I've been revising my posts in IQ, and I found that I read 'The Master Key System about May 2010 and then I started meditation. More or less at the same time I posted this question:

Headaches - How to get rid of: In need of a good affirmation.

I got exceedingly good results: The headaches use to soften or disappear when I was repeating affirmations.

Months later (about 6) I made a mistake. I thought I was cured for ever and I left of meditation and affirmations. Headaches were back.

Since then I have been reading a lot more...Spiritual books above all, like Eckhart Tolle. And I started thinking that the LOA approach was quite materialistic. Even though I am living proof that it works!

I've also been reading the Tao Te Ching and investigating about the Yin and Yang concept. Event though it teaches that there are no opposites but complementary forces in Universe, I seem to have lost faith in the power of affirmations and mind/though over spirit.

I need to recover my faith in LOA and the power of affirmations! I know they worked perfectly once! I know they can still work!

What do you think I should do? I am back with what I was doing then and I did a Focus Block on that already...not working now... :(

Can you think of anything else? I MUST get rid of headaches in the way I did it once! HELP! My faith is gone! What do I do???

Thanks in advance,


I read a very good book that I would like to recommend:

'You are God, get over it!' by Story Waters. It made me feel good again about LOA but it didn't suffice to solve my problem now. Excelent read though!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@bridgetjones09-what about a total break from all your vibrational work for a while.relax.this helped me when I was in similar situation:)

(02 Jun '12, 14:37) Satori

Thank you, Satori, but I having been doing any vibrational work in ages, since I lost faith in LOA :( I am trying to recover it! x

(03 Jun '12, 08:38) BridgetJones09

@bridgetjones09 - have you heard of quantum entrainment,QE developed by Frank Kinslow?   http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/51774/have-you-read-the-secret-of-instant-healing I highly recommend.It has a few methods to reach your Eufeeling/awareness of Self and maintain it in your awareness in your everyday life.This Eufeeling also has a healing benefit.

(03 Jun '12, 09:40) Satori

@bridgetjones09-I used to only experience this Eufeeling at the tailend of a long meditation. With this QE process it only takes a few minutes now.Like a practical application of Eckhart Tolles teachings.I have become quite proficient at the Healing triangulation method and have had some success with it.I will do some for QE for your headache now:)

(03 Jun '12, 09:41) Satori

Thank you very much! Eternally grateful, @satori

(03 Jun '12, 10:35) BridgetJones09

Your welcome:)

(03 Jun '12, 10:58) Satori
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Regarding the headaches there are many techniques you can apply.

I would definitely recommend you find a copy of Louise Hay's book: "You can heal your life". It teaches us how everything that happens to the body has some sort of emotional root, it has a huuuge list of ailments, the emotional root(s) of the problem and how to solve it (with affirmations). The author at some point cured herself of cancer in just 3 months by applying similar techniques.

My wife cured herself of arthritis, gal bladder stones and headaches with the use of that book. You can combine (or not) those affirmations with things like EFT, FasterEFT (here's a great video on that topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di7XCh7fkz8), Sedona Method, BSFF, QE and others.

Regarding faith, I had had the same issue before, and actually I don't know if I have fully recovered. I just decided to have faith in it because I feel better thinking that it works and that I'm in control of my life (even If I have successfully been creating unwanted things) than thinking that I'm at the mercy of circumstances. I'm focusing on the things that give me peace or some good feeling instead of worry, overwhelment, etc. So, If I'm happier with having faith in LOA, even if it didn't work at all (which I know that it DOES work), it doesn't make sense to give it up, or throw it away.

I'll include you in my twice daily QE sessions. Hope it helps.


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Thank you very much, highly appreciated! xxx

(02 Jun '12, 10:45) BridgetJones09

I am so sorry you are in such pain. Here is my technique Two Hands Touching based on the book The Secret of Instant Healing by Frank Kinslow, which was inspired by The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Put the palms of your hands together and feel them touching and close your eyes. In your mind, ask yourself, "What do my hands feel like?" and then feel the answer in your hands. Don't try to name the feelings, don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands. Do this for at least 30 seconds and up to as long as you like. I just know when I am done. Do this as often as you think of it. Try it on everything, but expect nothing.


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Fairy Princess

Thank you, Fairy Princess! Is this technique about reovering faith or headache relief? Sorry I didn't get that part...I will practice it anyway. Any approach is good :)

(01 Jun '12, 11:05) BridgetJones09

It is a technique to anchor yourself in the Now. You step out of the illusion of time and all the fears that go with it. You just become Present. Every time you do it, you reset your vibration to a higher point. It gives on a sense of peace where everything is better. It has stopped hiccups 3x now. Don't wait for results, just feel your hands.

(01 Jun '12, 11:17) Fairy Princess

Ohh, thank you! I will do it!

(01 Jun '12, 11:36) BridgetJones09

You're welcome! I hope it helps ;)

(01 Jun '12, 11:52) Fairy Princess
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you need to know what it is that you place
your faith in, what it represents for you
and does it coinside with your intuition.
why it is that you choose it


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