i just listen to ABE video "Abraham Hicks What Is Your Inner Being" (hope i understand it correctly, second language). in the video they say that we are only a little part of the inner being, and that there are many other physical bodys out there that are an extension of it, for example twinflames, soulmates etc.
so i was thinking - after listening to this the world seem so simple to me and kind of like a game of fun. because i thought "hey, i should'nt be so moved by others because they are ME!" but then i thought - wait, they aren't me - they are the inner being, and i am too" and the next thougt was: "if the inner being created them (all the extensions) so i shouldn't even consider them as real!!!!!! they are made especially for me :) but wait!! the inner being created me too, so AM I REAL? so this are my questions - AM i real. does my twin flame/s have real feelings? who do you think more real - me or other people? what is real?

EDIT **** i just heard another video where abraham say that other people are real. but it doesn't sit well with me. i would love to hear answer from you. thankyou

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Reality is the which never dies, never changes and always exists just outside of the space of time our focus is reduced to, when we single out a particulated energetic matter... The perceiver and influencer of forms s real and Formless. The sound of love's silent becoming physical atomic EnerGenetic light is Real but the temporary and dissipating forms and life forms are too malleable and plasticity illusive to be defined as real... Real mean fixed,not material

(10 Jan '20, 17:52) MuserEyev

Awareness is real... To be aware is reality... To know THAT awareness as God's offspring is causality, meaning and purpose.

Imagination is The seedling. It's YOUR Journey to discover.

(18 Feb '20, 20:13) MuserEyev
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@Cory's answer reminded me of a teacher I had of shamanic journeying. She said a common question beginning students ask after experiencing their first journeys is whether what they saw/experienced was real or if they were making it up.

To which she would gesture around the room (with a bit of a laugh) and say, "What's the difference... you're making all this up too."


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"you're making all this up too" - wow, good one! thank you Amla.

(02 Jan '20, 03:23) myself

Yes, the question is..... what is real?

Real is just a word to use to describe something in the human being language system. Just like any other word we use to define something.

If you have a vivid dream at night, do you even realize your actually laying in your bed in your physical body at that moment. Unless you are actively practicing Lucid Dreaming at that conscious moment in time, your physical body laying in bed doesn't exist for you in a conscious way. At least that's the case for me since I never practiced Lucid Dreaming.

Does that mean it isn't real in the way we describe real here as physical humans? Real is just a word to assist us in experiencing physical reality.

Put on a Virtual Reality headset or even get deeply hypnotized by a movie or television show or video game that you thoroughly enjoy and are really engrossed in and it will seem everything that is not on that screen will seemingly disappear for you. Especially in a dark room.

Everything is just a reflection of your dominant thoughts throughout the day. Everything is just a reflection of you being pushed out.

You really do experience "other" people but they are your reflective version of them. You create them through your thoughts and dominant vibrations. You always get back what you put out.

Physical reality is just an illusion of energy that produces a hologram of what we call "real" and "solid" and we use the five senses to experience life events of being a physical human in this way.

Even though the illusion is very persistent, the experience here is very real in the way we refer to the definition as a physical being.

It goes back to the dream state again. When I'm in a deep vivid dream, that dream at that moment Is my real reality at that time. For me that now moment is more "real" to me than my body laying in bed.

You have the choice to define what the word "real" means for you. I don't think the word can ever be described in a satisfying way for everyone. There are so many people playing so many different games on/in/at/of earth, it really has to be interpreted by each individual separately in their own way.


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thank you Cory, that is a beautiful answer. real is how i define it.

(02 Jan '20, 03:16) myself

Nicely said Cory !

(10 Jan '20, 06:32) streetsanto

our world or reality
chosen to live in is real
until replaced by its
ethereal counterpart

also real


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No you are not. Reality is. There is no cause for reality itself. Your family is real, and, as such, they are part of reality. Nothing stands outside reality, giving it meaning. Meaning is part of reality as such.

Find out for yourself and look.

That's liberation.


answered 18 Feb '20, 19:11

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I Am Reality, Awareness Eternal and Real... The Meaning of Discovery, Awakening, and Influential... The Unlimited Life-Force Barely Perceived By The Physical Limitations of Humanity's Negative Density Which Is Only Social Habits of Resistance and Rivaling Fears... Pure Spirit


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musereyev, as you see, reality depends ones consciousness awareness, the more aware see all dimensions below them while less aware can know no more than what they believe to be real

(24 Feb '20, 16:02) fred
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