With all that's been happening in the world and some sad events in my life, I've been thinking about how some people attract death while others do not. Some people are very depressed and battle thoughts of suicide all the time, some even beg for their lives to end. But they continue on. Why aren't these people attracting death if the law of attraction does exist and always works?

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eve, they need to act upon their thoughts as my neice did 2 years ago March 21. seldomly does someone who is not yet ready to die die unless they follow through with their overwhelming concern. sometimes what is un-natural wins out, sometimes it doesn't.

(24 May '11, 22:52) fred

I think it's about get what you put your intentions on .A depressed person that does not want to live is possibly manifesting more of what they don't want.Life. Like a poor person manifesting more poverty.
And maybe the death they seek isn't really this mortal life but a death of the situation they are in.
When the death of the situation happens they are reborn.

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I like your take on this ursixx :)

(21 Mar '11, 21:00) Michaela

For the LOA to govern "Death" we as Souls having a human experience would be able to... with or without AWARENESS end our Journey before it has truly begun. So what would be the point in being here, if you could just zap yourself out when we were having a hard time?

The LOA is a gift to ourselves here on earth to make our journey back to Source as pleasurable or as painful as we wish to experience by way of positive or negative thinking. The idea is, that as we become more AWARE (more responsible for our own creation) , we will create in a more positive and pleasurable way for the good of our Higher Selves and the good of all concerned ( the other people around us)


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Susan 1

Nice one Susan :)

(23 Mar '11, 01:24) Eddie

verily i tell you suzan the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.

(27 Jan '12, 15:19) white tiger

Yeah it would seem that we merely attract more depression in turn keeping us in this negative place... (I'm in the midst of a life of ruin at the moment and it's terribly hard to think positively as I've truly created many, many roadblocks to my survival in society)

most of our thoughts are simply negative reinforcements with the ultimate one being "I AM DEAD" (or I want to die, or I Choose to leave the 3d body and return to the source, etc) but as with the workings of the 'law' it works on thought, word and deed so one would have to act upon it and/or work towards it as well.

Thought: I hate this Word: I want to die / I am dead Deed: partaking in dangerous activites / committing suicide

Hope this helps, it was me reflecting back to my self wondering when a life is really 'ruined'... thank you.

Now if it's ok I would like to share a poem of mine (1 of many I wish I had listened to over the last few years.. I just thought they were cool but never listened to a word they said.. that's a shame, so I've posted them on a poetry site in hopes that they might inspire someone else) ok, so on that note, here is the poem:

self:contained . every thought, word & deed first resides in the seed

needs to grow, don't you see within you, within me

like the plant if we nourish it'll flower and flourish

does "i can't" win the fight, or's the plant see the light ?

turn around, mist the point ! or prepare to anoint

it's a choice you have here: reaped with love/sewn in fear ?

Neal Visher

(eidt: I am not going to do the deed btw, just searching for some positive thoughts outside of myself.. inspiration really... thank you - neal)


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Neal Visher

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Either they have not fulfilled their Karma, or they haven't truly given up yet. Just because I have bouts of depression does not mean it is my time. It just means I have more work to do. I have temporary setbacks all the time, I just keep moving forward and replace those thoughts with more positive thoughts. If that misery is that intense they would follow through with removing the pain, but most times, it is temporary.


answered 21 Mar '11, 06:31

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The Knights Alchemy

Not sure about the Karma, but I like the 'more work to do' bit :)

(23 Mar '11, 01:25) Eddie

the law of attraction is only an abstract theory;
the will to live in those depressed persons is still stronger and outweighs the coice of ending it's material life;
mankind has a fail-safe mechanism usually set on to live;
a fear of what will happen after taking one's own life that is greater than the fear of not resolving the current emotional turmoil.


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I can only relate this to the time I did nearly die from depression, I desired death as I laid on my bed after my first real girlfriend left me. I desired it so strongly and the pain was so intense I felt in my soul and even in my stomach like tied in a knot. I desired it so much and so long laying there and not getting it until "I snapped" and said "That's it! I'm out of here!" At that moment it changed from desire of "I want to leave" to "I'm leaving now!"

The moment I changed my mind everything was closing in on me, everything was going blank, I could see a tunnel forming I could feel myself slipping away from my body, as I was starting to leave I could sense beings came to me. I believe these where angles because what took me maybe hours to reach was reversed in seconds! At first I was mad at why they brought me back! However then I realized the depression was gone! So after that I didn't care and went about the rest of my day like nothing negative had ever happened.

I did end up nearly dying in the hospital shortly after because I didn't realize what was fixed was like a quick fix that needed more healing, I had done massive damage to myself I did not realized, but then it was the reverse then I had to chose to stay. Once I chose to stay I was healed, right there in the hospital even! The specialist that checked me said there was nothing wrong and the people that originally checked me must have been wrong about my kidneys.


answered 21 Mar '11, 19:49

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Wade Casaldi

Wow thats some experience...thank you for sharing it. I'm glad you were able to turn things around. Its encouraging.

(22 Mar '11, 03:38) eve

Thank you Eve yes had I left, none of my comments here would exist this was years ago before this I.Q. was even thought of.

(22 Mar '11, 04:06) Wade Casaldi

there is nothing to escape you made the choice to come here in this world. experience and enjoy.

(27 Jan '12, 15:22) white tiger
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There is no Death. Depressed people do attract depressive energy which takes them away from the natural joyous flow of life. Every physical form passes away at some time or another. For depressed people, their physical time on earth is reduced because of their negative energies, so in a way they do attract physical death quicker than a joyous person. For chronic depression, Something in the depressed person enjoys it, that is the reason they hold on to it, it is their own choice and they get what they want.


answered 02 Feb '12, 00:30

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