Science has improved almost every area of our existence. It was the arts and sciences that brought us out of the dark ages...from the realm of superstition and fear to the confidence and creativity of rational thought.

It is the repeatability and reliability of scientific discoveries that makes it possible for us to rely on technology. It is what makes it possible for you to read these words, and to respond with your own words, and for us to collaborate in this way over vast distances.

When I was growing up, science was king, but since then it seems to have lost some of its lustre. We went to the moon when I was 7 years old, and then lost interest for the next 4 decades. Science split the atom, but it also created nuclear weapons. We can make more food with higher quality and lower prices than ever before, but millions of people still go hungry. Pure scientific research gave way to corporate research where profit, not knowledge, is king.

The ultimate slap in the face of science: We don't need it. If everyone is responsible for their own reality, then scientific experimentation is a waste of time because the scientist is just making up his own results with his thoughts. Or is he?

Is science still useful as a tool for personal growth and societal advancement? Or is it simply too primitive a tool to use at higher thought energies?

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WoW! just found this question! Your cartoon describes my childhood! I am speechless...

(06 Oct '10, 07:12) daniele

@daniele: Which character are you? The one on the left or the one on the right? :)

(06 Oct '10, 20:43) Vesuvius

vesuvius, cause and effect works as well in the spiritual as it does in matter. science may need to learn how to grow, not unlike us, otherwise it as we become useless

(05 May '13, 18:52) fred
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By Science, I am assuming you are referring to the Scientific Method.

Effectively, Science's approach is if it can't be measured, it doesn't exist.

If you think about it, this attitude is not so different from Orthodox Religion's approach of if it isn't written in (your favorite religious text), it isn't true.

I actually think these attitudes have served us quite well up to now.

If you are a young child and are still finding your way in this new world you have been born into, then following the dogmatic rules and regulations of your parents can have a lot of benefit. It can provide a framework whereby you can gain stability until you reach a level of maturity where you are ready to take control of your life for yourself.

We are living in a time of (re)awakening. It is a time when we are (re)empowering ourselves. And like a child that has grown up and is now tired of following their parents' rules and regulations, some of us are in a process of rebelling against them.

So there has been a bit of a backlash going on against both Science and Religion as we (as members of the human race) begin to start thinking for ourselves.

Is the scientific method now obsolete?

No, I don't think so. Because, in my experience, it is still a relatively small (if not miniscule) minority of people who are really waking up to what is possible as far as reality creation is concerned. It might be a vocal minority and so we might get the impression sometimes that everyone is discussing The Law of Attraction gathered around the coffee machine at work. But no, it's still a minority. As Abraham says, there is never a crowd on the leading edge.

The mass of humanity is still very materially-focused. Most people are still far more interested in what's for dinner? than the possibilities of human consciousness. But there is nothing wrong with that. If people are feeling happy, they are still serving the intent they came forth with even if they don't consciously know what that is.

If they are not feeling happy and some strange person gives them a weird method to manifest, say, food and a nice car for Thanksgiving and then they become happy again, then that's fine. They don't even need to understand what is really going on - they just have another tool to use in their lives when they need it.

There is definitely an awakening going on but, in my view, we are still going to need the materially-focused stability of the Scientific Method for a long while yet.


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An insightful answer, as always.

(08 Dec '09, 06:53) Vesuvius

Thanks Vesuvius and thanks for your many contributions to this site. It's nice to have so many different viewpoints interacting in one place.

(08 Dec '09, 06:58) Stingray

Alright Stingray you gave me a good chucker with my question I asked earlier about food and a nice car for Thanksgiving. Hey Stingray how do you add the question to be link back to the actual question in Inward Quest in you answer like you did? Thanks for the laugh. You did you gave me a good method.

(08 Dec '09, 07:33) flowingwater

Hi flowingwater, if you are asking how I add links into my answers, then just go to the page you want to link to (or click link under an Inward Quest answer to get a direct link to that answer). Then copy the address of that page from your web browser into your clipboard. Now in the Inward Quest text editor, highlight the words you want to use as the link and click the Hyperlink button on the toolbar (looks like Planet Earth). Paste the address into the box you see and click OK. Then you should see a link in your answer (or question)

(08 Dec '09, 07:48) Stingray

Thanks Stingray for giving me the steps I appreciate.

(09 Dec '09, 07:19) flowingwater

@Stingray I was thinking about why the scientific world believes that body detox methods are a "waste of time and money". And I wonder why they can't measure the toxins that are being flushed out during a bodily fast. Do you think it is because they don't want to see those toxins in their studies, so LOA gives them evidence that detox methods are bs? And if so, could a scientist find those toxins if he truly believed in the first place that fasting works?

