Since letting go seems like one of the harder things for us to grasp when it come to manifesting, should we continually put our attention to new desires while the process works itself out?

So in other words, instead of getting stuck into the "wonder where my stuff is" mindset, we let that particular thought shoot us into the direction of a new desire. As soon as the how, who, what, where, and when comes up in our mind about something we thought up and released to the universe, we immediately shift our attention to something new. We continue to practice this until it becomes a habitual way of doing things.

I also thought this would be a good thing to practice when using The ‘Manifesting Box’ Method. As soon as you start doubting or thinking about what you put in the box you immediately turn your attention to a new desire and write a few things down on paper to put in the box. You continue to use this technique until it becomes more normal to think of a new desire, instead of it being normal to habitually hold resistance to the desire you want to manifest. The energy would be in a kind of continuous flow like an assembly line.

So would this method be of value to helping us allow more and let go? Is it a possible way to help forget about the desire we wish for?

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@Cory - yes just let everything go with the flow, nice :)

(02 Feb '12, 04:49) blubird two
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Yes Cory, in my view that would be an excellent way to approach that manifesting method - and, indeed, your life in general.

Trying to force yourself to "Let Go" of something without focusing on something else to replace it is a pretty tough way to live anyway because you can never turn off your focusing mechanism - so the idea of trying to not focus on something simply goes against what that mechanism was intended to do. No wonder people find it difficult :)

At the end of that manifesting experiment, I slipped in the following suggestion - basically for the reasons you are highlighting:

Finally, just something to consider in case you haven't realized it yet...there is nothing to stop you from putting an unlimited number of requests into the box about anything.

In fact, you can turn this method into quite a systematic on-going process where you daily make notes of things you want in your life (as you think of them) and then later (over a period of days) write requests for each one and put each one in the box when you feel it is ready.

You'll end up with a steady stream of requests going into the box, and a steady stream of manifestations and vibrational matches coming from the box.

And this means that eventually (as you become proficient with this process) you can spend your life mostly doing things you enjoy doing and leave everything else to The Box to sort out for you. :)

From: Manifesting Experiment 1 - Update 1

I would say that constantly turning your attention to new desires that bubble up is really "in sync" with how we wanted to live our physical lives before we incarnated anyway.

I don't believe any of us ever intended to get hung up on what we hoped to perceive with our physical senses (i.e. physically manifest) but instead, we wanted to seek out the thrill and joy of constantly realigning our broader and physical selves using an endless procession of new desires as a focusing "excuse".

And through that realigning process, "life force" comes flooding through us making us feel truly incredibly alive...the ultimate sensation you can experience on the physical plane.

And, ironically, if we didn't get so hung up on constantly focusing on the absence of the physical manifestation for an existing desire, we'd get those physical manifestations too as a natural by-product.


I just wanted to add to this answer to say that having an endless stream of requests, large and small (inspired from an endless stream of desires), is really one of the best ways you'll figure out for yourself how "manifesting" works in your life.

Every month or so, you can review the requests in the box and see what has manifested in your life, or brought forward vibrational matches, and what hasn't. There should be too many requests in there to keep you "hung up" on any particular one. And with some self-examination about your feelings and attitudes regarding what has come into your life and what hasn't, you'll start to notice patterns about what works for you and what doesn't.

Then you'll start to make the principles real for yourself.

That's all I do...test, test, test.

The Manifesting Box is just a tool...a quantifiable focusing point...a physical externalization of an attitude of "Focus and Allow"

And it can be used for so much more than just slipping the single, biggest, most important (and often most resistance laden!) request of your life into it and then hoping for the best :)

While that approach grabs people's attentions and gets them to at least try it and get some kind of result, and thereby makes them realize that they have more power over their lives than they previously believed, I would say that a more valuable use of the Box would be as a practice and testing area.

My own insights into these manifesting ideas (beyond what I've learned from Abraham) come mostly from my own experiences with getting (or not getting) what I want. And you can't really do that unless you have lots of desires/requests to play with.

I went and sat in Abraham's question-asking "hot-seat" back in the early 2000's and our discussion came around to how some of those in past ancient civilizations on Earth were able to manifest seemingly "impossible" things like levitating massive pyramid stones.

Abraham explained to me that those people figured it out through "trial and error". They offered certain thoughts, saw how the Universe responded to those, and then offered other thoughts, and saw how the Universe responded to those. Eventually, they started to fine-tune their offerings of thought.

That little insight from Abraham constantly drives my own testing and tweaking of these manifesting ideas, and I've gained (and am gaining) many insights into these ideas from that experimental approach.

If you (or anyone else) is thinking about going down that route yourself through utilizing large numbers of requests or focused desires, I can highly recommend it.

And you'll have the side-benefit of getting lots of "what you want" along the way :)


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this is a nice tweak cory has asked about the box method. What stuck out most to me was "And it can be used for so much more than just slipping the single, biggest, most important (and often most resistance laden!)"....Im going to try ME1 but with this nice side-info in mind as well. Stingray I reckon you should chuck this answer into ME1 for everyone to see.

