Some time ago, my uncle participated in a terrible car accident in which, besides him, two more people lost their lives. A truck hit his small car and crushed it completely. It was a full force head-on collison. A heart-shattering scene.

I never gave it much thought, but now I know it was my doing. Alas, it is my reality, it is all me.

After some introspection I identified two instances that I believe were detrimental:

  1. I have a belief that death, per se, is not a bad thing (and I do not mean this in a psychopath way). I mean, it is somewhat natural for someone who is into spiritual things to develop it.
  2. I wanted to manifest money.

I think that these two things at least greatly contributed to creation of the accident.

These two things in themselves are not bad.

Believing that death is just a doorway to something else should be a good thing.

Money is the most natural thing a modern human being can want. After the accident, my father inherited half of my uncle's assets. The money manifested. But boy, the Universe sure has its ways to surprise people.

Did these things kill my uncle? Is it possible that the Universe(Law of Attraction) thought that the best way to give me what I wanted (money) was to do what it did because I believed death is not a big deal? I mean, it's all the same to the Universe. Universe sees everything as neutral, right? It's all just happenings to it. All just chains of events. Universe does not distinguish between good and bad. So it seems plausible to believe that that accident was the product of those beliefs.

Please try to convince me otherwise.

asked 24 Mar '19, 17:57

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Alas, it is my reality, it is all me.

Yes, it is your reality. It is all you.

But if you accept that Law of Attraction applies to you, it must also apply to your uncle and the other people. You can't have one without the other.

It was their reality. It was all them...also.

So anything that happened to them must have been vibrationally invited by them at some level. And they must have been the first cause of it...there is nothing you could do to force them to experience it if they did not vibrationally choose to do so.

But if you became aware of the incident and it was even beneficial to you, it means you intersected vibrationally with the culmination of those events.

See Is this really my manifestation? for more information.

If you are walking down the street one day and you see an accident happen in front of you, something within you must have caused a vibrational intersection with that event.

If you want to now make yourself feel bad over that, go right ahead - that's your right to focus your thoughts in that way ...but it's not going to do much for your peace of mind or what you physically attract in future :)


answered 25 Mar '19, 03:17

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In order to creat a death of another person only by thoughts you would have to be really powerful. i'm not saying your'e not, im just saying - no one is powerful at this level.

If the LOA is true, how do you know that out of all the things youv'e put in the vortex those particular thoughts attracted the death. maybe it was something else? maybe the things that your'e pondering now - the blame and guilt , are actually your askings and are irrelevant to your uncle.

also, you dont have the power to control timing of things whether you are aligned or not. you could be out of alignment and still he would die because everyone dies and that was his timing. if everything is happaning NOW and you are dealing NOW about what you were thinking in the PAST in order to maybe attract somthing, then you actually screwing with your mind because the NOW timline is irrelevant to PAST timeline. so lets say PAST timeline was happy, but when you're thinking about it NOW comes fear, guilt and blame. so actually you can't really have access to the accurate past timeline in your current vibration. but even trying to do it is a waste of time.

also, you dont know what's in other's vortex. therefore - even if "its all me" still we are not alone here. we are co-creating, so if one chooses consciously or unconsciously to die then it's not "all me" anymore. your uncle is still here, just in a different form. it is a fact that your'e still thinking about him. it's not like he disappeared compeletly from your consciousness.


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No. What about your uncle's thoughts and the others' then? I have a more religious viewpoint which probably won't be appreciated by any law of attraction practitioner.


answered 25 Mar '19, 19:10

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At the deepest level, everything happens because of karma, and not your responsibility. When you say it is all "me", the truth is that it is also all your uncle, because you and your uncle are one.

It happened because it was beneficial to your growth in some way, and it was destined to happen.

It was also your uncles time to go, as every death is pre-determined. Everything happens through perfect synchronicity.

There are absolutely no mistakes. You were destined to hold that vibration, and so was your uncle. That death helped him karmically, and his soul benefitted it in some way. All is well.

If it wasn't meant to happen, you would have manifested the money some other way. But that was the path of least resistance.


answered 27 Mar '19, 10:07

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it's your job to sort it out,
how many people drive cars,
how many accidents daily,
how many don't survive


answered 10 Apr '19, 19:49

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In a sense, YES.

But more accurate would be to say that your beliefs attracted this version of reality from infinite versions.

Everything already exist in creation. Every possible outcome exist. We are not really creating anything. We are choosing what is projected to us.

And don't forget it doesn't have any meaning until you give it a meaning.


answered 16 Apr '19, 06:14

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Universe does not distinguish between good and bad.

When you ask favors from something that doesn't care about good and evil, anything can happen because it's chaotic and without morals.

Christ has morals. Christ says that we should treat others as we want to be treated in all things (Matthew 7:12). He said that if we Love Others, then we are His Followers (John 13:35). It is safer to ask Christ ND if you don't get what you want, at least you won't be creating negative energy by hurting yourself and other people.


answered 04 Aug '19, 11:46

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