics, it seems as though it is different air. But it is not. It is all the same air, seeming different. In the living room you smell the fireplace, in the dining room you smell dinner. You might even go into one room and say, “Whew, it’s stuffy. Let’s get some air in here,” as if there was no air at all. And yet, of course, there’s plenty of air. What you are wanting to do is change its characteristics. So you bring in some air from the outside. Yet that is the same air, too. There is only one air (Collective Consciousness), moving in, around, and through everything.

Like the air in your house, the energy of life (Collective Consciousness) — what we could call the Soul of God — takes on different characteristics as it surrounds different physical objects. Indeed, that energy coalesces in a particular way to form those objects. As particles of energy join together to form physical matter, they become very concentrated, mashed up, pushed together. They begin to look like, even feel like, distinct units. That is, they begin to seem separate, different, from all the other energy. Yet this is all the same energy, behaving differently.

It is this very act of behaving differently which makes it possible for That Which Is All to manifest as That Which Is Many. God could not experience itself as What It is until It developed this ability to differentiate. So That Which Is All separated into That Which Is This, and That Which Is That.

The clumps of energy which coalesced into discreet units that held in physical beings are what we have chosen to call souls. The parts of God that have become the lot of us are what We are talking about here. Thus, the Divine Dichotomy: There is only One of us. There are Many of us.

Now as energy coalesces, it becomes very concentrated. But the further one moves from the point of this concentration, the more dissipated the energy becomes. The air becomes thinner. The aura fades. The energy never completely disappears, because it cannot. It is the stuff of which everything is made. It’s All There Is. Yet it can become very, very thin, very subtle—almost not there.

Then, in another place (read that, another soul) it can again coalesce, once more clumping together to form what we call matter, and what looks like a discreet unit. Now the two units appear separate from each other, and in truth there is no separation at all.

Our scientists are already discovering that the building blocks of all of life are the same. They brought back rocks from the moon and found the same stuff they find in trees. They take apart a tree and find the same stuff they find in you.

We are all the same stuff. We are all the same energy, coalesced, compressed in different ways to create different forms and different matter. Nothing matters in and of itself. That is, nothing can become matter all by itself. Jesus said, Without the Father, l am nothing. The Father of all is pure thought. This is the energy of life.

This is what you have chosen to call Absolute Love. This is the God and the Goddess, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. It is the All-in-All, the Unmoved Mover, the Prime Source. It is that which we have sought to understand from the beginning of time. The Great Mystery, the Endless Enigma, the eternal truth.

There is only One of Us, and so, it is THAT WHICH YOU ARE.

Source - Conversations with God - Book III


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Very good stuff

(18 Nov '10, 09:42) Stingray

Very nice Hitesh! thank you.....

(18 Nov '10, 22:16) daniele

Thank you Stingray and Daniele, for your kind comments

(21 Nov '10, 02:56) Hitesh
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Collective consciousness informs and inspires us, sometimes without our conscious initiative and sometimes through seeking direction from it. It is always under our control with regard to what we do in response to the leadings and feelings we may pick up on; and although much of the input we receive operates at a subconscious level beneath our conscious awareness, it ultimately cannot force our hand. Collective consciousness is a resource that can be used or not by our own choice. It is raw material that we can shape as we want.


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We are Collective Consciousness (or at least part thereof)


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agreed, we are a part of the whole

(19 Nov '10, 11:20) fred

I imagine the collective consciousnes like a great river.

From the misterious retort of the mountain's depth, called to life by an imperious craving of being, breaks out among rocks a spring of crystaline water. At the beginning, it seeks hesitating its way, but soon becomes more confident and powerful by meeting its brothers and unifying with them and by the help of "sky" (clouds), builds the own river bed. And goes toward and toward, growing and becoming more and more powerful. You cannot try going against the stream, without big risks: it appears a water vortex which pulls down and "disciplines" you, or take you "marginaly" (and you losse the flow), or pushes you in a swamp near river, where you can stagnate until you "droop".

Sometimes, the river is confronted with obstacles made by the human mind, If this obstacle (eg. flood-gate) is very important and useful for the good of mankind, the river allows the collaboration and countenances the human efforts, but it cannot be subdued: the rebellious river will distroy anything to earn the freedom of its progress (revolution?)

Where goes the river so determined? At beginning, it only want living, developing and being powerful. Gradually, it feel an inquietude, a need of something unclear, a propension to find something like a forgived dream or a call of the unknown. Its way may have a destination! This destination must be somewhere! Don't matter the meanders, the obstacles, to blunder along; the destination will be finded, it is the kingdom of freedom and peace.

Than, knowing these, the river looks to horizon and beholds the ocean.

Listen the musical expression of this process. It can be observed that thr little spring preserves its individual voice ever in the collective growing light of floow.

Bedrich Smetana : the Moldau (Vltava):


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I've always felt river when I thought consciousness.

(18 Nov '10, 03:27) jim 10
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