An elderly woman came into my living room and asked me to pray for her pregnant daughter who was (in labor)put to bed to deliver, but could not do so for the past 3days. so I went inside my living room and wrote my request on a paper, asking God to deliver that girl (wrote her name) that must have been in deep pain, in 3days labor and I beg God to help her now. I put the paper in my box as usual.

I came out and asked the woman to bring a bottled water which I pray in the water (as usual)and asked the woman to quickly take it to the girl to drink so that she will deliver in time. To give her confidence, as she was crying, and it touched me seriously, I said she should not worry, I have submitted her case to the Almighty, she should not be suprised that the girl may deliver even on her way to the hospital even before taking the water. She thank me and left.

To my surprise, 15 minutes later, the woman came back knocking on my door hard. when I saw her I thought the girl has died. But looking at her face happy, I started to relax. And she told me that she had just recieved a call that the girl had just delivered a baby boy! I couldn't believe it. So instantly? Could it be me? But the woman thought i'm great. I'm still imagining, could it be me please?

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you see if every thing is done in harmony from a pure heart it will happen. look around you does not the rain fall on the just and unjust? what if you wanted to stop a storm how could you do that and stay in harmony? first you would need a good motive in harmony from a pure heart that can be allowed by God. then you need peace and faith. and you need to ask. if it fail the motive was not accept and was selfish or the harmony would have been imbalance.

(09 Jul '16, 13:53) white tiger
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The short answer...yes, it is your manifestation because it is in your reality - but it is also the manifestation of everyone else involved.

There is an idea which is relevant here that I've not mentioned before on this website and which Abraham have spoken about occasionally in the past - though not recently.

The idea is that of culmination points.

Instead of thinking of manifestations as things that have happened or not happened, try to start thinking of them in terms of culminations of vibrations.

You can actually think of the Law of Attraction as a multi-dimensional sorting machine, like the mechanical ones they used to have to sort letters.

alt text

The Law of Attraction is constantly at work sorting and sifting all vibrational projections that are being offered by your consciousness (and the consciousnesses of others) and grouping similar vibrational offerings together.

Every so often, when enough energy has been flowed towards a particular thought (or thought-form, if you like), a physical manifestation results that satisfies many of those vibrational offerings simultaneously....a culmination point of many different vibrational projections.

It's like a vibrational intersecting point of various realities - a bit like different roads going in different directions and meeting as they crossover.


So what happens in a situation like you describe is that the elderly woman is on a particular vibrational road going in one direction, her pregnant daughter is on another, and you are on another...and just at the point of this birth, you have all experienced a culminating of your various vibrational journeys towards various desires.

So whose manifestation was it then?

Well, it manifested for each person involved so it was each person's. But it also couldn't have happened in this particular form of culmination without each of you being involved in some way so it was also a manifestation of all of you.

Ultimately, who gets the credit is an impossible thing to decipher but the idea to take away from this is that manifestations are not so much about you creating something but more about you rendezvous-ing with something.

I'm not sure if I am explaining this too clearly but I hope you get the general idea.


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I like your explanation. Thank you.

(20 May '10, 00:12) Drham

I too like this explanation Stingray, I always felt that events were a culmination of the vibrations offered by everyone involved, after all, nothing can come into a persons physical reality without them offering some thought to it first. Does Abraham mention this idea of "Culmination points" in any of their books? If so, which one? Would really like to read up on it

(20 May '10, 11:01) butterfly

@Butterfly - I don't really have that much knowledge of the Abraham books - I've always just followed them by audio since it looks to me that the books just act as regular summary snapshots of the content in the audio seminars. You could ask this as a new question in case anyone else knows

(20 May '10, 17:07) Stingray

Thank you all for your educative answers. Actually I believe it is the old woman's manifestation because she was the one in desperate need, but I just helped her in raising her vibration to manifest quicker, by encouraging her through all my words in that regard, which she valued highly (in belief and faith).

(21 May '10, 22:41) MUHD

Wow! Stingray. Even though you posted this answer back in 2010 I am glad that this question re-surfaced so that I could learn from your answer. It explains and brings together many different sources that reference the same idea, but the way you explained it here clarified a huge area and a completely new perspective for me. Thank you for this brilliant answer.

(23 Jan '12, 20:26) The Traveller

@The Traveller (and everyone else) - You're welcome, of course. I'm glad it was useful for you and thank you for the nice comments

(23 Jan '12, 21:47) Stingray

@stingray very useful for me also. A culmination point. I question how much others can influence my world unless I allow or push against them? The more I study, the more I feel that I am not pushed around by external events - or that I do not need to be. I AM the center of my universe. I am the Cause and Continuation of my life. Perhaps the Ultimate Narcissist.

(07 Mar '12, 18:54) Dollar Bill

@Stingray, this makes it so clear that I am responsible for everything I am experiencing, victim of nothing at all. I just wish I could see the things I don't like a little clearer, I mean, before they get here. I feel like I'm being offered an opportunity right now to learn this properly, without too much upset. It is sooo much more fun to learn when you are just kinda shaken, but not freaking! I don't want to pass up the opportunity. :) Any advice would be much appreciated.

(01 Aug '12, 09:55) Grace

@Grace - Emotions are pre-manifestations. If you want to see what's coming before it arrives, check out how you are predominantly feeling...because matches to that feeling are on their way into your physical reality :)

(03 Aug '12, 04:19) Stingray

@Stingray, thank you. I am feeling a bit like a surfer, juuuust gettin my feet under me, catching a very big wave.... bit wobbly. I might eat it, or I might be in for the ride of my life. Or, both. Happliy for me, I now see, there will always come another wave! :)

(03 Aug '12, 22:12) Grace

@Dollar Bill: LOL - "I AM the center of my universe. I am the Cause and Continuation of my life. Perhaps the Ultimate Narcissist."

(09 Jul '16, 12:35) einsof

And @Grace - enjoyed your last comment very much....I trust your surfing skills have improved since then :)

(09 Jul '16, 12:37) einsof
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It could be you or may be not. But based on my personal believe, even if its you who facilitated the safe delivery, its not somthing you sud be proud or take cradit for.You must check your "EGO" in check who wants to think, and make you believe you did this.But i believe its very possible for someone to facilitate healing process for another person as long as the other person is ready to receive the healling.


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I totally agree with your response Hanna. Its possible that MUHD added the last vibrational match needed for manifestation but certainly cannot take credit for everything.

(19 May '10, 20:14) Drham

You have done as God put us here to do. This is what Jesus taught us and you have applied it with full confidence and faith. It must be remembered there was a need that woman had and God fulfilled that need with your help as a faithful son.

You let the Holy Spirit guide you in your action, further more you gave reason for the woman to as well have full faith it is done for her, she needn't worry.

This is what we are here to do, help bring The Kingdom of God on earth.

Remember this is for the glory of God, it is a testimony to how great our God is. :-)


answered 23 Jan '12, 18:29

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Wade Casaldi

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of course you did you add faith you removed the doubts of the person pushing in the same direction and god has permit it. and it happen.

He replied, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

it can happen. if you have faith in your heart.


could this manifestation be mine?,0,2353551.story

i have asked for more light to shine on the world.

experience and enjoy.


answered 23 Jan '12, 20:12

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white tiger

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