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This is not so much a question, more of a review of Telementation: Cosmic Feeling And The Law Of Attraction that I said I would do once I received the book in the post. I finally got it on Friday and since then I have read it twice.

Telementation is basically a word the author Jeffrey Grupp uses to describe the LOA. It is nothing different to what you will find in other books on this subject. In fact, the only slight difference is in the technique. Grupp says that your targets (the things you want to manifest) are secondary in Telementation work and the most important thing to achieve is the feeling. Without the feeling, Telementation won't work. Basically what you need to do is reach something that he calls "the feeling mass" which is where you feel your feelings until you reach "an unchanging state of feeling that is deep within us, and more basic or fundamental to our other more surfacey feelings (love, hate, anger, etc.)"

Grupp explains how to get to this state, which is very simple. The key though is to practise it a few times daily. They don't have to be long sessions, and you don't have to be in a deep meditative state to do it either. You can do it while waiting in a queue, walking somewhere, brushing your teeth, even during a conversation with someone. Grupp states that his students usually get the hang of this within days or a few weeks.

One thing that I noticed in this book which is different to what I have read in others is that Grupp says you can use Telementation to affect other peoples lives. He even says he has used it to alter the weather! Here is one example, which he actually mentions 4 times in the book:

"If a person knows and feels that, for example, his wife will have a particularly good day, and he knows it without a shadow of doubt, so convinced that this is true that he feels it at the deepest parts of his being, it will occur without exception in physical reality"

Also on page 55, there is a chapter called Ethical Issues in which Grupp says that although he has never done it himself, he believes that Telementation can be used to harm other people. He doesn't recommend trying this though, and explains why in the chapter.

It is quite a short book, only 128 pages long, and is written very well (apart from a few spelling mistakes) and easy to understand. The techniques are clear and easy to follow and i'm sure that if they are practised regularly, anyone can become a master of Telementation.

Overall, I have to say out of all the books i've read on the LOA, this one seemed to resonate with me the most and i'm pretty sure I will be going back to this time and again. I would recommend this book to everyone, whether you are new to LOA or are quite advanced.

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Radius 7.25

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks for sharing :)

(19 Dec '10, 13:27) Michaela

Hi Radius. Along with echoing Michaela's comment of thanks, I am adding this comment with a little bit of shame on my part. What the author says he has never done himself, does work because I tried it. I caused harm to people with the power of concentration because I was immature, angry, and curious to see if it could be done. It was almost 20 years ago and I was figuring out how this power works. I also discovered the wisdom in the words "do not do un to others what you wish others to not do unto you". This stuff we are all discussing here has real power. And it can harm you just as easily.

(10 Jan '11, 05:43) The Traveller

Continued: I believe that much of our own suffering is because we don’t understand the power we possess. I haven’t heard of Jeffrey Grupp and thanks for awakening my curiosity to know more.

(10 Jan '11, 05:44) The Traveller

Hi Traveller, thanks for sharing that. I never knew it was possible to do that, I always thought that you could only create situations in your own life. I hope you get a chance to read Grupp's book, i'm reading it again for the third time. I have managed to reach the feeling mass (the vortex) 3 times, although for some reason each one was less powerful than the last. You can also go on Youtube, search Jeffrey Grupp Telementation and listen to some of his radio shows where he talks about it in a bit more detail.

(10 Jan '11, 15:13) Radius 7.25

This is sad. 4000 people checked this question out and it only has 4 votes! That is one person per thousand voted!...

(27 Jun '11, 17:12) Wade Casaldi

Thank you for providing this review Radius. I read some reviews on Amazon and listened to a few Youtube videos with Jeffery Grupp and everything I read and heard has me interested in eventually checking this book out. I would like to ask though, has this book been of any benefit to you with manifesting or any Law of Attraction work?

(03 Oct '11, 18:17) Cory

im getting a copy of this sounds like a nice blitzing pick me up read, and being so short, sounds also like a 'stand by' guide in case I get desperate regarding metaphysics

(19 Jan '12, 03:36) Nikulas
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When I read this review, I immediatly ordered it from Amazon because it sounded so revolutionary!

