When we inquire deeply into the true nature of reality, we realize because we’ve learned, which means we’ve remembered, that the physical reality all around us is, really, nothing more than our brain’s estimation of vibrating energy. So reality is not real as in the typical meaning of real.

If there was such a thing as a hard and solid reality, which was real in the sense that we normally think of as real, that would be miraculous enough. However, because our experience of physical reality seems and feels so real, the fact that it’s an illusion makes it even more miraculous!

What do you say?

asked 16 Mar '12, 02:09

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The word appreciation means so very much more to me now than it used to. There is so much power in that word and I am more appreciative of my life, my body, and the things around me than I ever have been by far.

I truly appreciate you bringing up this question Eddie. It's almost like a way to show my gratitude for the gift of life. It's a gratitude that I haven't experienced for most of my life which makes it that much sweeter now.

To know that we have the power to create anything we desire. To know that we are Master Creators living in an illusion of separation for the fun of it and for the purpose of universal expansion is an exhilarating feeling.

To feel energy running through your body when something excites you. To be able to consciously control that energy in your body whenever you desire and know without a shadow of a doubt who you really are. To finally get questions answered after so many years of wanting to know and wondering what the purpose of negative emotions and pain are for.

We aren't just a meaningless pile of flesh and bones. We are part of the loving divine of the cosmos. Just saying a sentence like that puts me in my good feeling place. It's nice to not take things all that serious anymore and just become the observer of life and let the wind blow me in whichever direction it desires.

I love this 3-D game we are playing and I can finally realize why I chose to be a part of it. Earth at this time is a place that a lot of beings would love to manifest into but there is only so many tickets available in the front row.

All eyes in the universe are on us at this time and if that doesn't get your energetic juices flowing, then I don't know what will.


answered 16 Mar '12, 12:07

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edited 16 Mar '12, 12:10

Thanks Cory. Yes, once we've remembered who we really are, then we know that nothing really matters, so we appreciate everything that does. And that act brings us to an even higher frequency that's even closer to love :)

(16 Mar '12, 21:11) Eddie

Hi Eddie,

Our physical reality is be the most beautiful sense of vibrational splendour. Isn't the universe or our perception of its vibrational magic simply stunning. I think that we have the best gift of all by being able to perceive such beauty (and yes sometimes such horror but hey thats life).

Most people dont seem to understand that nothing is solid and would argue that that is not possible. I usualy tell them think of sound, any sound and it is nothing more than a vibration that our ears decode and we perceive as sound. Yes those wonderful things at the side of our heads are nothing more than the worlds best vibrational sound decoders. Think of sight and the same thing applies. Our eyes decode different vibrations and we see what we think is solid and real. Think of human beings and that is where it gets sticky for then some think we are nothing more than vibrational readers in all it's different forms. And yes to a certain physical aspect that is correct but we are a lot more than just conscious vibrational perceivers we are the very life itself in the form of spirits and I will leave that for you to answer.


answered 16 Mar '12, 02:53

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Paulina 1

Thanks for your very keen observation, realization and knowing Paulina 1 :)

(16 Mar '12, 04:10) Eddie

Thank You for this physical reality, which is actually my spiritual reality. Yes, this is a magnificent existence. Physical or spiritual, it's all One. The miracle of life. There are a lot of words that could distract one from the truth. When most people think of physical, they don't equate that with spiritual, but the connection is inseparable. There are also spiritual and energetic concepts that don't even have an english word to describe them, like Chi. If there is no word for Chi in english then the english speakers are one step removed from knowing the existence of Chi. Without an english word for chi the english speaker now thinks that chi is a Chinese idea rather than a truth about life. The illusion of the separateness of life is magnified by the words which shape the illusion. The definition of Human, in Websters dictionary certainly does'nt say, "The home of your soul", we figure that out on our own. Thank you thank you thank you for the knowing.


answered 16 Mar '12, 06:41

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Thanks Brian. Yes, all is One, regardless of and in spite of any language or word which either accepts or denies that truth. There's no real separation, we are all everything all of the time, and that's why I see our experience of separation as a miracle ♥

(16 Mar '12, 20:57) Eddie

every perfect gift comes from God. every thing you experience is real.reality is what you make of it. make every effort to be perfect. you are here today experience and enjoy. because tomorrow you do not know where you are going to be. this world will pass away and this heaven will pass away. then you will know truth (the Word) in all his glory. and fall flat on your face. experience and enjoy.


answered 16 Mar '12, 10:32

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white tiger

edited 16 Mar '12, 10:49


Thanks white tiger. Every gift comes from God and every gift is perfect. Everything we experience as consciousness is real :)

Truth exists absent any word.

Why tag a negative projection (fall flat on your face) on to the end of an otherwise positive and insightful statement?

(16 Mar '12, 21:18) Eddie

Have you ever felt His presence so overwelming that all you could do is fall on your face and stay there? Couldn't move. http://thoughtsfromgod.com/index.php?p=1_96 it is not mean has being negative. it will only happen because you will know the difference between you and him. and even then you will have a body of light non physical but the feeling will be the same has if you would fall flat on your face.

(17 Mar '12, 03:09) white tiger

yes i know the link that i have put talk about fear of God. but in truth i tell you only the sinner and the darkness fear God. if they would have come to know the father they would not fear.

(17 Mar '12, 05:53) white tiger
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