(20 Oct '11, 12:19) Nikulas

@Stingray It's been a while since I read the whole way through ME1 and I didn't even realize you threw that quoted suggestion above in there. Your "EDIT" really hit home for me as well. That's the point that I was trying to get across with this post as well with regards to putting as many requests in the box as possible that you end up forgetting what's in the box. Then you can't hold resistance to what you literally forgot about. What you mentioned about sitting in "the hot seat" was very inspiring as well. As usual Stingray, thank you very much for your insights. Very helpful answer as usual

(20 Oct '11, 17:23) Cory

You're welcome, Cory. @Nikulas - If people follow the instructions in that first manifesting experiment to read the related tagged questions, they should automatically come across this tweak - and it's only an expansion of "Update 1" anyway. I like to avoid over-complicating upfront otherwise many people won't even try it

(22 Oct '11, 13:06) Stingray
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This sounds like an amazing idea, and has inspired me to try out ME-1. I think that this could be particularly good because so many of us have been brought up being told not to be greedy or to ask for too much from life. This is something I still struggle with even know that I know about LOA. I find myself attempting to manifest things and unconsciously thinking "No, that amount is too large, I'll have a little less than that" and other things that correspond with a scarcity mentality.

So, I think this is a brilliant idea and I'm so glad I came across this thread. Not only does a method like this help people let go, but it also encourages you to manifest lots of little things. Things that you wouldn't even have though about wanting before. This process would really help those that have problems with asking for fear of being 'too greedy'. You could even set yourself a goal, like you have to put 10 new requests in your box every day.


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@cassiopeia - Yes, trying out lots of little things would be a great approach. With any form of testing, the more data and results you have, the more easily you will start to see the underlying patterns to the testing. For some reason, many people when discovering these manifesting ideas choose the most difficult and resistant issue they can possibly use to test with (a sample size of 1!) and then, if nothing happens, blame the process rather than their own approach to testing it. Good luck :)

(24 Jan '12, 17:12) Stingray

Let go of desires does not mean create more desires. Let go into stillness, not into turbulence. Reduce your desires if you want to be happy. Reduce desires either by satisfying them or by dropping them altogether (which is more difficult) - but do not create more desires. Cultivate the desire to experience god if you have to go down the route of desires, ultimately let the desire for god burn away or exhaust all other desires, then when there is no other desire but the desire to experience god, you drop even that last desire to finally allow the experience of truth that you called god.


answered 30 Jan '12, 13:59

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@DesirelessAbundance - The desire to be desire-less is still a desire. Even if you think you are able to drop that "last desire", I can promise you that if someone comes along and holds a pillow over your face to prevent you breathing, you'll discover you still have a few desires left ;) Physical life IS desire

(30 Jan '12, 14:09) Stingray

Thank You stingray. While we cannot be free of desires, we substitute higher, worthy desires for lesser ones. Desires bind you, you become trapped in your own creation. Yes, the last desire is the desire to exist, which springs from not knowing who you truly are. Physical Desire is the cause for physical life. Liberation is freedom from all desire so that physical life is no longer required, even mental and causal freedom ultimately freedom from separation.

(02 Feb '12, 00:18) DesirelessAbundance

@DesirelessAbundance - The point of incarnating into physical reality is to become "trapped" in it - though "trapped" is a rather emotive term..."immersed" would be better. You wouldn't be able to play the game of "being limited" if you kept popping back into the realization that there are no limits:

(02 Feb '12, 04:28) Stingray

@DesirelessAbundance - I find newborn babies and very young children are the best indication of what our higher selves are really chasing because they still remember their non-physical perspectives having freshly emerged. Every child I've ever come across desires everything they can :) "I want this, I want that" ...and they do it with no guilt and no judgement. It's desire for the sake of desiring and they are joyful in doing so. Now go and try to convince them it's wrong to desire :)

(02 Feb '12, 04:41) Stingray

Humm, We are here because we have unfulfilled desires. Desire is the root of suffering. The child's desires are not sticky, they are here this instant and gone the next, if it sticks then it leads to suffering, every such desire will have to be satisfied at some time or the other and thus prolonged separation continues. There is no guilt either way, if you have desires, it is a fact and the whole universe moves towards its fulfillment. It is wisdom to curtail the creation of new desires.

(03 Feb '12, 03:24) DesirelessAbundance

We are not incarnated to become trapped, but we are trapped in our desires that is why we are going through an incarnation. The point is to be free by working out our desires, we can only be free when we do not create more desires.

We think that fulfillment of desire is happiness, no, it is the temporary release from desires that gives happiness, but soon it gets replaced by another desire because we become addicted to seeking.

No desire can give fulfillment, knowing this, letting go happens.

(03 Feb '12, 03:29) DesirelessAbundance

@DesirelessAbundance - Actually, it is resistance to natural desire that leads to suffering. Desire itself is the life-force that animates you. Without desire, your physical life would simply end and you would just incarnate again with fresh, new desires. I can see that, especially with a name like DesirelessAbundance, you are probably not going to be changing your point of view anytime soon :) I'll just agree to disagree with you. Good luck :)

(03 Feb '12, 03:57) Stingray
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