But I just got it yesterday.....And I flicked through it for maybe 20 minutes and was actually utterly dissapointed...

You see, no joke, I believe the answers and questions that are constantly being in cycle here on Inward Quest are invaluably wonder-like.....I have perhaps 50 odd books regarding spirituality, around 10 CDs/recordings, and it is all worth peanuts when I read most things on the website...It may sound like I am putting the book down, but what I'm really saying is that I read the book and could even see the faults the author was making....Such as his reasons why Telementation won't always work. I read this and became angry, because the only reason you don't get something is because of resistance!! And not because you didn't, as he puts it, meditate deeply enough.

And to prove this, this book was actually a manifestation. I read this review and wanted it so bad, and then the past couple of days reading IQ answers, I absolutely forgot about this book and realised that it's not really going to teach me anything better. Boom, it arrives (and Amazon is never that late for books I order. The universe holds more power and 'excuses' than anything).

For the newbie, I would defiantly recommend they read the secret in combination with this Telementation book and Abrahams Ask and It is Given. But providing they hopefully have the internet, I'd immediatly just push them into this website.

Inward Quest > books

And Inward Quest is, for me, somewhat of a subtle manual that teaches you how to open your eyes and become the God you always were.


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@Nikulas-I 100% agree with you.I read the book and found that the book is not helpul specially for newbies.Writer could not clear his concepts effectively.

(22 Feb '12, 23:47) Zee

@Nikulas I read the book back in December and was pretty disappointed as well. I read quite a few books and am always willing to learn new concepts but the author was very vague and I gained a whole lot more information by reading Ask and it is given. This book just wasn't for me but maybe other people get some value out of it. I also wanted to post a review here, but just had no desire or interest to do so.

(23 Feb '12, 00:15) Cory

I believe a right way of putting this is that the book doesn't offer any real practical ways to reach the "telementation" state. There are some very nice concepts there (like the power of focusing from a high state), and I especially liked the saying "Things don't happen to you. You happen to things". Anyway, I believe there is a lot helpful information in the book, but I can understand the disappointment from someone who is already familiar with the ideas presented there.

(23 Feb '12, 03:56) Benjamin

I agree with Benjamin. I already know the "Telementation" state, but I was hoping that the book would teach me a way to get into it reliably, every time. It's just practice I guess, but if I didn't already know what the state felt like, I'd be like "huh???". The one practical thing that I took away from the book was that organic, dark chocolate (70% or more) helps you prepare your mind for telementation. Don't know if it works but I am enjoying the antioxidants :)

(23 Feb '12, 04:27) cassiopeia

@Everyone- Yes, and isn't is sadly ironic that at the start of the book Mr Grupp even provided a somewhat hypocrtical introduction explaining why the book was so few in pages; because he wanted to skip all the bullshit and get straight to the gritty, real life practical side of things.....Did he do this?.....No way, he just did exactly that; rambled on and on how it will make your life better...And all he's suggested (not actually said), was that practise will help.......

(24 Feb '12, 08:18) Nikulas

........Make your telementations better.

But yes, two things did stand out that were nice, as you've said cassiopeia, the dark chocolate (and on that same note he even hinted at a tea that was slightly similar to some Carlos Castenada halucinagetic), but also his example of the rain dance by the Native Americans....I must really compliment him here and support that he has given one of the greatest examples of manifestation, via Native Americans......

(24 Feb '12, 08:22) Nikulas

........having absolutly zero doubt their rain dance rituals will eventually cause rain to come. Now there is the true essence of belief we're talking about to manifest anything. If we could only apply that same style of belief passion to our desires then I fully support one can easily do or have anything.

(24 Feb '12, 08:25) Nikulas
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I ordered this book from Amazon yesterday so I will add my review ASAP. Thanks Radius for your review.


answered 31 Dec '11, 11:17

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Hi Radius7.25,

Is it something like what is mentioned here? This is from a PsiTek book.

