"It is quite honestly your universe. Everybody you are talking to and interacting with, is your version of them in your own universe reflected from what your consciousness is fully capable of projecting them as from out of their consciousness to what your beliefs and capabilities of perception will allow them to be projected as into your physical reality" @ikarrus21

(I'm not just talking about other people being a projection of your thoughts, like mentioned in the quote above, I mean in applying it to everything theoretically) And does this involve parallel universe theories? Oh, and I've been on a big matrix kick lately, so let's say for the sake of the example if you are able to perceive everything in your reality as merely a projection of YOUR dominant thoughts and as pure vibration, you can transcend physical laws and create and do things as neo did? Supposing you somehow shift into an alternate reality of yours where YOUR "rules" on what you can achieve vibrationally can be changed, then you'll have the ability to perform miracles, bend things at your will, etc. so to speak. This may seem farfetched to some, but I'm just open to theory and/or discussion. Probably a series of confusing questions I'm asking, I normally don't have trouble wording things like this.

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@lex, please improve your question title. A website visitor should be able to know what your question is about from reading the title alone. Something I saw on here intrigued me deeply, what does this mean? is too vague. Thank you

(30 Sep '13, 04:11) Barry Allen ♦♦

It all falls down since "superhuman" and "miracle" are subject to each individual's definition and taste of them.

Although they might be a reality where you can fly, for example. And "you" might be able to shift into it. But now we're not talking about perceptual reality, now we're talking about shifting between physical one. Which could just as well mean, once you do shift from this to that, you may stop existing in this one.

(30 Sep '13, 06:29) CalonLan
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Hmmmm that name looks familiar :) I think when you are saying, "..everything and everyone is a projection of thought in your reality?" That there is some possible slight confusion. You projecting everyone and everything requires no thought on your behalf. You are doing it automatically, all the time. Your thoughts and vibration only influence what you are projecting.

A good analogy I've heard for this one is that of a jet plane, or more rather the jet engine itself.

Your consciousness is the jet engine. The slipstream coming from the jet engine (The trails left behind) Is your physical reality. Your physical consciousness, the you reading this right now, is living and existing within this slipstream that your consciousness( The jet engine) has projected.

There is a lag time typically with what gets projected/manifested outwardly into what you would call you physical reality. This is why when you try to manifest something to happen, it doesn't happen instantly typically. Although sometimes for some people, it sometimes comes very close to instantaneous. It seems to depend a lot on the particular thing being manifested and the person.

I think a really good video, while although really cheesy that you should watch that would maybe help you easily understand the whole everything is holographic and everything is and always has been coming from within you, would be to watch this video. Your consciousness is like the disc shaped thingy. The various things being projected outwardly to look physical are not actually physical, they are just coming 100% from within you, regardless of how real it seems.


Oh, and I've been on a big matrix kick lately, so let's say for the sake of the example if you are able to perceive everything in your reality as merely a projection of YOUR dominant thoughts and as pure vibration, you can transcend physical laws and create and do things as neo did?

I think I got what your saying here. Just to reiterate though, it is all coming from you. 24/7. It is definitely possible for you to be like Neo, but the issue here would be how probable would it be for you to shift to this existence, version of you, and the collective consciousness that would support this?

I think since your mentioning The Matrix, it would be a really good opportunity to point out something. Remember when he attempts to bend the spoon and the girl tries to help him by saying, "There is no spoon."?

Well although everything being perceived within your consciousness is holographic. The better advice if someone was trying to do the same thing in this world would be to realize that, "You are the spoon and that the spoon is coming from within you."

Another thing you should look into that would be of great help in relation to understanding parallel realities and manifesting changes would be these two videos: http://soulenlightenmentsearch.com/understanding-parallel-realities/ http://soulenlightenmentsearch.com/manifestation-in-relation-to-the-free-will-of-others/


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Thanks, I'm less confused now lol. I came across what you said and it struck a chord with me, so then I started doing some research on the topic and was intrigued but couldn't wrap my mind around some of the concepts. Sadly I won't be able to watch the video you posted that is in relation to your quote I used, my internet isn't fast enough. I will when I get the chance however. You seem well educated and like you have a full understanding of the topic, so in regard to your quote, what do you

(30 Sep '13, 23:24) lex

personally believe about that? I was told the other day there are different versions of everyone and you can pick and choose which ones you would like to experience, along the lines of parallel universe, alternate reality, etc. I didn't get it at first, but do now. So there are different pre existing versions of everything and you can basically pick and choose which reality you want to experience, based on your level of belief (loa)? That's intense. That's a perspective I could intently live by

(30 Sep '13, 23:28) lex

This makes sense also as to why people who practice the law of attraction experience different results with it, and why there are so many inconsistent teachings on it, since basically you make the rules in your reality as to how those things work.

(30 Sep '13, 23:32) lex
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I have been reading from this site : http://iasos.com/metaphys/elan/ . And these paragraphs seemed to fit your question

Selecting from the already-existing Options
Since you are actually an infinite being experiencing the "finiteness" of Time/Space, all the possible scenarios or "versions" of how your life "could" actually be all already exist! Each of them is a hologram, which you can think of as a "probable reality" or a "possible reality". They all co-exist right Here right Now! Therefore, you don't really need to "create" the way you would like your life to be, because it already exists! All you need to do is select it from all the infinite available options. It's like going to a delicatessen, where you see each of the dishes behind glass. All the available dishes already exist, and you merely have to select the option you want. It's like a radio not needing to "create" the program it wishes to listen to, since the radio stations have already created all those programs. All the radio needs to do is select the already-existing program it wishes to receive.

And from all these already-existing options, you select the version-of-reality you prefer by assuming the posture of the version you prefer, to high-light and bring-forth that version. "Assuming the posture of" is another way of saying that you have decided which version you prefer to experience, and then you trust that decision, and act accordingly.


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