(05 May '13, 05:44) releaser99

@releaser99 - I was thinking about why the scientific world believes that body detox methods are a "waste of time and money" - Or even why "they" (and others) can't see the direct correlation between what you think in life and what you get in life when it's just so blindingly obvious :) Yes, I agree with you. No matter how objective a scientist is trying to be, they still have their own personal belief systems which (thanks to LOA) are producing "results" in accordance with those beliefs.

(05 May '13, 16:56) Stingray
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Science is barely scratching the surface of the discoveries and knowledge in this universe. I for one think that science will only stop improving when the universe ends.

Charles H. Duell was famously quoted in saying "Everything that can be invented has been invented.". Today we know the fallacy of such thinking. The more we explore , the more we open doors to explore more.

There are literally thousands of new discoveries every year. Its just that most discoveries are so complex and niche, that most people cannot understand or comprehend how important the discovery is. This doesn't stop science, it only pushes it further and further.

Companies need profit and scientists need to be paid. That has created a world in which pure science takes a backseat to profit. However, the number of innovations being created for profit are increasing. This in turn drives more science. Take the humble computer processor. All computer processors are designed to create profit for the company which invented it. However, the drive to build bigger and better processors has created so many new inventions that no pure scientist could have conceived on his own.


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Andrew Keith

Science will never ever ever ever be obsolete. How could it? It is the basis for practically everything we enjoy today. On the contrary, because of the emergence of this "power within" I believe science is really going to take off to new heights that are practically un-imaginable by the generation that gave birth to science.

In fact, I'm sure all of you will agree that Science, Math, Philosophy, the arts & everything else that is an invention of the imagination is just about to take off into new and undiscovered heights of possibility.


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The Traveller

I believe this question relates to intelligence and yes we have a lot to learn from science yet, we are just starting to understand how to create weather and control nature, this must not stop it is important to our survival. If we think of all we know and could yet learn what we could yet learn is infinite, we don't know how to create our own BIG BANG to create other galaxies however there will come a day we will know this. Knowledge keeps progressing ad infinitum, because of this fact there will come days when we understand and control so much that to us today seems highly impossible. Our knowledge will take off the day we discover the cure for old age and death, because we will live forever and be able to populate the universe and carry that knowledge with us, in other words "you can't take it with you" will no longer apply.


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Wade Casaldi

No, Science is no way obselete because there are still billions of things to discover, invent, and learn of. I believe there will always be science but I think the spiritual aspects and the metalphysical aspects will increase in learning and knowledge and it will be brought out of the closet and the fear that is wrap around it will be remove and science, spiritual, and metaphysical will come together with a understanding of one another talents and gifts to the world.

They are both experts in their own field science and spirituality kind of like looking at the same picture but through different lens and therefore you see things differently and from different view points but both are valuable and important to the society and the world at large. But individual spirituality is of the highest and most important to each of us.

They will work side by side with the understanding that science has an expertise side and metaphysical has a expertise side and when they come upon a problem they will work together to solve it and than when it is time if neccessary one or the other will take a step to the side line and let the other lead on in its expertise and sometimes they would enter changing continously back and forth and together they will get to the end and have a conclusive answer for a problem, a situation, a formidable and awe-inspiring answer, reasoning or conclusion.


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Without the work of science our forefathers’ would not have made the achievement that they have made, and have passed onto us. Therefore, we have a responsibility to continue the work of our forefathers’ so, that our future generation will continue the same work for a better world, and a better future. Science is life, and without the technology of science what would our lives be like today. Perhaps, we would be still living in the primitive time wondering where the rain is coming from, and who is responsible for making the rain to fall?

We live in a modern society, every where you go, you see the science of the mind. Everything in today’s technology has to do with computers science. We live, and breathe science; it is all around us; we cannot function without it; it is a part of the human race, and the human race is a part of it. It is here to stay!


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Inactive User ♦♦

as long as there is matter in material form science is real;
should it decide to try to measure forms other than material,
that may be


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Is science still useful as a tool for personal growth and societal advancement? Or is it simply too primitive a tool to use at higher thought energies? In this paradigm we chose to live in, we are confined within its particular framework. Those who have tried to change it, such as Tesla as you mentioned, haven't been successful. So, take the best of it and use it to your own advantage. I do use it as a tool for personal growth, for instance look how much we're learning and teaching just by using this site! The science offered the masses is very primitive and in its current form I can't see it as a tool to be used at higher thought energies for it is simply incompatable. 1+1=2 is not the only answer but rather one of them.

Thank you, namaste


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Check out how the most powerful computers will soon be equivalent to basic hand held calculators, relative to the future of computing with atoms and energy.


answered 07 Oct '10, 20:12

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