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answered 22 Dec '10, 07:12

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Pat W

Hi Pat, I had a look at that link and I think it's basically the same message but the technique may be slighly different. I only just realised as well from looking at someone else's post on here that when Abraham talks about getting into the vortex, it's basically what this book also says. I have read both books and although both are great, Jeffrey Grupps book explains how to get into the vortex a bit more clearer.

(22 Dec '10, 15:52) Radius 7.25

Wow. Clearer than Abraham? I've gotta check it out then! Are you having success?

(22 Dec '10, 16:49) Pat W

I'm finding it easier to get into the vortex. I am working on that first before I start to manifest. To be fair, I said the Telementation book is clearer, what I should have said is that it resonated more with me than Abrahams book did. Saying that, Abrahams book is still amazing. I recommend both to anyone who hasn't read them.

(23 Dec '10, 04:14) Radius 7.25

Thanks for sharing. :)

(23 Dec '10, 06:16) Pat W
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Thank you for sharing the review about the Books with us: we appreciate your hard work. But since it is more of the same in a round about way, I think we should focus on what works best for us, instead of relying on someone else’s experience, or technique, or method to work a 100%.

It is a fact that everyone’s experience in creating and manifesting is very different. So the LOA is basically what works for you!

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answered 27 Dec '10, 04:20

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Inactive User ♦♦

^_^ Well said, friend. =)

(26 Dec '11, 20:58) Snow

I read the reviews on Amazon and this book seems really interesting to me. I have read countless books on LOA, so really I should be practising more and reading less, but a problem that I've had with most books is that they talk more about thoughts than feelings. The most successful work I've done has been with getting into a 'feeling' state, but I would like to learn more about how I can do this consistently - because right now it's very much trial and error. I like the sound of this 'feeling mass'. I think I know what it is but I would like to have more information on it so I can access it easier.

Sadly, I'm broke right now, or I'd buy it straight away. But I'm going to have to wait a couple of days (when I want something, I want it NOW!! Would be good for me to learn patience, lol)


answered 18 Jan '12, 11:14

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I've not put my review on Amazon yet but I'll quickly tell you that it's O.K. and the feeling mass in my opinion is what Abraham calls getting in the vortex. I personally prefer Abrahams teachings. You can have my copy of the book if you pay the postage.

(18 Jan '12, 16:33) AboveBelow

@cassiopeia-You can try the technique i mentioned yesterday.Just find a peacfull place.try to feel as though you already have the desired thing.try to creat excitment of having the thing at the moment.make it vast that your body would filled with this feeling.completeness of this excersise will appear as knowingness or a belief that now its that moment try to relaxe and affirm that your desired thing will come to you relaxe and get your thought on something else.

(19 Jan '12, 03:30) Zee

Now leave the idea to universe and get relaxed.get your thought on some where else.enjoy the day.the solution will appear soon in the shape of a huntch etc.The rule is"the more excitment =The more success".

(19 Jan '12, 03:35) Zee

@AboveBelow, that would be great, if you don't want the book, you're in the UK, right? But how can I contact you re. address and payment details? I'm relatively new to IQ and there doesn't seem to be a private message function.

(20 Jan '12, 11:09) cassiopeia

@Zee, that's the technique that I'm having the most success with at the moment, and it is a great exercise. But I'd like to read more about it, because I haven't read many LOA books on this technique, and I find reading about stuff inspires me to do it more often!

(20 Jan '12, 11:11) cassiopeia

Just sent a mail to you but the delivery failed... If you want you can mail me at kayinda_s (at) yahoo (dot) com, it's an old email that's spammed to death anyway, but I'll keep a lookout for a message from you.

(20 Jan '12, 12:37) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia just sent you an email :)

(20 Jan '12, 13:34) AboveBelow
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Animals have feelings, this could explain how they participate in their own evolution. What about the small modern land dinosaurs called geckos so filled with desire to eat a spider on the ceiling that they developed adhesive (anti-gravity effect) feet?

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answered 08 Aug '11, 13:54

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blubird two

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