If all realities exist simultaneously and now why there is a path of least resistance?

i mean there should be no "shortest way" if everything exist now, this concept doesn't make much sense if you think about it. Maybe i miss something, can someone describe what exactly is the path of least resistance and how this is connected to all realities that exist now? if all exist now every reality should be equally accessible as any other one...and something else that is connected, bashar says your higher mind knows how things are going to happen? How? the ego chooses the vibration so the reality you choose every moment is not what the higher mind does,,,and excitement then is the creation of the ego or the creation of the higher self as he says? if i change the definitions of something i dont like then it becomes exciting but that was my egos work how that can be said its higher self? very complicated concepts i dont believe i will get answers but anyway...generally the parallel realities thing in combination with the hs

asked 06 Dec '18, 08:14

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Relative realities are superimposed on ultimate reality .They exist simultaneously.Just like causal, subtle,gross body.causal has self ignorance.When you experience yourself where is resistance?when self is under spell of Maya,it is sentient but self is not affected by Maya.Maya makes self omnipotent and omniscient.You are self on which parellel


answered 06 Dec '18, 13:55

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well, i have to add some characters, so listen to this video it will give clarity, also listen to part 2. i think bashar meant that the ego chooses our vibration when we are not paying attention to our thoughts and feeling, if i understand correctly what you wrote...



answered 06 Dec '18, 16:54

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least resistance would be the
the closest one gets to their
whole being value, not so
easy a task


answered 19 Dec '18, 18:39

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