Which of these statements do you think is better? One of my mentors used to say "enjoy the process but be unconcerned about the outcome" but lately I have come across some LOA sites say just keep your focus on the goal or outcome and the Universe wil take care of the process? which holds true? Which one do you think is better suited to you and why?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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I can see where you are coming from with this question but I'd like to suggest a different perspective on it.

In my mind, the outcome only exists for the process.

When you get the outcome you are after, there will be another outcome you will be after, and another, and another, and another....and so on.

As the Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said...

Nothing is, everything is becoming.

There will never be a place in your life where you can stand still and say "I have reached my outcome" and actually mean it in a sense of final completion.

alt text

The idea that there is such a thing as an outcome only comes about when you ignore the broader view that these things you are labelling as outcomes are really only brief moments, soon to be washed away forever by the tides of time...like words written on a sandy beach.

And so, in fact, these outcomes are ultimately only excuses to apply the process. The classic poem Ithaca describes this idea beautifully.

All that the outcome (or manifestation) can bring you is a relatively brief snippet of pleasure before life causes you to launch a desire for your next outcome (though often the physical manifestation doesn't even bring you that much pleasure at all).

So the alternative viewpoint I'm suggesting to your question is...

If you don't enjoy the process, what is there left in life for you to enjoy? :)


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I love your answer and the poem Ithaca is really beautiful!!!

(02 Jun '10, 12:55) BridgetJones09

I think the first statement rings true. When we begin to become attached to the outcome,we are in fact endeavouring to mold the results ourselves instead of letting go and trusting the Universe to bring us the desired outcome.

When we become overly concerned about the outcome, we are in fact letting the ego take over and are no longer trusting that God,Source or the Universe will supply what we want or need.


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LAT says focus on the outcome but do the work and have faith in the process.


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jim 10

I agree with Michalea.That rings true to me too.


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I usually think to myself that I want this-or-that, OR "something even better"; that way I am more detached from the outcome and open to any good thing coming my way.


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LeeAnn 1

Successful people often tell us be patient , be perseverant ..."don't give up on your dreams"

When you are focusing on the goal, you need some motivation to keep yourself at it. This motivation comes in the form of visualizing the outcome, dreaming of what success will fell like. This gives us motivation but it also draws all fun from the process itself to the process of moving closer towards the goal.

This is where the real test comes. Often there are times when there is no progress, when we are down and out and hopeless, will you persist at that moment. If the motivation lies in moving towards the goal, that motivation will end at this stage. What remains is the process. And if you enjoy it , you have better chances of going on and not giving up on your dreams.

If you shift your focus on enjoying the process....it might make you slow on that path to success but it is certainly a better bet in the longer run


answered 27 Sep '10, 06:19

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