Hey everyone This is my first time posting here but I've had a look at other questions and think that this might fit in.

I'll get straight to it. My question comes after listening to the audio version of Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". It's very clear that one needs a definite life purpose and the definitness of that purpose is paramount. I'm having a bit of a tough time though as I actually have two things that i would like to work into being a life purpose, possibly even three. How can I make this work?

My first aim would be to make money from giving English lessons and to become financially independent. This will be an aim for a few years i imagine and is the most long term.

My second aim is kinda a little bit related but not much. I study part time and would like an aim that sees me aiming for good grades and really understanding the course. Ny biggest goal with the degree is simply to have a degree.

Third would be that i want to write a book. I dont know how that could fit in to it.

So, how can i work these aims into a definite chief aim that i can workon every single day?

This is at present my biggest step to grtting onto that success ladder, definitness of purpose.

Any help is so appreciated.

Ricky =)

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You’ve noted a number of desires. Having as many of those as you like and feeling good in following and enjoying them is great.

Then, if you make your internal definite life purpose to feel good and to follow your highest excitement in any moment, two things will happen:

  1. You will continually find and release anything that is not consistent with your true self

  2. Your external definite life purpose/purposes will naturally reveal itself/themselves* and click into place

*This linked text deliberately uses a dualistic model of spirituality. You can substitute Higher Self, Universe, Source, etc. as feels right to you.

With regards to Napoleon Hill’s specific recommendations… when I first started exploring law of attraction, I got very into and really enjoyed his books and talks. I still do in that he hits on a number of key points, is a very enthusiastic and uplifting speaker, and much of what he discusses feels spot on and great to hear. But with regards to processes and methods, most of his now feel to me like they require efforting compared to some of the other teachers and processes that are widely discussed here (e.g., Abraham-Hicks, Bashar).


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